The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXIV

hey all.
I’ve been aware of LD for years but only now am I wanting to take a more active role.
this forum seems to have a good amount of traffic to provide a good group consensus on LD in general, so I thought I’d sign up and say hi.

:welcome: hello globalah, welcome to LD4all :boogie:

Hey Globalah!! :welcome:

Hi and welcome, globalah :wave: I hope you will find the help you are looking for here, and the people here are very nice! :cool:

Hi Friends,
I’m Ravi. I joined today and I think I was guided by my higher self to this forum. I remember many dreams (I’m not a lucid dreamer) but never shared them with anyone else except a few times with my mother - only the normal ones.
I’m a member of another forum called, and only yesterday I’d posted a dream for interpretation to my friends out there. And see I’m here today to a place filled with wonderful beings who specializes just doing the thing.

I’ve noted many of my dreams in a journal which I don’t seem to find right now. However, I remember many of them; soon I’m going to share them with all of you. I’m glad to be here.

Love and Light

Hey Ravi (Magnetic Dragon)! Welcome To LD4ALL! :woot: :boogie:
We are all friendly here and seeing as you are too you are going to enjoy it here! :happy:

You can create a dream diary here, and post as much as you want :cool_laugh:

If you would like dreams for interpretation (Normal Dreams not Lucid Dreams) Go here

Feel Free to ask questions as we will all answer them well.



You’ll sure enjoy your stay! :yes:

/me wonders if Globablah has had an LD yet.

:wave: Welcome Ravi, be sure to start a dream journal (I think Wissam covered the how–to pretty well :smile:) and have a great time!

:wave: MagneticDragon :happy:
welcome to LD4all - [this is not spam] if you aren’t used to sharing dreams you may prefer a SeaLife team instead where you share with only a small private group.[/well may be it is slightly :tongue: ]
LD4all has a great community atmosphere, I’m sure you will love it here :yay:

Thank you guys. Kewl

Welcome, Ravi! :wave: You will soon find that for the most part, this forum is a very warm and inviting place, so make yourself comfortable. :content:

Hi everyone, Im new to this forum but not to LD. I have tried to LD before (with limited sucess) and have decided to gve it a go again. I thought joining this forum might help motivate me.

Nice to meet you Neil :handshake:

Welcome to LD4ALL! I am sure you are going to like it here and you will find a lot of motivation here, and hopefully get much more Lucid Dream Success!!

I am sure you are going to enjoy this site, everyone here is very friendly :grouphug:

Good Luck

Wissam :cool:

Hello, I just found about both and sealife sites yesterday after reading a post about Lucid Dreaming in another site…I’m new to the whole lucid dreaming but i’ve been aware that something is wrong in dreams and can remember dreams pretty easy most of the time and I feel like getting really involved in Lucid Dreaming…

Btw, my name is Jeremy (i like Sirius better though lol), I’m 17 years old and from Nebraska…

I look forward to being a part of this community…

:wave: Hey Jeremy, aka Sirius :smile: Can I still call you Jeremy? I like that name! :happy:

We look forward to having you here, this is a great community, everyone’s very friendly and helpful… this place really grows on you. :slight_smile:

So, welcome, and enjoy your stay.

:wave: hello Neil, it’s great that you have started a DJ so soon :yay:
We will all help to keep you motivated this time :yes:
:wave: Sirius55, will you be keeping a dream journal at LD4all in addition to your SeaLife one?
:yay: I love new members joining :smile:

Hi, i’m new here, and i love this site.

I have no problems recalling my dreams, and already the first night i had a light lucid moment in my dream.
Now i make voice memo’s of my dreams on my telephone (good sound quality)

Sadly i forget to practice the reality checks, and i only think about them for about 10 times a day, and that is only when i’m behind the pc or going to the toilet, thinking about stuff to do.

I hope this habit will get stronger soon, when i look at my wristwatch i already get reminded of doing an RC, but i still have to integrate it further into my life.
Also when i do an RC, i check my watch, i look at a text, or at something that is written somewhere, at a wall, or in the label of my shirt etc whatever.
And i check my hands.

Also read about spinning, i am trying to imagine how spinning works from day to day, and i have been planning on setting my mobile phone with an alarm that says:
‘You are dreaming, take control and do whatever you like’

I have a Sony Ericsson W800i, so i can make voice memo’s and set them as it were to be an alarm.

Anyone has any tips on howto use my alarm-option to the fullest?

I hope I will get familiar with all of you guys and your experiences!



Hey, it looks like your already at a good start when it comes to lucid dreaming; you’ll have it in no time. :content:


It looks like the two of us have something in common. :razz: You also seem very motivated when it comes to lucid dreaming, which is a good attitude to have. :content: In fact, you might even be trying harder than you need to; for some people, lucid dreams just show up spontaneously, and are dream induced. I’m just one of those lucky people. :grin:

Hi :smile:
I’m new here!
I usually dream a lot and like to think about and remember the dreams during the days. I also like discussing dreams with my friends that also are interested in dreams.

Whatever my dreams are about, they’re always very colourful. I usually get chased, by an armed man or one/several dinosaur(s) and end up running, hiding, falling or driving at high-speed. Often I get shot and every time it occurs it surprises me that I neither feel anything nor die (with a few exceptions where I dreamt I had a couple of lives left and thus didn’t need to worry, that was funny.)

I have always had difficulties falling asleap, when it is as worst I get 1h sleep/night (or less) for weeks. That makes it hard to wake up in the morning. Those times I often dream that I get up and do my ordinary morning routines, after putting off the alarm clock, until I’m on my way to the tram and realize that I’m still asleep. The strange thing is that every time I can swear I did’t even touch the alarm clock, since I obviously did.

I can just recall two times when I’ve had lucid dreams, the first time I was very young, about six years old. In the dream I visited my neighbours and on my way home I realized I was in a dream and didn’t know what to do about myself so I awoke.
The second time I was eleven and a T-rex was just about to eat me when I started to hit and scream at it that it was destroying my dream, then I awoke.
It would be really cool to be able to stay in the dream, if I’d find myself dreaming again.

:wave: hello _marinus and Iron_kitten, welcome to LD4all :smile:

well if you end up having frequent forum dreams that could be very useful :wink:

Iron_kitten, we have a sticky “My First LD Collection” in the dream diary forum, you may like to post your two previous short experiences of LDs there :happy:

I hope you both get the most out of your LD4all membership :boogie:

Okay, and any tips on this: … ht=#284048


I might be trying too hard yes, but i am so very into it, i have been trying it for three years now, of and on i found something about it, and now since one week or so, i found this site.
Now i actually started trying things to induce lucid dreams.

I’d try anything that helps :wink:

Nice that you already have them naturally, could it maybe have to do with a slightly paranoid background? (Doing reality checks naturally and stuff? :tongue: )