The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXVI

[color=red][b]This is Part XXVI of the big “Hi I’m New Here” topic. The previous part can be found here. All links to previous parts including the “shake hands” topics can be found in this post.

Keeping all the intros in one topic prevents us from having thousands of individual “hello, I’m New” topics and keeps the forum from getting cluttered up. :content:

Anyone is welcome to post here :user: , new and old members. So don’t be shy :peek: , we don’t bite :wolfbite: . [/b][/color]

Hello there. I was referred here by a friend of mine, Zero_Saiyaman, who’s rather new still from what I understand :uh:…so yeah. Hi!

Hello, and on behalf of the forum, do not believe anything that Huey says.

:welcome: hello Izkara
welcome to LD4all
/me thinks it’s time for a group hug :grouphug:

I always thought that they were planning. Like in a huddle. Not hugging.

:eek: Noooo! The Sinister MOD Syndicate has overtook another member–Izkara! RUN!!! RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!


:handshake: Izkara–how ya doin’? I’m Huey (don’t mind Fiver–the MOD Syndicate has brainwashed him–I was…too late…)

:welcome: Welcome to the forum–I’m not crazy…just…eccentric…so, let’s start the tour–shall we? :arrow_right:

Meet my friends:
soccersloy, archdreamer, Zoch, Marekso, BlissfullBlues :grouphug:
unkn0wn, dreamy_girlie, Tomthebomb, Gloaming, cue5c :grouphug:
lucidBob, and lispozord :beer:

You are now one of them–together we’ll fight against the forces of the ebil MOD Crime Family :ebil:

Never have i seen such a unique site, it brings out the youth in me.

:welcome: hello Miroff
I hope you enjoy being a member of the forum as much as I have done :happy:
:lol: I’m sure Huey will be back to collect you too :tongue:

:eh: I thought you were my buddy :cry:

Hi everyone! I’m new here. Trying to achieve lucidity with a little help.

:hurray: Yeah! More people!

Hey Miroff :handshake:, syxx521 :handshake:–top o’ the mornin’ to ya (actually it’s night, but I needed a new greeting :tongue:)!

So, you guys want to take the tour? Of course you do–right this way :arrow_right:

Hours later at the bar

:cool: :beer: So, how ya guys been doin’–[size=75]ssh…listen up, this place is being watched over by a sinister force known as the Ministry Of Defects–MOD for short…join me and my team of rebels and together we can take down the MOD Supremecist Structure! [/size]

Of course I’m your buddy, moogle :hugs:–it’s just this crazy alter-ego-thing :tempted:

Argh! :ohno: Get…out…of…my…HEAD!!!

:wave: hi syxx521
I recommend looking at the choosing your technique topic in the lucid library, it will help you to decide which method will probably work best for you :content:

/me wishes you luck in your quest for lucidity :thumbs:

:cool: Now I have three groups!

soccersloy, archdreamer, Zoch, Marekso, BlissfullBlues :grouphug:
unkn0wn, dreamy_girlie, Tomthebomb, Gloaming, cue5c :grouphug:
lispozord, lucidBob, syxx521, Izkara, Miroff :grouphug:


That sure makes me feel special!
And I love group hugs!!

I’m thinking I should get some sleep now…


I am a woman of the night…

And I, a Huey of the night :peek:–let us wander the forum aimlessly…

:content: I think we should go to the ‘Playground’–before the Mods come, follow me…

Hello everyone ! :wave:

LD4all is the nicest place on tha web !

And just to inform , Huey is a bit weird and hungry for posts , you may want to ignore him :tongue:

Well, since this is the “Hi I’m New here” post, I suppose I should say:

Hi! I’m new here!

:happy: Nice to meet you all. I hope I can end up learning more about LD.

Never managed to get a LD before, but I have good recalling abilities. Anyway, check out my post!

Even if not for helping me, read it for a weird/funny dream story!

:handshake: Hey Rodrigo! I’m Huey! And Blackman…

Nice to meet you–now I can add you to my expanding group of friends–:grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: :cool:

C’mon, I’ll show you around…

HEY RODRIGO!!! :hurray:

(Yeah, sorry, I’m going to NOT freak you out like Bruno did. :razz:)

Welcome to LD4all, I hope you have a pleasant stay…


Thanks guys :happy: And don’t worry, noone’s freaking me out.

… yet. :ebil:

No, now I’m just kidding. :content: (But I did freak you a bit, didn’t I? :tongue:)

By the way, BEM-VINDO AO FÓRUM, RODRIGO! :boogie:

(“Welcome to the forum, Rodrigo! :boogie:”)


(I wonder if Genki will notice another brazillian fellow joined…)