the BIG "Hi, I'm new here!" topic, part 62

Hello geekboy, and welcome to LD4all! :content:
It’s funny to see people get to know about LD’ing in quite amusing ways. :tongue:
I suggest you have a read at the Knowledge Base we have here, it will help you with choosing and developing a technique for inducing your own Lucid Dreams. ^^
Hope you have a good time here! :smile:

agreed best part is my friend realized it cause he saw a girl he like coming towards him

i think im going to try wilds at first idk they just seem more … ?interesting??? if that fails after a week or 2 of trying then ill go do every thing else except keep a dream journal that im doing regardless XD

and so far i have its a very nice community XD
and the forum looks awesome

Welcome, my name IRL is the same as it’s in the forums. I’m 15 years old and impatiently waiting for my so called sweet 16. I live in Eastern Europe, Latvia. Mainly all of the Eastern Europe was occupied by USSR in WW2 and our country regained independence only in 1991. Some of my main hobbies are fishing and travelling. I’m interested in WW2 history and web development.

First time I heard about lucid dreaming was a week ago in a different and dream unrelated forum. Since then I’m so excited about it that I actually spent 4 hrs reading through your forums yesterday and I just can’t stop doing it right now. First time I tried to have a lucid dream was yesterday, no results though. I’m not too surprised because I understand it can take time and practise as well. In any case, I’m full of patience and will to achieve my goal, I’m not stopping until I get a LD and I’m not stopping after one neither.


Weclome Kristaps to LD4all! :wave: I’m sure the deeper you dig into the topics, the more useful information you’ll be able to retrieve :content: although much of the material has been gathered in the Knowledge Base, which I suggest you to check out. :smile:

I was new back in '07, and I’m basically new all over again. I’m gonna go stalk people and see if anyone from back then is still here.
こんいちわ!! 日本語w a わかりますか? For some odd reason wa (or should i call it ha) wont display.

it seems there was a space between the Kanji and the wa

hhahaaa baigais ieskats vēsturē :happy:. bet nu jauki, ka pievienojies. galvenais esi pacietīgs un panākumi neizpaliks cerams… :content:

This is how google translated this:
horrible insight into history but now nice that joined. head be patient and success. neizpaliks hopefully
It did not know what “neizpaliks” was.

Hi there!
I actually joined a while back but I haven’t posted anything at all, so I made sure this was my first post ever on here. ^ ^
This forum has really helped so much that now I have a “Lucid moment” every time I dream. :happy:
I look forward to getting to know everyone! :tongue:

Welcome Cirnol64! :wave: I’m sure you’ll make progress very quickly with your LD skills ^^
An advice to you would be, try remembering if you had any LD in the past, cause it’s very possible you did; and when you remember,you’ll be able to recall how it feels like, and how did you get to induce them, the feeling, the enjoyment. That will bring you that much closer to your goal! :happy: So good luck with your Quest. :wink:

Hello everyone. Always wanted to learn to do this, and I figure now’s an excellent time. See you around.

Welcome Aspirant to LD4all! :wave:
You got it, summer is an excellent time for dreaming! Remember to power up your recall first and foremost ^^
Be sure to stick around, there’s lots of interesting discussions going on :content:

Ohai guise! I’m Angie :smile: I’ve actually been interested in leanring to LD for a while, but never really got to it. But last week I rediscovered my growing interest for it. And decided that I should start now. I’m hoping to experience a lucid dream sooon :happy:

Welcome back ^^

Welcome AngieKay! :wave: Hope you find yourself at home here ^^
You can start your Quest on Lucid Dreaming by developing a proper dream recall, be sure to keep a detailed DJ :content:

Hello I’m Ruben, 15 years old and from the Netherlands. I found it frustrating that when I had a very good dream that I would wake up from it very soon. I wanted to have more of those dreams, so I searched the internet for ‘controlling dreams’ and found out about LD, it’s a very interesting subject and I quickly found this website! I hope I will learn to have LDs by using this great source of information :happy: !

Greetings everyone,

I used to post regularly on this forum years ago. I guess I faded into oblivion, along with my ability to have lucid dreams. It happens.

Last week, rather by accident (or was it more than that?), I stumbled across the whole subject of lucid dreaming again. I decided to do something - so I grabbed my lazy arse by the neck (if that’s even anatomically possible) and told myself to get things rolling again, to do the work (reality checks, etc) and put in the intention.

I’m now reading ‘The Lucid Dreamer’ by Malcolm Goodwin to help get things rolling once more. Interesting book, with a slightly different twist on the subject compared to the other books I read.

So here I am. Looking forward to meeting the rest of you and having some interesting discussions.

Sleep tight.


Welcome back, and thank you for suggesting another LD book. I just ordered a copy from Amazon for $6, used but in very good condition.

:welcome: hello Rubenknex and welcome to the forum. I’m sure you will soon be enjoying lucid experiences in your dream world :grin:

There are a lot of useful topics in the knowledgebase forum. Then there is even more to discover on the forum itself. For inspiration, read the past official lucid quest topics in the lucid adventures forum :smile:

:wave: hello Hypos, welcome back. If your old account was post 2002, it will be still usable.

Well, then let me know how you liked it. It’s seems to be a great book (I’m not through yet): beautiful writing style and lots and lots of stunning pictures of inspiring artwork.

Thanks for the welcome. :smile: