Sun-gazing is something I’ve been doing for several months in as many different fashions and manners that I could think of. *2 *1

I started this thread advertising certain claims of health and well-being as well as spiritual consciousness that comes from a practice of gazing at the sun.

It is greatly refreshing and makes the body feel full of light, and has the potential to cause the experience of radiant bright inner white light flooding the consciousness, as described as moments of enlightenment by various spiritual traditions.

Some people steadfastly believe there are dangers, and here in article *1 is an excerpt from an eye-doctor who tested these claims thoroughly and found them to be false. He does not recommend the practice to those of imperfection vision, for he notes that they have a hard time looking at any lights at all, but that any damage done is the result of illusions generated by imperfect eyes, which heals in time. One remarkable instance was bringing a woman with 20/70 vision to 20/10 simply by having her sun-gaze.

There is a very strong inclination for people to claim it is absolute fact that sunlight is dangerous for eyes, and UV radiation too, and herein we are debating in this thread. My research says NO, absolutely not! Article *2 does a wonderful job at refuting all of these claims while basically saying “no one should sun-gaze” as a standard disclaimer. The most interesting illustration is a story of Americans put in a Korean POW camp who were forced to stare at the sun for 10 hours a day, those of them who used to wear glasses, after under-going these extreme conditions, no longer needed them at all!

One may then say “this is anecdotal”, indeed. Dr. Bates in Article *1 states that there are individuals who, looking at the sun for even half a second, have after-images that last them for months, and then, beleive this to be permanent damage, however, expounds upon why the after-images develop, and asserts that with practice of his central fixation exercises (completely outlined in this free book) ALL instances of said malfunction dissipate.

Basically meaning : it is temporary.

Basically meaning: if one were to greatly feel inclined to learn a form of photosynthesis, which I can attest to as being real, if they were to look at the sun within 5 minutes of rise or set, for no more than 10 seconds on their first day, they could see for themselves what they think of the practice, and how their eyes are after doing it.

Now, to talk about my after-image experiences, I followed Hira Ratan Manek’s system of sun-gazing within 1 hour of rise or set for roughly 3 months, approaching 10 minutes of steady sun-gazing.

His method is very superior as he outlines a process of looking at this sun in increments of +10 seconds per day, until one reaches 44 minutes in 9 months.
As in, day 1 = 10 seconds, day 2 = 20. And only doing it within 1 hour of sunrise or set.

I would change that to “within 5 minutes of sunrise or set” until you’ve done it for more than 5 minutes, for within 1 hour is QUITE BRIGHT for me, and it is only after working on disciplining myself to be able to gaze at ANY time of day that I can say “one hour is not that bright anymore”

after - image stories: a few times I have scarcely been able to see after an arrogant session of extensive sun-gazing outside of the 1 hour window. This has always dissipated. Before I fully researched I was a bit dismayed, but now I can look at the sun any time of day, even at high noon, for many many minutes, and get an after-image that is annoying at best, and in no way all encompassing.

Basically, this is the fault of imperfected vision being highly exacerbated,
the eyes hold a tremendous amount of strain, all the time, when they are not functioning properly, and exposing them to sunshine greatly confronts this strain, it is with this knowledge that many practitioners of Bate’s method

advocate another way which is called a “burning glass” which I have not tried. Looking at the blogs of sun-gazers who HAVE had an after-image to the point of thinking they had permanently damaged their eyes has only reinforced the knowledge that no matter what happens, as Bates says in article *1, it is only TEMPORARY.

This is a bunch of boring disclaimer-esque information,
why sun-gaze? It’s wonderful! Why AVOID ? If you think its silly, or reading this knowledge makes you believe it to be dangerous.

Within 5 minutes of rise or set, all research greatly exclaims IT IS NOT.

That is interesting. But what I’ve been told is not to look at the sun since it would hurt your eyes. I’ll look into it more.

yes please do

it may be more prudent for me to wait 2-3 months to where i am at the 15-20 mark, where he promises miracle healings of the body and mind

to tell others,

think about so many things are told though: the world is flat, masturbation causes blindness, man cannot fly, etc.

HRM has had his eyes thoroughly examined, and while I would love to meet him, he has responded to my emails, which makes me think he is not anywhere close to blind lol.

He has given public talks at various universities, and there is a college aged man who followed his practice all the way through and wrote a book about it, and this would make me assume that it was worth his efforts, and that HIS eyes are fine too.

when i was regularly into the practice i went a full day and a half without eating and had absolutely no hunger, only jubilant euphoria as the body felt so light and pure.

this is new territory for man to explore, the knowledge of sun-gazing is held by the ancients of course, but right now, modern man has a chance to see, can man eat sunlight with his eyes?

though it sounds ludicrous, all world-breaking ideas sound ludicrous, ask Galileo

i will keep people posted as I go higher in time, probably give an update when I go to 15 minutes which is either going to be 5 weeks from now, or 11 weeks from now, depending on if I am good at math, and whether I want to start tomorrow from 9, due to my 3 minute forward lapse due to slow counting (which is not proper procedure at all) or if i want to go back to six minutes and work up.

i know that it readily gives me great clarity, freedom, and peace, which lasts for a few minutes to an hour and makes me feel clean inside, and that my vision looks cool now, its like i can “hone in” and “tune in” to the letters so that sometimes they are more clear than they normally would be, which indicates eye-sight healing.

my eyesight is some of the weirdest in the world, and I have congenital nystagmus which is really an issue with third eye consciousness, but causes my eyes to always move like they are in REM sleep, and after I look at the sun, they stop moving so much to where the sun just kind of stays still, instead of it feeling like it moves left/right rhythmically, and this causes a fire in the third eye center and a stillness which lasts for a while afterwards in closed eye meditation.

i would hope to journal here so that if/when I heal my vision to a great level I can go to an eye-doctor and get evaluated as having 20/20 vision as well as to show when I no longer need to eat any more foods, as this will help a large number of ready spiritual seekers make a huge evolutionary shift forward to sun-gaze with me so that we can help feed the world.

it would be a noble thing if this knowledge were given to all the starving people, don’t you think?

yet this knowledge is known by the ancient yogis for many years, and in the beginning of this century Paramahansa Yogananda encountered a yogi who ate no food through certain breathing technique, and she said that it was not to be shared with the world as it interferes with God’s drama.

I think that with 2012 we are in for planetary ascension and massive paradigm shifts so right now sun-gazing may be knowledge that is ready for the average man to use, (though who knows how many will) since, this man HRM decided to make his immortality public rather than sit with an empty belly full of bliss and freedom and keep the knowledge secret

I would not be the first to go through the full program to the point of miracle healing and no longer needing food, according to the author of this book though, I have not read it so don’t know his results.

for insight into saints who have these miraculous abilities I recommend Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

in due time with progress when I reach desired results I will have eyes looked at by a doctor.

How many are interested in my journey and the prospect of never being hungry again?

Remember the words of Jesus, [paraphrased] if ye had but a mustard seed of faith you could say to this mountain move and it would leap into the sea.

Yogananda clarifies the miracles of Jesus and many other modern day Yogi-Christs in his book.

All very true. But I would suggest that most of those benefits are coming from the mind, rather than the sun. Lack of hunger and peace of mind are entirely possible without any special meditations or programs. It’s all a state of mind.

I started sungazing several years ago. It is apparently good for the eyes, as I developed really good nightvision. But I didn’t have peace of mind until I taught myself how to think properly, using various forms of meditation and dream analysis.

Lack of hunger is easy. It’s just knowing that hunger doesn’t really exist. What people call hunger is just a myriad of physical symptoms caused by their digestive system reacting to what they have eaten. It’s just that they’ve convinced themselves that these symptoms mean “eat more” when in reality the symptoms probably mean something else entirely. In fact, in most developed countries, people are eating too much. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that food is good or bad for you. That’s another topic entirely.

You ever been “hungry” while you were busy at work? And when you got home you weren’t hungry anymore? I rest my case.

I dare you to find a single scientific study proving that, because there isn’t one. It’s just something people starting telling their kids in the early to mid twentieth century with the advent of sunburn scare.

I used to sungaze all the time, and I never had trouble seeing mailboxes in the middle of the pitch black night while delivering newspapers. My friends told me that I was a fool and I would burn my eyes into coal, but I’m still waiting for this supposed charcoal eyes to happen.

Don’t believe everything your parents tell you, nor everything in your Physics101 class. The world is a lot more interesting and unlimited than people make it out to be.

NOTE: The author of this post does not advocate sungazing or extended fasting or other rituals which can be extemely dangerous if done improperly. Extreme caution is to be taken when undergoing new spiritual activities.

It is interesting the human mind.

Have you not seen it, that if a human believes in, without fail, that it can achieve something, the achievement is reached?

The power of the human mind can override even the powers of nature. I have no doubt sun-gazing would improve every aspect of your life if you believed it to.

Jesus even said, “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you…”

Anything you have faith enough to believe, will be true. At least this is my faith.

Galileo, one of the founders of modern astronomy, lost his vision near the end of his life from simply looking at the sun for a little while every day, to try to observe it more closely.

The fact is, there is no such study on this because there is no need to do one; there is enough UV radiation coming from the sun to seriously damage anyone’s vision - I hope I’m not coming off as rude, but like you said, stare at the sun at your own risk. But anyone who actually wants to go stare at the sun, even for a few seconds, should have a good idea of the risk they are putting themselves in by doing so. (It’s like smoking; it might seem relaxing…then again you might get cancer).

So, I really don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but as the guy who aced astronomy class, I would say it’s a good idea to find a safer way to awaken spiritually (studying astronomy is a good start, actually.)

Well, I really like it when I wake up in a cloudy day. One time, I had a brief conversation with a bus driver about how I liked the cloudy weather, and she asked what month I was born in. I said July, and she said it was rather unusual. I guess she was suggesting that people who are born in the summer usually like sunny days and those who are born in the winter like cloudy days.

