The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXIV

Hi! :smile: My name is Jessica, and I live in Melbourne Australia. I found this website through Wikipedia, funnily enough.

I learnt about lucid dreaming because last year my Health teacher said something like, “Hm. Alcohol is a boring topic. Let’s do dreams, instead.”

About half the time I realise I’m dreaming, but obviously I never really get the point as I think something like, “Okay! Cool! Now I can make a door appear so I can escape before the aliens get me!” Logically, I should realise that I don’t have to worry about aliens, but no… and then I usually forget I’m dreaming a minute later. :sad:

Even dreams I don’t realise I’m dreaming in I remember at least partially, though. (I hope that sentence makes some sense…) I keep dreaming about being arrested or killed, though. Then I wake up (if I got killed or knocked unconscious) as there’s no dream after dying (or being knocked unconscious, oddly). XD

Er. So, I hope I enjoy being a member of this forum. :smile:

/me waves to JW. :wave:

Wow, you’re on a great track if you already have lucid dreams, even if they are at low level lucidity. :cool_laugh: That’s better than how most people start out, so if you keep trying, you’ll become a master at it; I can assure you. Prior to finding this site, I never had any, but now I have them left and right. :good:

Welcome Jessica! :smile:

There’s quite a nice group of people from Melbourne (and other regions of Australia) in this forum, so I guess you’ll feel at home in here. :content:

Congratulations on your already good LDing skills! :ok:

/me wonders if Jessica will start an online DreamJournal

wonders why he hasnt posted in this thread :eek:

hi people :grin:

scampers away[/i] :peek:


Oddly enough, you didn’t even need to introduce yourself; I already saw you on the forum before. :content:

Ello, Just started trying to LD. Had a few when I was a kid and like the idea of having them again. Its like that guy from the train in Waking Life said about there not being enough dreamers anymore. :sad:

Hi, I’m Lucerna. (Ok, that isn’t my real name, but y’all don’t need to know my real name. XD)

I’m an age 16 female, currently living in Texas. I’m a bookish nerd. :smile: I can remember lucid dreaming appx. 5-8 times in my life, and they were short and unclear, so I would like to improve.

I learned about Lucid Dreaming a year or so ago, studied it for a while, then sort of forgot about it. A couple months ago I picked it up again, this time more motivated, but I figured I wouldn’t be able to practice during school days, so I decided to put it off. So then last week one of my favorite movies, Vanilla Sky, was on TV, a movie with some interesting lucid dream allusions, and I decided that it was finally time I got to LDing. So here I am. :smile: I’ve ghosted the forum a bit, so I kind of know how most stuff works, but I thought I’d introduce myself, so hi everyone. :smile:

Heya, Anglo and Lucerna! :hurray:

Welcome to the forum, guys! Believe you me, you’ll love it here. We’re all extremely friendly and will help you out with whatever you need, whether it be LD-related or not. :yes: You’ll make tons of new friends here as well! :cool_laugh:

Feel free to post or PM! :wave:


Ferk :content: You know you’re more than welcome here.

:welcome: Anglo and Lucerna! I hope you’ll enjoy this forum to it’s full! :yes:

:welcome: hello JessieWings, ferks, Anglo and lucerna :grin: welcome to LD4all
:unk: Anglo and lucerna you joined on LD4all’s 10th anniversary :yay:

:lol: Were you afraid of being chased for a :grouphug: grouphug? :tongue:

:eh: it just shows how something that happened a little randomly can have an effect on your life :eek:

:wave: Hello ferks, Jessica, Anglo, and lucera :content:

:tongue: Yay Randomness! :woot: I got here on extreme randomness (A program that essentialy just pulls up a random website…Stumble Upon)

Hi all! I am really, really, really interested in this. When i started to read abou LD i felt weird exciting feeling… I hope i will succes to have a long and good LD.

:wave: hello Sonic_Moronic welcome to LD4all :happy:
I looked to see what your other post was and discovered it was a post about your previous LDs … so I created your own DJ in the dream diary forum (feel free to change the title by editing the first post :smile: )

Hi, I’m new.

I’m 18 years old, had my first LD at the age of 15, lasted about absolute max of 10 minutes, then three, maybe five other small ones, but they apear rarely.

I read an article once in a magazine in Danish, called Illustreret Videnskab, which was about LD, and that is what started it all.

Now, I’m trying to figure out how to get in regular LD’s, and beyond.

I’m thinking about discovering my own mind, and try to figure out, through LD how it works.

May be one of those who is not too patient with LD’s, but I’ll try.

:welcome: Dragon!

I sure hope we will all be able to help you on your quests. :content:

[i]gets trapped in the giant group hug of welcoming


feels the love[/i]

Hi, I’m new here even though I registered about a year ago. I had only one lucid dream. Nice to meet you all!

:wave: hello RBM_Dragon and Zac :happy: welcome to LD4all
Did you forget about us Zac? :thud:

/me hopes you both decide to keep a dream journal at LD4all to record your lucid progress :boogie:

Hello all, Im new here(obviously, since Im posting in this forum). I’ve yet to lucid dream, but came here to seek techniques/help in doing so. Ever since I saw Waking Life a few weeks ago, I’ve become very interested in the subject…

Yes, Waking Life is a an extra ordinary film! :grin:

Glad that you are a part of ld4all evanvolm! :wink: