The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 43

:wave: hello lapis and Napalm

:eh: /me looks at Napalm’s date of joining and then her own … only one week’s difference :grin:
I think I’ve been posting for both of us :tongue:
I hope you stick around this time and get tons of LDs :yay:

:shy: /me is envious :grin:
I hope you have a look in the lucid adventures forum there are quite a few suggestions of things to do while lucid in there :boogie:

Hey all,

I’m afraid I’m one of those dreaded ex-lurkers, having drifted around for the last year or so without signing up. Bitten the bullet at last and got around to it, so here’s to a good time!

Just about nailed dream recall, I’m able to recall my dream(s) nearly every night, and had a few lucid experiences in the past using a few different techniques. Hopefull I’ll be able to expand all that and become a competant lucid dreamer.
Hope to see you all around!

hello Mutant :yay: … we celebrate here when an ex-lurker turns up :smile:
… and a few more forums have been opened to you now … including the addicting wolfgame forum :tongue:

Thanks, I’ll be sure to give them a look. I can see why the games would be addicting. :grin:


hello, everyone, i’m new to the forum/not to the ld’s, but always ready to learn some new things, tricks and techniques for improving my dream-life :smile:

still haven’t tried obe and/or astral projection :sad:, any guide here? :smile:

my dream guide won’t answer my calls :sad: :sad:

well, that’s all from me… for now :smile:

:wave: hello jackdaw :smile:
there is an astral projection topic here [Astral Projection) which has some links in it; there is also a sticky OBE topic in the beyond dreaming forum. :thumbs: … there is also a big spirit guide topic in the same sub forum :boogie:
Have fun :yay:

:bow: tnx, moogle, if only my SG would be helpful as you :sad: :tongue:

who knows, maybe we meet in some OBE, altough England is a long way from here… but then again, nothing is impossible :wink:

Hi! I’m new here and love the site and the forums! I’m really intereted in lucid dreaming and am trying but still haven’t managed. But hey, someday I will! :smile:
I’m going to check the other topics out, now. They all look great.

:wave: The Kroc, welcome to the LD4all community :yay:

good luck with your lucid quest :thumbs: I recommend reading the choosing your techique topic (it’s a sticky topic in the quest forum) to help you decide which method to use :smile:

I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all :boogie:

Hey- I’m new here, you’ve probably seen my around, I’ve ben quite an avid user. :user:

So anyway, I’m Stella! I wouldn’t really say that I’ve had a true and awesome LD before, but I’ve had one but I didn’t have complete control over things…

So anyway- I’m glad to be here! :grin:

:welcome: HI, Stella!

though, i’ve already seen you around :happy:

Good to have you here!

Hey Stellar and welcome to LD4all!

I’m new… party.

I just found this site and didnt know what lucid dreams was. When I was younger I hade a lucid dream and I dont no why but I wanted to get out of the dream which I did pretty easy. Now I found this site and know there isnt just me knowing Im dreaming. But I now I want to get backinto the dream :eek: SO hi

:wave: hello Stellar … :yes: I have seen a lot of your posts already :boogie:

:welcome: welcome to LD4all, Blu and Dude
/me provides the party :wink:

I hope you soon get a LD where you actually get to have some fun Dude :thumbs:

Welcome. :smile:
Waking up from Lucids is probably the most easyiest thing to do. :content:

Welcome :partying_face:

Hey Dude! :cool: :lol: Nice username, It was pretty funny seeing ‘Welcome to DUDE, our newest member’ on the Forum Index :tongue:

I hope you like it around here! There is a lot of stuff here that can help you to get back in the dream one day! Don’t forget to visit the guide on the website!

Greetings, I have joined the French forum and I figured that I could also post here. :grin: I will perhaps translate my dream diary.

Hey everyone, im kinda new here.
18 yrs old, student from finland.
A friend of mine told me about lucid dreaming, and im really excited about it, its 1.41 am here in finland, i got my Dream Journal next to me and im about to fall asleep,

I just dropped by to say hi!
You guys will hear alot from me, want it or not :wink: I’ve always enjoyed internet forums, especially about subjects that interest me, i cant wait to share my dreams with you!

With love from finland, Aki

(p.s. im really scared about the reality check stuff, i know ill freak out)

its 2.09 am now, i really should get some sleep, im just too excited (though i know i know, i wont be getting any lucid dreams on the first couple of tries, but im still excited enough to prevent me from getting any sleep ) :help:

:wave: hello Voyageur Pourpre and Snooze
I’ve actually joined the french forum but my french isn’t good enough to post there :wink:

reality checks are fun and it feels weird to be able to breath through a blocked nose or be able to levitate etc :smile:
My last RC was to will something to happen … I said if a chicken appears from that gap it will be a dream … and it worked :hyper:

I hope you both enjoy your time at LD4all :smile: