The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 43

:wave: hello MaNiCfLuX :smile: welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
I’m sure you will get a lot out of being a member :boogie:

so have you changed yourself in a LD? morphed into something or grown wings for example?

I’ve been having lucid dreams since as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until recently that I started reading about the subject and really became aware of induction techniques to make them happen more frequently.

Dreams have always been important to me, but what really drove me to find out more about lucid dreaming, specifically, was the fact that my co-worker/friend didn’t really understand what I was talking about when I explained my lucid dreams to him. We generally share our dreams on a daily basis, and his dream recall seems to be very good too, but I don’t think he’s ever experienced a lucid dream.

I guess my point is, I sort of thought that lucid dreaming was general knowledge, before I began to read more about it, that is. To find that the idea was actually rejected by certain scientists until fairly recently (a few decades ago?) was very shocking to me.

Anyway, it’s 2 a.m., so I better start dreaming.
I look forward to learning more here as you all seem incredibly nice and there’s such a wealth of information.


thanks moogle, and to answer your question, what i meant about changing and mutating things is that i can say, pick up rock or a stick, and rub/wave my hand over it i can mutate it into a sword to use as a weapon. i also just recently had a dream about being telekinetic, i was moving stuff with my thoughts all over the place. i can also kinda slide though a wall or something, not necessarily walk through, but kinda melt into, and back out of in somewhere completely different than where i was at before. thats a good trick to get out of a troublesome LD. anyone who wants to, feel free to ask me any questions, i’m new here so I’d like to get a feel for the place and people ya know. And i feel like i have a lot to share in here, maybe something could be useful to someone

:wave: hello Ulver

it’s good you can talk about dreams to someone and what a great opportunity to let him know about LDs and how to get them :yay: since you are talking about dreams already :smile:

@ MaNiCfLuX: I knew you meant external things … but just wondered :eh: if you had extended it to changing yourself too :content:

Hi to all you dreamers i am new name is diane.and look forward to searching the site .it looks very intersting…Di

Hello :smile: :welcome:

This site is great, and the forum is the best one out there.

Surf and look at topics as you wish :smile: Never be shy to post, no flamers in here !

I have been a member here for soon 2 years and yet I have not seen many fights/flamings !

:wave: hello cherub, welcome to the forum :grouphug:

/me spams the "are you 30 years or older?"topic again :smile:

you will enjoy it here :yay:

oh it’s the best site on the internet hands-down.

Hi, everyone

I’m new and I’ve just joined this site, but have been a member of Dreamviews for the last year or so. I came over here to meet some new LDers and partly because I just felt like a change.

So my knowledge of LDing is fairly extensive and now I am able to become lucid (most nights) once a night through RC’s.

One more thing (sorry noobish question) but I noticed that “kin” dropdown list in the profile options and wanted to know if someone could explain it to me. Thanks a lot.

Hey BobbyBalboa, welcome to the site. :happy:

I’m new to the site as well, but I can still help to answer your question. :grin:

One way to get your kin sign is to go to the ld4all home page and click on the current kin sign (for today) in the upper right hand corner. From there it explains a little about it and offers a few links at the bottom of the page. Take the first link that says
"Enter your birthday to discover your kin.

You should be able to handle it from there, GL. :smile:

:wave: hello xyllaxa and BobbyBalboa welcome to LD4all :grouphug:
xyllaxa, you should have done a personal post :wink:
Read the main site page ( )and there are also llots of tips and info all over the forum. have you read the choosing your technique topic yet in the quest forum? It’s a sticky topic and will point out the probable best method for you :thumbs:

BobbyBalboa, quite a few people seem to be members of both LDing communities :happy:
The kin information can be found here
and in our dreamspell forum. It is calculated from your date of birth (a little like an horoscope) :content:
[edit] :rofl: I got beaten to it … that will teach me to have a reply window open while chatting in the chatroom :tongue:

Thanks a lot, Ulver and moogle!

Just joined and thought I’d post here as well.
I found out about LD by chance three days ago. I was chit-chatting in a forum and somehow we ended up talking about dreams which lead to LD. Glad as hell that I found out about this :happy: Gives me a reason not to be pissed when my mom asks me to goto bed :tongue:

I’ve never succeded having an LD, been close though (I think).
Once I tried WILD (suits me the best) and after 1½ hour I felt how I kinda’ started floating and spinning. I got this image infront of me (a door) and I tried to touch the handle with my “Mind hand” :tongue: Suddenly I get this chock, kinda’ like an electric and I wake up.

Any tip? My guess would be that I do enter a dream but I get to excited and wake up right away. That would explain the chock, you know like when you’re staying up really late and slowly start to fall asleep, then something wakes you up and you kinda’ twitch.

Btw, Tried to tell my mom about LD and she went like “That sounds interesting…”, then she turned her head and what I think went through her mind was a loud “Yeah right!” :razz:
If I’d tell her that this is scientificly proofed (spelled?) she’d go like “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet honey”.

Many of my friends had the same reaction :tongue: Some I got to believe and I gave them the link to this site… Unfortunately they aren’t as good in English as I am (I’m pretty good in English, right? :eh: ).

Basicly, I just want to say
Hi all lucid dreamers

Welcome MovieMe :wave:

I don’t know a lot about WILD, so I can’t help you with that. Maybe someone else who reads this can help you, and otherwise you can ask help in Quest for Lucidity; there’s a first steps to WILD there for the basic questions.

It’s not only on the internet there are also some great books about it :grin: And if they don’t believe in it, they don’t know what they’re missing :wink:

I think you’re English is fine (but I’m not a native English speaking person, and well I know my English is far away from perfect)
I don’t know where you live but we also have a Dutch and a French version, if you/they speak that better ^^

Books? Really? What category should I be looking in?

I’m Swedish, and a real pain in the ass when it comes to spelling. :wink:

Here, the time’s about 11 PM so I’ll probably be doing my third LD try in a few minutes, since it takes about ½-2 hours for me to fall asleep :happy:

Swedish, we have some more Swedish people around :grin:

There are different books. pasQuale put them down on the main site here: … ooks.shtml

In Lucidity Centerstage you can find multiple topics about books about Lucid Dreaming. For example Exploring the world of lucid Dreaming, Creative Dreaming, there is even a topic about Best LD books. I don’t know how it is in Sweden and where they are available. (You can probably order them online too, but I know I find one of my books about dreams in a regular book shop…)

Hi, I’m new to the forum though not to LDing. My first was about 15 months ago after picking up Laberge’s book. I’ve had a few since then but am looking to get them consistently. I have been and will apply much effort to this. I’ve also been mediating for 4 years and have been increasing this lately for the purpose of LDing.

At the moment I’m an artist with a non-toxic cleaning business, but I will be returning to school for psychotherapy.

One area that I would like to look into is the use of floatation tanks for lucid dreaming. I am considering the purchase of one in the coming months…

I’m also looking forward to Bruce Gerliters device that will use electromagnetic waves to physically change the brainwaves to help induce lucidity.

I hope that gives you an idea of where I’m coming from.

:welcome: to all the new members! gives cookies away to everyone :cookiemon:

Don’t forget, feel free to join the DarQ SiDe!! :nuu: :ebil:

Like me! :happy: