The BIG Déjà Vu topic

Original title was: Deja Vu (how frustrating!)

From now on this topic will be known to all mankind as the BIG Déjà Vu topic! Please post all your déjà vu related things, questions and stories here.

Most of us have probably experienced Deja Vu at one point or another. But I experience it almost every other day!

It rarely comes up while the event is occuring, it’s almost always the day after the event happened. I’ll be thinking about it, and then boom, it hits me like a ton of bricks. “Damn, it sure feels like I’ve done that before”.

It’s also usually something obscure, like “so and so” coming into my room and talking with me, or me going to a certain persons house and doing a plain old boring thing there. Or sometimes I’ll even remember a dream I just had when I wake up. “Hey, I think I had that dream before”.

I’d be cool with it and all, but there are two things that really frustrate me. One, sometimes I really do remember something that I’ve done before that I just forgot about. Because of this, I’m often questioning whether or not I’m remembering something that happened before, or if my brain is feeding me junk. The other thing that really frustrates me is that sometimes I’ll have a Deja Vu about something that I absolutely, positively, know without any doubt, didn’t happen earlier. Yet, the feeling that I’ve done it before just doesn’t go away! No matter how I try to rationalize with it.

Anyone else experience this?


Guess what just happened…

I had a Deja Vu that I posted this topic already!!!

No joke! I had to go through my old posts just to make sure I didn’t!

Not sure whether to laugh my butt off or bash my head against the wall…

looks like you guys have a past life regression problem :tongue:

i only felt deja vu when i saw this guy on the street… damn, i shure know i saw the exact same thing before…

well… nofing i can do for you two…

This reminds me of an X-file episode called monday… where mulder keeps repeating the same day, always forgeting that he experience the exact same day before…

I get deja vu all the time! The funny part of it is that I will get it and realize that it feels EXACTLY like I’ve done it before and then I will tell myself or whoever is around me that I have it. Then I will have deja vu about having told them that I have deja vu and then mention that as well. After a couple of minutes it goes away but I swear it’s a glitch in the program. (Just kidding–I always think of the Matrix when I get it.) I never have to check things like you do though. Also, my deja vu is always about the dumbest, most mundane things ever. Are yours like that as well?

*In conjunction with deja vu, I get this weird thing I tend to call “the nothingness.” I don’t know if anybody has this but very VERY often I get the feeling like I’m not “here”. I go through the motions but don’t feel like I am actually where I am when I’m there. It hits me the worst when I’m shopping–I think I’m overwhelmed by the vast number of items or something weird like that. Anyhow, does anybody ever feel like they are almost dreaming, but worse from the aspect that it’s like you shouldn’t even be where you are cause it feels abnormal? I have no other way to describe this and can never convey it to anybody very well but it haunts me sometimes. It’s like I slip away into nothingness. Maybe I already have. . . :eh:

I’ve had that before. It feels like I’m not there at all, more like I am watching everything on a movie, or playing a computer game. I feel very disoriented, and it feels like nothing around me is real. This has only happened to me a few times in the past.

I had the weirdest sort of Deja Vu ever a few days ago. Firstly, I felt that I had already done what I was doing. Which is slightly disorientating, but nothing I’m not used to. Then I thought I’d tell one of my friends about it via MSN messenger (not sure why, but I had a specific friend in mind), but then I felt that I had done all this before - for the same reason. Then I thought I would definitely have to tell this friend of mine about this “deja Vu^2” experience, but then I felt that I had already told her that. And then the same thoughts went through my head yet again - I had already told her about everything I was planning to tell her. So I thought I’d make sure I told her about this that night, because it was a truly weird experience.

I never did remember to tell her.

I have also experienced “the nothingness” it feels almost like I’m in a dream but i’m not, I always feel this when I’m sick or getting sick. Sometimes I get it at random times, I don’t know why!

