The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXIV


Riiiight - and so are Wrinkled Lions. :gni:


…Which I can only assume are just sea lions with another name? I assume this based on the seemingly completely nonsequitorial remark about sea life. Oh yeah, welcome.

:welcome: new :user:

hiho wrinkledlion :smile:


Hey everyone! :happy: I’m a sort-of-OK lucid dreamer. I can get at least two lucid dreams a week, so right now I’m more concentrating on lengthening them than getting one in the first place. This is quite good progress, considering I only started in January! :happy:

I’m trying to get to the lucid crossroads quite a bit as well, except I never make it - except I made it ONCE, but the evil receptionists trapped me in a bubble. Unimpressed

Looking forward to reading, learning and sharing!

:wave: welcome to LD4all, wrinkledlion and FeatherDream :grin:

:lol: but moogles are cooler :wink:

you should try to get to the LD4all party this month (it’s the lucid quest for Spectral Moon) - pasQuale is admitting all members to the party :yay:

I look forward to reading your future posts :happy:

I hope this is the right place! hi! I’m new here :smile: I was searching for ways to send out positive energy and found this forum and its really exciting to me! I am dealing with an interesting problem with a boy but I am convinced that things will be worked out with a lot of love and a lot of positive energy so I was really excited to find this place! I know that we can make the world a better place through love and positivity! And I appreciate any thoughts or ideas from anyone here! Thanks for this forum! Its really cool! :smile:

:welcome: pandorakittie, welcome to LD4all.
There is a The Positive Energy Fundraiser Thread in the beyond dreaming forum :smile: - you will probably like to read and post in it :wink:

Hey Pandorakittie, welcome :wave:. I’ve already posted in the positive energy fundraiser thread :wink: sending you positive energy. Anyway, welcome, stick around, right here’s a nice place to be!

Thank you SOOOO much! I appreciate the welcome and the positive energy! This just seems like such a wonderful place! I really like it so far! Thank you :smile: I’ll send positive energy your way as well! xoxo

Hello new people!!

I should post in here more, but I’m too lathargic.


Perhaps I would understand if I knew what the Lucid Crossroads is. :tongue:

/me waves to FeatherDream. :wave:

Of course this is the right place, how could you think otherwise? LD4all is amazing. :cool_laugh:

/me sends her positive energy to pandorakittie. :wave:

:welcome: FeatherDream and PandoraKittie :smile:

Hello all… I’ve begun my quest for lucidity as of last night… I can recall dreams just splendid and I’m doing reality checks. I’m also going to do MILD tonight. Am i going in the right direction?


I don’t know how to answer that last question you had. You can practice MILD if you want, but from my own experience, having good dream recall and doing reality checks on a regular basis are what work for me. Methods like WILD or MILD have not been important to me; most of my lucid dreams are dream induced. It all depends on what you prefer, though. Just try a lot of different methods, soon enough you’ll get the hang of it all. :content:

Valkor… that sounds like such a powerful name. :razz:

Hi everyone!
Its about five month now that I’m into LD.
I’ve had quite afew but I’m still not able to controll them well.
I have many questions to ask and idea I’d like to discuss.
I hope I’ll be as much help to yous as you will surely be to me.
See you soon…

Hey Posedom and Valkor!

:wave: :boogie: Welcome :boogie: :wave:

don’t worry everyone here is really cool and friendly! :grouphug:

Glad to see you were all brave enough to introduce yourselves -------> Have Fun :biggrin:

:welcome: Valkor and posedom :grin:

:yes: and also doing WBTB will increase your chances of having a LD
Don’t forget to post your first LD in the big “My First LD Collection” in the dream diary forum - you can also start a dream diary in there too, to record your progress :yay:

posedom, you will find lots of information and advice about methods to increase control of LDs in quest for lucidity and some of the dream diaries. :happy:
You could post your first LD in the big topic “My First LD Collection” since it is inspiring for members who haven’t had a LD yet (and for those who have :tongue: )- they can read about other’s first LDs.

:welcome: Valkor & Posedom

Valkor: great start.

Posedom: post your questions on First Steps and we shall answer them rightaway! :cool:

hiho all newbies.

Enjoy youre stay :grin: