the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 62

Hello everyone. im ryan and i am from canada. i learnt about lucid dreaming about a month and have been really interested in it, although rather unsuccessful. anyways, i love the website and hope to become able to lucid dream in the future :smile:

Welcome R-D-C to LD4all! :wave: I’m sure you’ll become a proficient lucid dreamer in no time, and remember that successful dreaming begins with a good recall ^^

Hi, I’m R.J., and im 13 and new here. Ive already had a few Ld’s, but i hope to get more.

Welcome Ninja! :wave: You’ve come to the right place, I’m sure you’ll find a very friendly environment here. Remember to check our Knowledge Base for any guide you might need :wink:

Hi! I just signed up :smile: I’ve only recently found out about Lucid dreaming in the wide world. I always just thought that it was normal for me. I always have really really strange dreams and I am able to control them to a certain extent. But I have come to be part of this to try and hone what it is that I’m doing.
I love dreams. I’m so happy when I remember them.

Hey Carvery.

You’re halfway there, since you have no trouble remembering your dreams and controlling them to a certain degree.

Just search around I’m sure you’ll find everything you need. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that’s what we’re here for.

Hope you like the place!

Hi, I’m ekspresis form Latvia. I had my first intentional ld about 6 months ago but I still have great difficulties to attain lucidity. I hope this forum will help me improve my skills. So far it seems pretty cool.

:wave: hello ekspresis, welcome to ld4all

congrats on your three LDs :yay:
check out the LD4all knowledge base … there is even a topic to help you choose the best technique for you :content: “How to Choose Your Technique” - By Treader

If you want to keep a record of your LDs here, feel free to create your own dream journal topic in the Dream Journal forum :thumbs:

A big howdy from Texas to all of you! I’m Kristin, or Qu’est-ce que c’est, but that’s pretty long. So far I’ve had one sort-of LD, but as soon as I had control it fell apart and I woke up. I’ve been trying at this on and off for years now, occasionally dropping it to see if wanting it less will help. I’ve tried a whole lot with little success, but that one moment of control was so awesome I just keep coming back. So here I am, back at it once more. Wish me luck, I’ll need it!

Hey there, everyone! I can’t remember if I’ve already posted something here, but what the heck. My name’s Fish (well, not really), I’m sixteen years old, and I’m from Canada. I started trying WILD a few months ago, and have since added some MILD and WBTB to the mix.

I have realized that I was dreaming before… but I was so excited that it woke me up. Shucks. Ah, well, there’s always next time. :smile: And I hope to improve my technique in the future. It’s been really nice meeting you all so far-- a huge thanks to PasQuale for setting up this site, it’s been such a great source of guidance!

Welcome to the forum, Kristin and Fish! Ask questions, answer questions, join us in some philosophical discussion. Most of all, don’t be afraid to post.

*Sends lucid vibes to both members

I’m Arugula. I like words with Us in them, writing, and action films. Lucid dreaming has intrigued me for years, and I’ve gotten as far as the DJ stage and can recognize my DSs when I look through them. I’ve gained awareness and lost it in-dream once or twice as well.

Hey Everybody,
I’m Daniel and I just recently learned about lucid dreaming through a movie called Waking Life. Now I’m really interested in learning some of the techniques to induce lucid dreaming, especially WILD. I feel lucid dreaming is a great way to self development, and plus, I’ve always wanted to fly. Lol. :happy:

:wave: hello ArugulaBlue and naturesgreatestgift
welcome to LD4all :smile:

:lol: that avatar confuses me Arugula … it keeps giving me the impression that the poster is male :happy:
/me is thankful for the gender icons :content:

There is a topic in lucidity centerstage about Waking Life. That film is responsible for a lot of dreamers googling lucid dreaming after watching it :smile:

Nice to meet you, Monsignor Moogle.

I like this avatar, it’s a good reminder to not take the Internet too seriously. Mark Strong has the best sneer.

Hello, ld4all, I’m Feldspar. I like writing, drawing, obssessing over tv shows and being a part of their fandoms, and ska.
I’ve been trying to lucid dream for almost a year now, I think since I watched a 60 Minutes report on it. I’ve been rather on and off with my attempts, but I’m hoping to get serious about it now that summer has started and I have plenty of free time. Anyways, so far I’ve had… one LD. It was an impressive four seconds long (Awesome, inorite).

Hey Feldspar, welcome to the forum. :obe:

I’d give anything for 4 seconds of lucidity right now.

Hi! I’m MinaChristiana :smile: I am 13 years old, and I come from Norway :content:
I was writing on my book (a story about the greek mythology-godess Nemesis giving birth to vampire-men), and I had to check Nemesis’ ‘‘background’’. Then I saw a blog about it, and on that blog there were a link to I thought it was something like the other pop ups, but I read a little bit, and got catched. I discovered ld4all 13:00 today, and I have already decided to try it tonight! :content:
My mom isn’t so excited about this… Since I was a little girl, I have loved magic and supernatural stuff. I want to try spiritism, but my grandmother told me about her spiritism-period, and I got a little bit scared… So now I have decided to wait a couple of years :tongue:

:welcome: MinaChristiana

There is nothing spiritual about Lucid Dreaming, unless you want it to become spiritual. You can get into things like Shared Dreams and Precognitive Dreams if you want to, or you can just Lucid Dream. That’s what I love about Lucid Dreaming.

Hey names geekboy im new here and finally getting to posting here :slight_smile:

found out about lucid dreaming a little over 2 weeks ago now when a friend woke up in sp after relising he was dreaming he was scared out of his mind
started reading about LDing and got hooked cant wait to actually have some LDs they sound like so much fun

and i apologize for bad grammer and spelling in advanced ive never been very good at it ;.;