I also experience Deja Vu all the time! Sometimes I have a deja vu and then like a week later I have a deja vu of me having the deja vu! It is so weird! I once had a teacher that had an explanation for deja vus but I’m not sure if it’s right. He said that deja vu is caused when our brain shuts down for a very small amount of time and then it comes back and it makes us think we are experiencing something over again. For example if you walk into a party and you see everything at the party (people talking etc…) Then the lights go out (this is like you’re brain shutting down) then a second later the lights go back on and you see he exact same thing you saw seconds ago (people talking) and you think you experienced earlier or even weeks or years earlier.

There was a very good explanation for Deja Vu in the movie Happy Accidents, although it had to do with time travel so I don’t know accurate it is in RL. It’s an interesting movie, for those who like quirky stuff.

i get dejavu a lot, an being the scientist i am i thought up a test to try. like when the dejavu starts i try to think back and predict what is supposed to happen next. because if u did really experience the same thing before you should know whats gonna happen next. my dejavu is usually too short for me to test this effectively. but 1 time i got dejavu when i was in a car with sum1 and i quickly thought about wut was comming up, and i remembered the person i was with was about to ask me a question about my grandmother or sumin like that, and sure enough they did. I thought it was really weird i dunno if its a coincidence or not but u guys should try it. maybe dejavu is not a feeling that you did it already, but perhaps and uncontroled premonition of whats about to come. if only we could develope it more. anyway sumtimes now when i get dejavu i try to remember wuts gonna happen next and then do the opposite to see if i create any rips in the time space continuem…nothing yet. hehehe.

Ahh yes, I have felt “the nothingness” when I was young a few times. Not a nice feeling at all… it happened many times after my two episodes where I had dreams that I “never woke up from”.

Hmmm… I’ll have to try that Trigpoe. Most of my Deja Vus happen after the fact, but if I get one, I’ll give that a go

Yeah, I get Deja Vu a lot… Not as often as every other day, mind you-- Don’t think I’d be able to take that-- But often enough. I never get it in advance, as some people seem to, usually exactly when the event happens. It’s more like a feeling of, “I should have seen that coming! It’s happened before!”, whether it actually did or not.
As for “The nothingness”, as you put it, I think I may have experienced something similar to this. I sort of get a feeling of being someone else, outside my own body. I look at my reflection in the mirror (If there’s one available) and ask myself, "Is that really me? It’s really weird, and I don’t like it at all. :bored:

I heard deja vu is caused by a lack of sleep and this seems like the correct explination because whenever I get it, I haven’t had enough sleep or I’m tired.
The explination is that because your brain hasn’t had enough rest, your memory doesn’t work properly and gets confused so you will find it hard to distinguish between the present and memory, hence not being sure if you had done something before.
This could also explain Tripoe’s experiment - you might feel like you remember someone asking a question just before they ask it, so you think you predicted it. I’m not saying this is the case but I know I often get the feeling I could tell something was going to happen a second before it does but I think it’s just my mind tricking me afterward the event.

This is getting slightly more spiritual, but…

Perhaps Deja Vu is the result of a precognitive dream. The feeling you get of this having happened before could be when you remember the dream. Just an opinion…

I get Deja Vu a lot. I’ll just be sitting in class, and someone will walk a certain way, or say something, and I’ll think “I’ve heard that before…” Maybe in my dreams?

As for “the nothingness,” I have had similar experiences. I’ll also be sitting in class or something and just think for a split-second “How did I get here? Why am I here? Does this place even exist?” Then, it’ll all go back to normal.


Try to run past memories in your mind’s eye of when the Deja Vu started happening, and also note other things you were going through at that point… Did you start growing spiritually, charging your crown and third eye chakras (whether you were aware or not at the time) … Let me actually tell you about my own experiences with Deja Vu, and what meaning I took from it…

I had Deja Vu abnormally often as a child. I would get it multiple times a week… and it got to the point where as soon as I would feel a Deja Vu episode I would start doing things like mumbling nonsense or rolling on the ground like a pencil… ANYTHING ridiculous to see if it still felt like I had experienced it before. After a while the Deja Vu subsided, around when I was about halfway through my Elementary schooling. (only happening once a month maybe)

Then around Sophmore year of High school, I started getting Deja Vu very seriously… I would get it every day, sometimes lasting a few minutes… (More on this later) This was around when I started to build self-awareness, lean away from depression, and concentrate more on healing my wounds. About a year into my new found path, I found myself building an affinity with Deja Vu… I could use my awareness as a catalyst to shift dimensions… I started to realize that Deja Vu was a state of mind, more ordinary than not (It will make sense, I promise :wink: )

By the time I was 18, I had become very in tune with my body, mind, and soul. I was no longer unconcious of my emotions and default programming… This also meant that I was very in tune with my current state of mind (what ever it may be at the time) and had a large library of mind states that I could choose from depending on the occasion. With the new information and ability I had piled, I attempted to fully disect the mind state of Deja Vu.

I started by embracing the feeling that Deja Vu suspends you in… The feeling that the moment you are in, has happened before… A deep seated familiarity to all the symbols that life is projecting to you, in the instant. I explored the feelings in as many different angles as I could.

Then I moved onto mapping my past experiences with Deja Vu… when was I shifting to that state of mind? When was I completely shut off from that state of mind? I mentioned earlier a basic summary of my past experience with Deja Vu… but let me add the important puzzle pieces that will settle the full painting in your canvas. (mind) :smile:

Deja Vu was a familiar dwelling for me during my early years of Elementary schooling… Until I was well into the routine, I had felt Deja Vu often, like tasting drops of magic here and there out of the usual dull normality. I don’t remember many mind states that I was in my early childhood before schooling, and I think that it’s because my will wasn’t broken by the dream of the planet yet… I was mostly floating in the timeless mind state of Deja Vu’s loving embrace. (More on this in a moment)

So after my routine in Elementary school had been established and I had been sufficiently programmed, I lost touch with Deja Vu… it happened rarely in comparison to how much I had felt it during the my integration into schooling. I felt Deja Vu was not as important during the next years through Elementary school and Middle school, although still baffled by it’s overwhelming feeling of connectedness.

Let’s take these events and fish some meaning from them now… before I start… let me throw this out. How would an individual know other stars existed if the sun never set?

Until I was “taught” the rules and morals of society and culture, “fed” the epidemic plague of fear and “raped” of my own authentic dreams, I lived in a constant state of Deja Vu. Of course there was no way for me to know that I was… how would I observe my own state of mind without another perspective(mind state) to observe from?

As my connected dream began to tear by the current world’s sickness, I began to water a new perspective… one of fear, doubt, anxiety, worry… I was thrown into a constant nightmare (no longer awake in my dream, or concious), where I acted out the role of the victim (deeply asleep, or unconcious)… This new mind state grew feverishly and fast! It’s selfish and eternal hungry nature drained me of life, squandering all true potential.

The tainted dream of the planet had excreted an veiled demon sperm that stealthily entered my womb and impregnated my soul. From there on there was a shift in where I was channeling my energy and awareness. This guised demon was growing and I was identified with it. Blindly, I became the demon, continually feeding the only existance I knew. The new mind state, this demon, this nightmare, had done 2 things. It had trapped me in hell, throwing me out of heaven (out of Deja Vu)… but it also gave me a new perspective to observe from.

This is where everything falls together. So going back, the reason I experienced Deja Vu so much during my early Elementary school days, is because that was when the shift of mind states occured. Now the shifting doesn’t happen instantly… there are many factors involved… how heavily the individual is programmed is the most significant though.

So during the course of the shift in realities… there comes a point in the process where the individual reaches the balanced point… I was at a point when I would be either worry-free… or very afraid… That was the balanced half point. Once the balance tipped towards suffering, the dream changed to nightmare… and I fell deeper into the depths of burning agony…

As soon as the balance was in favor of the demon, that became my “default” state of mind… since it was more than half, it was majority… During that point was when I felt a barrage of Deja Vu. It was the first time my base perspective was not relaxed in the state of Deja Vu. Therefore when I would fall into that void of deep-understanding, I would really be “falling” out of hell and into heaven. The fluctuations would occur frequently and since the 2 mind states are completely opposite polarities, that explained its nature to be so sudden and bone-rattling. I would pierce through the illusion of time. And that explains what Deja Vu is.

