Strange experience while going to sleep

Good day people !

I’ve been having some problems the past night. I was lying there in my bed on my right side. I was really tired because I had to walk a very long distance (yesterday).
Then suddently I felt like I was travelling. Like I was travelling somewhere else. But travelling while lying. Like something was carrying me. I was scared that it might be an OBE (and I don’t want to have an OBE in my whole lifetime) so I slightly tried to move my fingers to get rid of that feeling (it happened some times before and everytime I moved my finger and got rid of it). But this time I couldn’t move my finger. I thaught it was SP so I tried to move very slowly my finger (because I knew that you must try very slowly to move at first and you get rid of SP). I did that and got rid of the SP and could move. I could open my eyes though.

Could someone explain me what exactly was going on there ? What if I wouldn’t have moved ? What if I just remaind calm ? What would have happened ?

Please people, I need some advises. I’ve been having these things for over two weeks but just last night I couldn’t move my finger… I just don’t want it to be an OBE. LD’s are allright with me… :bored: :help:

I’ve experienced that pulling sensation numerous times, and when I’ve actually followed it it ended up in a LD, not an OBE. So there’s nothing to worry about :wink:
Besides, I don’t see what could go wrong if you OBE. Most people report it’s quite the safe thing to do, and have their fun all the same :content:

Hey Don Anonymus! :smile:

I have the same thing frequently whenever I feel really tired it happens to me. I believe it’s SP. For me I’d fall asleep but feel as if my body had disappeared, after a while images would appear. Once I thought about jumping into the image, that was how I entered my dream fully conscious it was really fun. :grin:
Don’t worry, use it to get LD!

Thanks guys !

Now you really calmed me down. I don’t want an OBE, as I believe it has to do with spiritual matters (astral and freaky things like that) and I don’t want to get in touch with those things… But, you saied it would be a LD, so thanks again ! I’ll follow that the next time. Hopefully I won’t forget my vividness pill :content:.

Now one more thing to ask. Aznkelly, you sayed something about images… can you actually make or modelate those images and end up where you want to ? :neutral: Like, I’d like to be somewhere like in Eden Prairie (nice place by the way :wink:), could I do that ? And most important… how ?

A few tips would make me very happy and grateful :shy:

I’ve never done something like that, but I’m pretty sure it’s possible :content: . When you get back into the state and start seeing pictures, think of the place you’d like to go and enter a random picture, or you could wait till the images shape into your dream. There are a lot of ways to get to where you want. You just have to have a good imagination. :grin:
Here is what I did oncee
I got into the SP state, it was all dark and I couldn’t feel my body anymore and I was fully aware of what was happening. So I imagined myself rubbing my hand on my bed sheets, and the next thing you know I open my eyes and find myself on a bed and in someone elses bedroom. Hahah it was an amazing experience!

Just remember that you can do ANYTHING you want, and that it’s all in your head.

Nice experience there. I’ll try to make some physical effort so I can be really tired and shut down :content:. But I guess makeing your dream is a lot easyer than changing the dream once you are aware that you are in a LD… I don’t know.
The first time I had this strange experience was when I got this strange LD (less then 10 seconds :sad:): I was walking on the street. I was heading to the Pill-shop for a vividness pill (my first goal :grin:. I saw this woman on the pedstreet dressed in training. It was night and I was dressed in formal. Then I woke up… I wanted to ask her some questions, but oh well… :sad:

I guess the key for entering this experience is to be really tired, huh ? :smile:

Haha, well it really depends on what your body is like. For me I WILD better when my body is tired. You should experiment around with your level of exhaustion. :content: LOL the lucid pill…ahh I remember when I tried to make one appear in my pocket, I had a hard time with that :tongue:
Well let me know about how it goes for you!
Happy dreaming!

-send lucid vibes ~wooshh~

Ok, today I’ll do some hard jogging… there are about 30 degrees celsious outside so that would be some effort. I’ll try my best to be really tired. I’ll tell you what happened tomorrow. Wish me luck ! :content:

Ok… that wasn’t such a good idea, as I was so tired I fell asleep right away. BUT I got that travelling feeling though while lying on my back doing SDR (Stop, drop and roll). I again moved my finger and got rid of that. It’s a very strange feeling… but this time it wasn’t so strong. I should have followed it, but… oh well. I’ll try it again tonight :wink:

I went for some intensive jogging after the storm which cooled the hot weather. I was really tired and went to bed. I felt that pulling sensation again and wanted to follow it… but as I stood there I could see (with my closed eyes) some tiny microscopic dots moving. I thaught this is it and repeated myself the matra “I’ll be in Eden Prairie on the pedstreet…” and tried to imagine myself this place (I know how it looks like, so that wouldn’t be so hard). But then suddently the sensation went away…
But that night I found something out. If I would just lay there nothing would happen. I had to think of something. I imagined myself on the pedstreet going to the pill store and browsing some of them pills. Then while imagening myself doing this the pulling sensation appeared. But as I became aware of the travelling feeling it faded away…:sad:

Any tips please ? :help:

That’s what I’ve been doing too, kinda. Imagining I’m in my dream body until I actually forget about my physical body and AM in my dream body. If you do this at the right time after sleeping a few hours you’ll start to feel things. You’ll imagine you are rubbing your hands and it will start to feel real. From there it’s a lot easier to get into the dream because of that. SO I say just keep trying :smile:

I think these are the most important points in our journey, when we learn from ourselves and our experiences! :grin:

Hey Don Anonymous! I think you’re getting really close :content: Next time you see something like the dot, focus on it just watch it. Maybe it’s best if you let the dream come to you, instead of forcing it to come to you. Then once you are in the dream you can travel to Eden Praries :smile:
Keep trying hard! Don’t give up!
I know you can do it!

People… I’m shocked… this morning, on 21.July.2010 I had a LD !!! :clown:

I woke up at 8 o’clock in the morning and couldn’t remember what I dreamed. I was like “Huh… another day when I can’t remember anything of my dreams…”. I went back to sleep. I woke up at 10 AM… in this time (2 hours) I had a LD :tongue: .

But it was an ugly LD, might I say… it was night and I tried as hard as I could to make it day and to find myself in a rich town-like area… I spend the whole LD trying to do that: rubbing hands, shouting etc. - nothing.

If you want to hear (read) the whole experience, click on the hidden message. I copyed word by word what I wrote in my DD.

[spoiler]It was day - about 8 AM. I rolled over and found a good, comfy position. I felt like my left cheek was shaking. I was afraid and opened my eyes. I took a deep breath and got tid of the SP. My SP’s aren’t that strong. The sensation came back again and this time I followed it.
I landed up in the fornt of a window. It was the window of my house, the window of my living room. It was night. I flew right away through the window. I tried to make myself appear in this “Eden Prairie” place. The harder I tried the more nothing happened. I spend my whole LD trying to get to the wanted place. I flew around - I ahd no problems with that. I tried to think about how to make night into day and how to change the area into a richer and town-like area. It seemed that I was in a villadge.
Suddently I felt like the dream would fade away. I heard a this alarm sound. I was flying when this happened and as soon as I heard the alarm sound, I fell down and couldn’t fly anymore. I woke up.[/spoiler]

Please help ! I really need some good advises on how to make myself appear where I want to… :cry:

id just like to clear up some things on O.B.E.'s
if your into spiritual things, this is fine, its personal belief, to each their own.
i just want to say that O.B.E.'s have little to nothing to do with soul projection, astral projection, or anything of the nature.
early shamans and monks believed that through ritualistic chants and music, they could send the target being into a trance to send them to speak with the ancestors to find some answer to their troubles.
I’ve had O.B.E.'s before, and their nothing like this, which makes me think they triggered nothing but dreams and the people the target being spoke to was a dream/spirit guide to give them the answer they need.
an O.B.E. is nothing but a dream that feels so realistic, its just as real as you reading this now, and its just as real as everything that has ever happened in your entire life.
like a lucid dream on steroids.

and btw, WILD is one of the best techniques to have O.B.E.'s in, so i wouldn’t keep using it if you still don’t want to have O.B.E.'s.

WILD ? Who saied I practice WILD ? Perhaps I do without knowing it :content: Anywyas, I asked a proffesionist about OBE’s and I’m still waiting this answer… There’s another thread about OBE’s I opened but didn’t get any good answer.

Now, could you help me with my LD problem ? :shy:

I just read ToxyChor’s interesting tips on how to controll your LD’s better in a passive way. Here is what I read.

Now, what gadged could I use to go to the desired placed if that would happen again ? A teleproting mashine would be too big… I could catch the train, but how to get there ? Or even better, my car… but how to spawn it ?! And what object could I use to transform day into night and night into day, and mornign into evening and evening into morning ?

Or should I say to myself something like “Oh, I remember, I put it in the box yesterday…” But how in the world should I spawn a box ? :content:

Hi Don,

I feel the same!
Especially when I go to bed and I try MILD and I lay in slightly uncomfortable position (on my back with hand laid down along the body)
I feel heat, little vibrations in my fingers and I feel how I’m slowly falling asleep which may be good start to LD but it feels so weird for that I suddenly star thinking about my physical body and return to waking state…

Also, sometimes I wake up during night, I feel incredible vibrations, I’m shaking and I feel how I’m falling asleep very very fast, but I always have the urge to ressist it and stay awake for a while. Once it fades away I fall asleep again.
I’m very scared of this feeling, even that I know it led me to wonderful LD once.


Well Don, here’s the main idea: if you had the idea to do it, you’ve probably seen it being done somewhere else. Our minds work that way, we reason by schemas. And by using the schemas, we better accommodate the dream flow, and let us control it easily and smoothly.
Now think: you want to go from place A to place B, now where have you seen a gadget that would work in the exact way you want? If you long for it, it means you already have an idea of what it should work and look like, so it’s just up to you to fill out the details :content: maybe it’s a flying broom, maybe a portal gun, or something much more original, that’s entirely up to you :wink:
Or how in the world would you summon a cardboard box? Doesn’t Solid Snake just pull it out of his inventory, like that? You could do the same :content: Remember that your only limit is your imagination. It should be easy if you keep that in mind. :smile:

First off, congrats with your LD! I also had a LD, around 11am- 2:30pm about a village :grin: . I know how it feels, when things don’t seem to work.I agree on what TosxyChor said. Really you have to use more of your head. Here is an example. One time I was in an LD and I tried to float upwards passing through the ceiling. It was actually really hard at first, I was trying to push myself through it and that didn’t work. Then I tried again but this time I imagined the ceiling not being solid.
You have to be absolutely sure that it is a dream. I believe any doubts will interfere with your attempts at whatever you are trying to do.
:content: keep trying!

Well ofcourse it is a dream… I think you ment not to be aware it is a dream, you ment to be aware that you can do whatever you want in your dream, right ? :smile:

Kinda hard… Last night (the night after I had the LD) was one of the worst nights I ever had. I fell asleep for about 15 minutes then I woke up. I rolled over and slept again for 15 minutes. Then I woke up. And this routine happend for the whole night… I think I had thousands of dreams during those 15 minutes, and I don’t remember any of them… I only have tiny flashbacks. But that’s not the point… the point is that I couldn’t fall asleep for at least two whole hours… :cry: This morning I was sooo tired… anyways, now I’m better.

And I think the LD part was a WILD… I made WILD without knowing it or witout wanting to :tongue: