are you superstitious?
You don’t have to answer but what I want to find out is that I want to learn a lot of superstitions.

These I can remember now;

broken mirror; seven year bad luck
walking under a ladder is bad luck
a black cat crossing the street is bad luck
leaving keys on the table is bad luck

hmm, a lot bad luck that, do you know any more? for example somthing that means good luck

throwing salt over uhh… right shoulder… ? or left… one of those brings you bad luck the other one doesn’t

/me forgot

/me throws salt over his head :ebil:

Of course i’m not superstitious. Being superstitious is unlucky.

forgot about the number 13 and friday the 13th that means bad luck

(it’s left, I believe, Fadem)

Perfect day for this topic to be created! :grin: Didn’t know leaving keys on a table was bad luck, that’s a new one for me. (though it makes perfect sense)

Speaking of Friday the Thirteenth… I have had no bad luck so far today. 8 more hours left though.

some good ones:

finding a penny is lucky
finding a 4 leaf clover is lucky
wearing a rabbit foot is lucky
hanging a horseshoe over your door is lucky

and bad ones that I can think of:

opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck
giving a wallet as a gift without putting money in it is bad luck

so that’s why you never show your picture :tongue:
and maybe that why the person wanted to change the dJ title in your dream because seeing a wolf means dumbness :wink:

one thing about the horeshoe it must be hang the right way or the luck will pour out.

I have a friend who’s supersticious. He always goes nuts when someone puts keys on a table and he gets really upset if he sees a black cat.
Measuring your hands is another thing he thinks causes bad luck.
And he thinks that killing spiders cause rain.
I’ll try to remember some more… :uh:

Isn’t killing a Daddy Long Legs bad luck though?

well isn’t rain bad luck :tongue:

Here is some superstitions about dreams

In sweden
it is said that if you pick seven different flowers on Midsummer Day and then you’ll put them under your pillow you will dream about who’s you are going to marry

I remember an old one about dreams…
Friday dreamt
Saturday told
Will come true
No matter how old

/me shudders :scared: at some of the weird dreams she has had on Friday night’s and posted on Saturday

I’ve heard that one in a different form - “if you tell someone your dreams they wont come true”. For some reason when I was younger I thought that if I didnt tell someone about a dream it would come true, which was quite worrying when I had nightmares! :razz:

Another one: crossing someone on the stairs is bad luck

Well I think this fits this topic,

if you wish someone Good luck in sweden, you can say “I hold my thumb(s) for you”

I try to break away from illusions forged pits of an ilogical mind, but then I always tell myself, “anything can happen…” But, can’t it only happen to you if you believe in it that much?

As far as my superstitions go, I split poles, open umbrellas inside, and do just about anything else to mock superstitions, but I can’t help from the occasional ‘knock-on-wood’ or ‘spit-on-the-broom’ (if a broom touches your foot you’ll go to jail) procedures. And, I can’t say that I don’t still possess a luck rabbit’s foot from years ago :tongue:.

Im not superstitius , at least not to the regular stuff.

But when I play pool for instance I hate to get a to easy shot , Ill just miss.Off course it shouldnt be that way , but it is , I belive it is because Im a bit “superstitius” :wink:

Meh, I throw salt over my shouler when I spill it.

Breaking a chain letter is said to be bad luck.

Actually, our students seemed to have gotten a chain letter. 3 of them gave a letter to me. I don’t plan on resending them though. I’m not really superstitious at all but for some reason I thought I would rather see what bad things could happen to me than the good if anything would happen at all.

One bad thing has happened to me so far since I got that. In class today, I put my hand over a table so that I could lean my weight over it. I didn’t see though that there was a thumbtack where I was going to place my hand. Unfortunately, I already put my weight on my arm as I let it down the thumbtack. The thumbtack didn’t just prick my palm… it went straight through the skin. When I lifted my hand to see what happened I saw that half of the thumbtack had pierced through my skin. I had to pull it out of my hand after that.

One thing of note though was the letter said that the ‘bad luck’ shouldn’t happen until 4 days you received the letter without continuing the chain.

Okay, one more that I actually believe in–when my palm itches I believe I’ll be getting money. Actually, I am as of yet to be proven wrong of this…:wink:

I can’t remember which hand it is, but i was always told if one palm itches it’s money coming in and if the other one does… it’s money going out :eh: