The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - part XVIII

In your dreams Lagge, in your dreams. :razz:

:lol: that’s a brilliant answer Deperc :content:

:wave: hello Lagge, welcome to LD4all. I hope you enjoy your time spent with us. :content:

Hello there, I’m new. :peek:

I’m 15 and a once-in-a-while lucid dreamer- not too often, but often enough. Don’t have much control yet, but I’m getting better.

Sooo… hey.

Hey…jk! Welcome chambered_nautilus!

:welcome: hello chambered_nautilus, welcome to LD4all
/me wonders why you chose that name and hopes you post in our Why your user name - part II topic

My name is U.b., am 23 years old and reside in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. Thinking I was having some psychological issues and/or suffering from some illness due to my twitches, shakes, extremely loud “sounds” that would originate from nowhere and feel disconnected from my physical body around bed time :bored: , a friend of mine said the two words that would totally change me. Lucid Dreaming. :cool_laugh: While he described this to me, I literally laughed out loud cause what he said was what I always thought I’d have problems telling others. I also laughed out of relief knowing that this intimidating process which I thought I’d go through before falling asleep for the rest of my life was merely a sign of my potential of inducing LD’s. :cool: I quickly picked up LaBerge’s book on LD and found myself still laughing, yet amazed at what I could possibly do in my dreams. Now I find myself almost obsessed, spending many day time minutes performing RL’s, thinking of what goals to create, and recalling previous dreams, counting down the hours for bed time. :eh:
I am glad to say that my first sucessful WILD was Tuesday morning - July 5th. Although short and not as vivid as I wished it was, I was absolutely delighted to feel and witness such a world. :grin: I have achieved MILD’s before and I’ve even began to try to conquer my fear of heights, by challenging myself (or the dreamworld I guess) by flying and falling, but finding myself in a WILD was such a goal that came with such familiarity to my previous “scary” encounters before knowing of LD’s and sleep paralysis. Hahaha :content:
Anyways, before I make this an essay, thank you to those that have welcomed me already and I hope to continue reading your stories, your suggestions, and soon be able to welcome another newcomer to the site. :smile:


Glad to have ya! Sounds like you’re going to be a good active member! :cool:

You mean RC’s? :smile:

Happy LD’s! :hyper:

Welcome scorpioub :smile:

I have a feeling your going to be very successful at Lucid Dreaming.

Hello to All!
I’m new to this Forum and so happy I found it! :happy:

My real name’s Piero, I’m 30 and I come and live in Florence - Italy.
I’ve approached LD reading Aleandro Jodorowsky’s “Psicomagia”, this was more than a month ago. Jodorowsky is a famous artist \ poet \ storyteller \ movie director and screenwriter from Cile, Latin-America. He has directed movies such as: “El topo”, “Voyage to the holy montain” or “Santa Sangre” thant in my view are masterpieces. All his productions have a very strong occult and dreamlike taste to them.
In the book “Psicomagia” I don’t know the english title for it, he describes his experience with LD (he is a natural LDreamer) and how LD was important to him in his artwork and his personal developement.
I approached LD because of “Psicomagia” and so I’ve read S.LaBerge’s “Exlporing the worl of Lucid Dreaming” just to have an idea of the subject and it’s possibilities, from then on it was nearly a month ago and I actively started to pursue LD.

And here I am. :grin:
I’ve got other interests too: I’m interested in RPGs, Mythology, Narratology, Screenwriting and Psychology.
I mostly love to speak about these topics but I’m open to everything else.

I’m happy to meet you all! :wink:

welcome Gorgoneion :happy:
You might want to drop by in the ‘30 years or older topic’ in the gathering too :smile:

You will find everything you like here. And since you like RPG I can’t resist pointing the wolfgame out to you :wink: - we also have a RPG topic in the playground.

I’ll pass by :cool_laugh:

what’s happening all?
I sometimes have lucid dream too, but sometime I dreamt about the future, did you dream about the future also?
well, that’s all I have to say for now, hope I could contribute :smile:

:wave: welcome to LD4all scorpioub, Gorgoneion and spankyou
:boogie: it’s great seeing so many new members arriving and introducing themselves here :cheer:
I love LD4all, there are so many subforums, that every new member can easily feel at home in no time :smile:

Hello everyone,

I’m Tigereye440. First, I must say, this forum is truly awesome. It has everything a lucid dreamer could ever want and answers to virtually every lucid dream related question. I am particularly interested in the Lucid Laboratory sub forum. I have a few good ideas for some cool experiments and I plan on posting them if I’m granted membership as a Researcher.

So, I look forward to getting to know the other members of this forum and making some profound discoveries about lucid dreaming. I’m sure we can learn a lot from each other’s experiences. :smile:

~TTYL, Tigereye440~

:welcome: welcome to LD4all Tigereye440
once you have been here for a while and have about 30 posts or so, just pm Atheist and request to be added to the researchers group, just give him an idea of the experiment you wish to do :wiske:
meanwhile you may like to take part in some of the already existing experiments in the lucidity lab :grin:

Awesome! Thanks a lot, moogle!! :colgate:

~TTYL, Tigereye440~

:sad: I dont know what to do , but I want to be involved…


Well first you should introduce yourself at ‘The Big “Hi, I’m new here!” Topic - part XVIII’ in the Gathering. (where you posted this) All the info you need is on the site. Feel free to ask any questions on the forum, everybody here is pretty nice.

Happy LDs! :grin:

:welcome: hello Zibooklish :happy:
there are a few getting to know members topics in the gathering that you may like to post in, there is also the philosophy cloud for interesting discussions on life etc, the playground has lots of fun topics. the playground is a good way of getting to know some of the more active members
and also all the subforums about dreaming :smile: just browse and enjoy yourself
and most important remember that this is a really friendly forum, so just jump in and enjoy yourself :content:

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