Deja Vu is piercing through the illusion of time. It is a mind state in which time doesn’t exist. Without time, there can be no labels or egoic judgments and opinions. Without time, there is only the moment. And when one is in a deep state of Deja Vu, they tap into the source… granting them powers beyond the singular existance. That is why everything feels so familiar, like you’ve been there and/or done that before. All the symbols and patterns life delivers to you feel overwhelmingly resonant… as if you are vibrating with the entire spectrum of existance. The base foundation of my experience is understood when you realize that Deja Vu IS a mind state. And one that is VERY normal, therefore shockingly familiar. That’s why no matter where you are, what you’re doing, what you’re seeing or hearing, you will feel a connection that is simply indescribable with words. The mind cannot grasp it, you cannot embrace it through the eyes of the demon. Deja Vu is being connected, being whole, it is simply Being.

There are different levels of Deja Vu… different frequencies if you will… and so there are many different varying colors of Deja Vu. If you ever catch yourself thinking to yourself, “This feels like a dream…” That’s one of the colors. The most familiar level is the most obvious and mind blowing… and that’s the only color that most people will even note as Deja Vu until they truly understand what it is. (Including me) That also explains the chapters in my life where Deja Vu was so distant…

So let me act as a thesauras real quick and use other labels that describe the same thing.

Lucidity, Being, Heaven, Meditation, Expression, It, God, Presence, Oneness, etc etc…

The whole expanse of teachings, peoples, cultures, societies, religions, regions all have words or ideas that express what Deja Vu is… All humans share that same feeling… Just like we share the stillness of the deep ocean depths, underneath the turbulent, violent surface of noise and differences. If you identify yourself solely with the surface… you seperate yourself from stillness, and in turn Deja Vu. So with your free-will, your concious choice…

…Choose heaven…

…Choose the deep sea…

…Choose Deja Vu…



Me to, I have Deja Vu a couple of times every week. It realy freaks me out.

@ DeyBwah: That’s some beautiful metaphorical language (as usual :smile: ) to describe the process of the development your true potential! The way you describe it, Deja Vus are more like subtle mystical experiences, satori, where one experiences Being in a flash. Very interesting way to interprete the phenomenon… It fits perfectly :smile:


You and I seem to share a similar outlook on life :cool:

Deja Vu’s are like subtle mystical experiences! I think the label “Deja Vu” closed my mind to some degree, I would just think of the word or hear it in my head rather than think or feel what it really is…


interesting theory DeyBwah, just remember to accept all possibilities…
i’m sure you do already, but it just read a little overconvinced

i have a theory it could be precog that occurs a fraction of a second before or during the event…
some possible evidence:
in most cases it’s more a feeling involving all senses (or maybe a 6th only?) rather than a visual/with thoughts? experience ie. actually remembering

sometimes there is the feeling that you thought about it happening a long time before the event (days for example)
but you can’t (usually) pinpoint when you actually thought about it
even though the feeling seems so sure

finally, the way you can continue the dejavu sometimes by remaining in the (state of mind?)
ie. when you have dejavu, tell someone straight away, have dejavu that you told them…etc
it seems you can keep it coming which could mean you’ve found a precog state and are holding onto it for a bit…

your thoughts?

ve been experiencing dejavues since i was little.
however did something change over time. when i was a kid i thought
‘i saw this before’. when i grew older it started to occur like ‘i know
that i was like this before thinking i saw this before’ [on the double- get it?]
and it has increased ever since until i felt like my mind was
looking into the infinite variations of existence.
… and now… when i have a dejavue its like… being one. like a child.
with the awareness that everything is the way it is because it is the way it is.

oh. what i think dejavues are? i dont know.
could be that you experience two [or lots more ;P] timelines / dimensions at the same time.
or that they merge. or that memories from past incarnations arise.
existence is infinite , so everything you do exists in infinite different variations
and infinitly the same as well…

for me, when something out of a dream reoccurs in the awake its actualy a different
feeling to a dejavue.
[this is actually just a copy of what i wrote over at the astralsociety
on this topic]