the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 62

Hi Agustinb14, welcome to LD4all :welcome:

I would really suggest you check out our Knowledge Base. It has some great articles, including one that helps you find the right technique for yourself :smile:.

Hello all,and greetings from Croatia!My name is Dario,and from now on,i will be part of this comunnity. :happy:
I am 23 years old,livin in Rijeka,Croatia.I am interested in various kinds of stuff,martial arts,gymnastics,parkour is my main hobbies.And now i would like to have another one-when i am sleepinjg-lucidity.
Ive been watching this forum for about a year,and lucidness is not new thing in my life.Unfortunately,i didnt pay too much attention to it till now.
Well,that is all for now.:smile: Hope to cya u all soon in discussions on forum!

Welcome Varithar! It’s cool to see another martial artist here :happy: (What’s parkour?) Also, if you ever need any help, we’d all be happy to oblige :content:

Hello. I’m Brianna. I’m glad I found this place because I’ve been really into lucid dreaming lately. :content: So I guess I’ll see you all on the forum!

:wave: hello Varithar and BriannaBee, welcome to the forum.

Varithar and Myst, you may be interested in
Anybody Climb? Or Practice Parkour? … it’s an old topic :content: I had never heard of it until a few topics about parkour turned up on the forum :smile:

I look forward to seeing your posts, Varithar and BriannaBee

Thanks all for warm welcome.Martial arts rocks!:slight_smile: I train Ninjutsu,by Bujinkan school.Philosophy of life,and way of living.Awesome thing.
Parkour is art of modern movement.Climbing,jumping,etc.If u r interested,be sure to visit link moogle posted(thank you,moogle,will check it asap).
And be sure i will ask for help. :wink:

Hmmm… well I couldn’t find an official place to say hi to everyone, so I just thought I would make me a nice little thread here.

So hi everyone! I’m just introducing myself and thought it would be nice to let people know. :happy:
Pretty much so far I have had about 5 lucids that just happened when I was younger as normal… About 3 half lucids I would call them; where I was close, but just couldn’t let go of my consciousness completely. AND!!! I was able to succeed ONE full one lucid using WBTB :razz: Oh’ and for the record I got sooo excited that I had to spin to make it last longer, worked… but I still only got about 10 more seconds out of that.

Well I hope I can expand my control over my mind here and I’m looking forward to learning from all of you. :happy:!

Welcome AscendantSingularity! :wave:
I see you’re eager to learn something new about dreams and yourself, I suggest having a look at our Knowledge Base, you’ll find a lot of answers in there :content:
And don’t hesitate to ask the community for any other doubt you might have :wink: we’re here to help each other after all.

Thanks for that. :happy: Yeah, I actually was about to get into my first real lucid using what I learned from this site. Just thought it was time to start talking about it to others.

so…I’ve been stalking you guys for a month and finally decided it’s time to join the fun …so here I am, saying my proper Hi, I’m new here! :tongue: and considering whether or not to start a dream journal here :confused:

Hello shinju! :wave: Remember that even if you don’t share it with us, a DJ is very useful in developing recall, and recall is a big factor for developing lucidity in dreams :content:

I know, I’m keeping a dream journal irl…it’s just that I’d like to share my lucid dreams (lucid ones only, I guess, NDs are not that interesting, right :tongue: ) here but I think my lame english would be a pain in the *** to read, so I’m not sure :grin:

Hi everyone! I found this board a couple of days ago and…well, ended up registering myself!^^
I’m doing WBTB at the moment, and I’m really curious about the outcome! :happy:
Short introduction: 19 year old guy from Austria, enjoys hanging out with friends, watching films and anime, sleeping (obviously^^), fooling around, drawing (Though you can’t call me an artist, really!^^), photography, video editing and visual effects.

I’ve taken on the topic of lucid dreaming since quite a while from now again, after a phase of trying (not really hard, that is) and not really succeeding. Though I think I had two times where I was almost lucid:

One was a dream where I was standing at MacDonald’s. I wanted a MacFlurry ice cream with Smarties. But they didn’t have that flavour! I still insisted on it, but after the cashier hung off the sign with the different flavours (which were all flavours you don’t get there IRL) and showed it to me in close up, I gave up and took a strawberry one instead.
I wanted to pay and noticed I was holding a 5€-Bill in my hand, which wasn’t enough (I think a MacFlurry is like 1, max. 2€ IRL…). So I wanted to get some money at an ATM. When I was just about to go through the door I realized I in fact had a 20€-bill in my hand - quite enough to pay!
It was then when I thought “What the hell? This is weird! The flavours don’t really are available normally and my money changes just like that! It’s just like in a dream - wait a second…a dream…?”
The next second I was awake! o.O

There was another occasion like that, but I don’t remember it, I just remember the “WTF-Moment”.

Welcome to the forum. :smile:

How did that go?

We have a forum right here where you can post any artwork if you ever feel like it!

You won’t regret not giving up on lucid dreaming, you’ll see.

Might I suggest you make a dream journal? You can do that here, it will help your dream recall greatly, and it’s fun!


Thanks! Looks like a sweet place here! :smile:

I guess I’ve gone to sleep too late - thus waking up later. Then I ended up not being able to fall asleep quickly - LDing as the last thing on mind was pretty hard - so nothing about getting lucid.
I had a really awesome dream at least, but I can’t remember anything more by now beside it being awesome!^^;
Well, Bruce Lee didn’t learn how to wield nunchucks in one try either, I still have a full 4 day long weekend before me, so I have enough time! :happy:

Cool, I’ll check it out when I create something worth sharing!^^

Guess I’ll get started with that next morning! :smile:

erm… Hi! I’m new! :content:

Welcome DarkChasm! :content: I’m sure you’ll feel yourself at home in here.
Remember to check our Knowledge Base for any guide you might need, and don’t hesitate to ask for any doubt of yours :smile:

Hi I’m Lucy I’m 15 years old and from England :smile:

:welcome: Lucy5. :grin:

Hope you have lots of LD’s.

Hi, DarkChasm and Lucy! :wave: kick off your shoes, take a seat near the fire and grab some cookies! :grin:

Sweet dreams!