Yes, I know this is kind of off-topic, but I want to point out that cloudy days doesn’t always make me feel sad.

The thing with the eyes is…

we always move them away from what we do not want to see… and we always look with hope for things we’d like to see.

So if they are simply, open…


I think the ancient Greeks did something like this. They called it a psychomantium; sort of like an ancient version of a sensory deprivation chamber.

I tried it, about a year ago actually, and my vision is like near perfect, and i felt more spiritually sound and my vision seemed more vibrant and acute. I do this every once in a while. I never told anybody about this, i never thought of posting it either :wink:

Good Post!

Hi Eyelids,
can you keep us updated on your sungazing? I’m very curious about that and hope you can give us more info on your experiment.


I think I’m definately going to try this, it might help with my CFS…

I already had my eyes lasered (pew pew), and I suppose I could imagine that the sun might help since it is one of the bases for life.

I wouldn’t go too long without eating real food though, you may find a state of mind that’s good for you, but not necessarily good for your body. Besides, who WOULDN’T want to eat food when it tastes so good? :razz:

If I did this, I might only do it at sunset, because I like my late nights. But then again, we shall see, no pun intended although the temptation is quite large. ;D

mmm there are reasons to not eat food, even when it tastes good, as long as the body is healthy, or to severely limit diet to only raw foods and be vegan

Now, my results are NOW in the very first post here>…

FYI Gallielo did NOT go blind from looking at the sun, this is urban legend, one fellow may have, and it was because he used blue paper to see the sun, telling his eyes it didn’t hurt, when it actually did, for a very long time…

my eyes are wacky eyes, and i’d love to have a spiritual master sit down and tell me why, because its really odd stuff, so they are taking a huge amount of work, but vision is getting stronger, and also, annoyingly, blocked by a large streak of color which takes several days to get out of the way

right now i can see this all, without straining, without crinkling them shut, and i don’t have glasses on, and its not in particular blurry, so that’s a huge step forward.

I wish I had followed and stuck with HRM’s model though because it would have given me strong enough faith that I may have lost hunger by the time I went to 45 minutes due to my mind expecting it.

though right now my only experiment i need to do is “look at least an hour a day and see if this hour a day takes hunger away”

it kind of did but then i ate a ton in the evening.

I believe his method is very good because it will take the few people that can truly transcend hunger and give them complete and total faith, whereas if they listened to skeptics they might quit a long the journey, even though m any do not conquer hunger by following his method, and he has been spotted gorging at Indian food buffets (lucky! I wish we had those here…)


wow, well, don’t try it then!
unless you close your eyes and turn your closed eyes to the sun, that can feel nice if it isn’t too harsh

the way people start is right when its rising or setting, when its orange
and there is something else they start with before then, that i’m not familiar with

something really important is to sit a glass of water in a window with sun for 2-3 hours, then use an eyedropper to drop this water into the eyes, and drink the water, it most 100% surely has strong healing effects, which i can vouch for.

obviously you can’t do this if you have to pry your eyes open and they squeal in pain just to see the sun ! :smile: its intuitive, and I don’t want anyone just randomly deciding to do it, without doing the reading and research. … ml
mmm see:
“When I took my first sun treatment session, I was impatient and stupid enough to do it all wrong. In result, I suffered of afterimages (also known as scotoma, pl. scotomata) that lasted over two months. When that yellowish round spot in the center of my view field didn’t go the next day, and after two days, and after a week, you bet it scared the shit out of me. It took me a while to fully demonstrate to myself that scotomata were only illusions caused by strain. Like floaters, I was myself supporting that damned illusion by permanently worrying about it. And paradoxically, the best way to get rid of the afterimage was to look at the sun again :smile:. So looking back I realize that although I indeed haven’t caused myself any permanent harm, this temporary discomfort could have been avoided too if I weren’t such an idiot.”
this sounds a bit like me, though I was never scared for I read about it first.

It is not an urban legend, it is a well attested to fact in the history of science…and it should be common sense to us moderns: if you spend so much time looking for sunspots through a refractor telescope, you’re going to mess up your vision. If Galileo had known about Gamma rays and Ultraviolet rays like we do, and their effects on the body, do you really think he would have been staring at the sun like that? Would anyone be staring at the sun if they knew the sort of damage that radiation does?

You may not be doing this through a telescope, but you don’t have to to seriously damage you’re eyes - heck, you don’t even have to look at the sun nowadays, just go outside without sunscreen. 150 million kilometers away and the sun can still fry you.

Anyway don’t listen to me, listen to the guy who wrote that sungazing article eyelids gave a link to [Italics mine]:

listen to everyone!

did you READ THIS ?

what do you think, the man brought a woman from 20/70 to 20/10 just by having her look directly at the sun, bad for her eyes yeah?

get some very valid medical professionals to scientifically study people who use Bates method including sun, why don’t we ?


I gazed the sun a couple of times but haven’t noticed any different in my vision - it neither got worse nor better. Any ideas?