The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part 43

Welcome twixie001 :wave:
You might want to check the The BIG “How to stay lucid” topic and theProlonging Lucid Dreams Tutorial
Good luck staying asleep!

Welcome Tamlyn :content:
I hope you like it here and have fun in your lucid dreams :happy:

Welcome Twixie001 and sefarina.

Tamlyn is such a beautiful name, BTW.

I agree, Tamlyn is really sweet!

What nationality is it?

it’s common to wake up fast from the first LDs we have … but a cheerleader :cheer: squad waking you up is something new :eh:
:wave: twixie :smile:

… and now you have joined, you have more LD4all forums that you can read :thumbs:
:wave: sefarina :smile:
Will you be posting your LDs so far in our dream diary forum?

Thanx for the friendly welcome guys! Uh im not sure what nationality my name is because its really uncomman! I tried to use it for my user name but it wouldnt let me?? oh well :tongue: my name sweet? yea sure :smile: Im not sure if i will post my LDs in a dream journal on the forum because i dont actuall own a computer :eek: I go to the library about 2-3 times a week to go on ld4all. I dont know if it will be worth only writing in it that many times. What do you think?

:wiske: hi im new…i m 14 nd i love the whole concept of LD’s…im pretty mature for my age nd love just about anything…lol…i m only new nd am only practising dream recall :content:

it would def be worth it :smile: you could just post your first LDs and also your favourite dream/s of the week :wiske: … it depends on if you would be comfortable posting dreams in a public place :eh:

:wave: hello miss_manchester :happy:
oo for a moment I thought you were from the UK … but I see you are from australia :content:
the good thing about dream recall is that it always improves a lot once we start making the effort to remember dreams and give them some importance :yay:

i hope it works

me two.

Yup, got a good feeling for both of us tonight

:welcome: hello androidcooler, welcome to LD4all :happy:
good luck for tonight :thumbs:

hi, im vicky and im 13
ive been trying to lucid dream for 6-7 months trying mild, vild and fild (not having a lot of success) so i decided to join ld4all so HI

Hey all, I’m a 13 year old swede whose been trying to MILD for some time, I’m considering trying WILD but it seems hard. VILD or FILD I might try too.

Hi guys and gals, another new person around on the forum here… waves
I’m 21 years old from the UK and have only recently started caring about my dreams. For the last few years I’ve rarely been able to remember any dreams in the mornings and always felt deprived because of it. Remembered the rare vivid dreams now and again, but not frequently and certainly no extremely lucid dreams. However, after a few nights of dream journalling I’m already feeling more happy about my ‘night-life’ :razz:
Not sure whether I’ll ever find the courage to post an online diary but who knows, maybe I’ll have something really cool I want to share someday.

Anyways, look forward to chatting with you all, from what I’ve seen there’s a great community here.
See ya’ll around!

:wave: hello renshuden, Jojje and iceman :grouphug: welcome to LD4all

it sometimes doesn’t seem fair how some people have a lucid dream on the first night and others have to wait :meh: … but when you get your first LD it will be an awesome feeling and worth waiting for :yay:

Jojje … have you read the choosing your technique topic in quest? it’s a sticky topic near the top of the forum. It will help you to choose which tech may suit you the best :thumbs:

I thought that way when I joined LD4all … I’m amazed that I began my dj here just 4 weeks after joining :thud:

it better be or else i’m gonna bust some head and go postal on someone’s ass

oh, and Hi new people.

ediT; even though it doesnt belong here :razz:: i was just jumping around my room exited saying “yaya i’m gonna have an LD tonight!” i really think i will for some reason all the sudden

I’m on my 40’s and I practice meditation daily for some years now, last month I had my first spontaneous LD, (a DILD), I was amazed with the vividness of the dream/reality and I was stoked for two days, I start looking in the internet and have been reading stuff and writing my dream log daily, in spite of having had some FA and performing RC I didn’t have yet another go on LD even tough I had many vivid and blissful ND mostly involving flying and strange gravity effects.

I’m on the Quest!

hello jhanastudent :wave:
I started to actively try to LD late in life too (46) … it would be good if you also posted in our “are you 30 years or older topic” :boogie:
Did you have flying dreams before your first LD? I didn’t :meh: … I’ve only been able to fly/levitate in LDs :fly:

Hello Moogle,

I had flown in my dreams before this spontaneous LD but I wasn’t in control, this was an amazing experience and since this I have been very aware and having lots of fun in my ND, when I wake up and recollect the dreams I fell very well, before this I never noticed how vivid and detailed my dreams were.

I think my practice with meditation is helping a lot, I didn’t even knew what was LD a month ago and after I started my dream log the dreams are getting more vivid, I’m recording three or four dreams a night and half of them are vivid and fun.

Now I’m training RC many times during the day because in this week I had at least six RC wrong detections, when I awake up I can’t understand how I miss the LD after thinking in the dream that this must be a dream…

I notice that when I wake up I don’t remember dreaming immediately but when I check my memory and grab the dream log I locate the dream and the sensations associated with it.

I also tried WILD but I don’t get any hypnogogic images even though I get all the body sensations reported, do you have ideas?

Thanks for your help.

I haven’t had success with WILD too. There are topics on WILD in quest and pathways. If I was tempted to try WILD I would do it with WBTB (better success rate) and would use the “focus on an image method” (it’s in the archives now)

full topic … Atheist - Focussing On An Image

hey everyone, i thought id introduce myself so here it is. I love to dream, i can do pretty much anything i want in my dreams if i am lucid. i love to fly, though i havent had much control with that lately. When i do lucid dream, i usually have powers of telekinesis, manifestation, flying, sometimes pyro or electro kinesis. if i am really in control i like to change and mutate things into something else, its pretty fun. i have been lucid dreaming for quite some time now and would like to have an obe, since i am not sure if i have had one of those before. anyways, i look forward to posting with all of you and getting some feedback on things. alright, thats about enough outta me for now, laters.