The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXIV

:welcome: hello EvanVolm welcome to LD4all :yay:
:thumbs: Good luck with lucid dreaming
You will find a topic on Waking Life in lucidity Centrestage.

hi, i’m new here. I am not much of a dreamer yet, but i am trying. one of the only lucid dreams i’ve had, i was trying to have. i remember a friend told me to look for my hands as a guide, and once i found them to look away and then to find them again, and be able to look around. i never got that far. i realized i was dreaming, looked at my hands, looked away and back to my hands, and then i started dancing like mad. then i woke up. i was so happy that i had gotten that far that i just couldn’t help but dance like a fool.

i’ve been having a problem with dream recall since. its been about a year.

heliosremedy is back :yay: (we lost 2 days worth of posts :sad: )
:wave: Have you read the big Remembering dreams topic in the first steps forum? It should give you some ideas on how to improve recall.
setting the intention to remember the dreams before going to sleep
keeping still when first awaking to give yourself time to recapture the dreams
jotting down anything you remember as soon as you wake up
should help your recall improve a lot

Welcome i[/i] HelioSRemedy! :yay:

Hey, everybody. I’m new here as well. I mean, I’ve visited before, but I’ve never been a member. But now I am, so, hello! :wave:

I hope is running towards us :wink:
:wave: Justinio, welcome to LD4all :smile:
:yay: it’s good to see people taking the plunge and registering so they can take a full part at the forum :cheer:

Hello there! :smile:

I re-replied to this a few days ago and my post is mysteriously gone. :confused: All I said was hi to everyone (again) anyway. XD

We lost 2 days worth of posts :cry: due to trouble with the server. There is a topic about it in the news forum

Hi everyone, I would like introduce myself as I have been formally invited to do so :wink: . I am 16 years old, have been fascinated with dreams since early childhood, and recently discovered the magic that is Lucidity! Im am so glad to find a place for dream enthusiast like myself to gather. I am very excited to learn more about lucid dreaming and hope to meet you all in the forums.

Hey, Dreaming! :wave: You’re going to love it here - whether you main interest is lucid dreaming or not! This forum is one of the greatest out there, and is filled with incredible people. :good: Oh, and by the way, there’s already a topic for introducing yourself here. :smile:

Oh, and you don’t necessarily have to add another post there, I’m sure a global moderator can just merge this topic into that one. :wizard:

Thankyou for pointing that out, I was banging my head against the table :wallhit: wondering why my password wouldn’t work. :shy:

Grrrr… Now I have to re-introduce myself, however I will be brief since I’m now rather dizzy (My advice, never bash your head on the table, no matter how many times you’ve already entered you password. :tongue: )

I’m a past member of this site but havn’t been here in ages due to piles of school work, discovering bi-ness and changing to/studying new religion.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all… Again :tongue:

Blessed Be :cool:

Big allo allo to you all. My name is Noah, aka Hissy. I use this name on a lot of forums because i get known for my ‘Hissy fits’ when i get pissed off. Anyway, past the backround, I just found out about LD tonight, and ive been researching my butt off the last about 7 hours. Very interesting stuff, cant wait to meet ya all. Suprisingly, I got here through my favorite forum, for hackers,, they publish a quarterly magazine.

I started reading about LD only 2 days ago, and I thought I´d register here and see what becomes of it.

I was very sceptical to Lucid dreaming before I came here, and I thought it was something taken out of fantasy books. But when I stumbeled over this page (from another forum, actually) I wasn´t so sure anymore. I can´t ignore the fact that so many people have experienced this dreams. :tongue: So i will give it a shot. Hopefully, i will learn to control my dreams as good as some of you.
Cya on the forum :smile:

New Members turn around and find this:


:biggrin: All Ld4all Members Surround Sniffer, Hissy , PhoenixReborn, Dreaminion ,JessieWings, Justinio , Heliosremedy and EvanVolm. :biggrin:


Enjoy the forum and you will hopefulyl get many lucids!!

:wave: hello Dreaminon, PhoenixReborn, Hissy and Sniffer :yay:
Welcome to LD4all community :grouphug:

PhoenixReborn … (I posted this before but you may not have seen it) … since it is against the forum guidelines to have more than one account, could you pm pasQuale with your old user name so she can deactivate the account (no posts will be lost). It’s good to have you back, and I will be guessing who you were :eh:

/me thinks wissam will make the new members paranoid :scared: :tongue:

i have to say its interesting that three of us who recently joined are white wizards. :content:
there must be some pattern here… things run in threes it seems.
oh yeah, and the water trick works! :happy:

Welcome everyone! :happy: (Wooo, lots of new members!)


My name is Ben. Or at least, everyone says it is.

I used to be into LDing when I was younger (I was a very strange child), but I recently got back into it after I watched Richard Linklater’s Waking Life.

I’m in this purely for the fun. I’m afraid I’m not into the ‘spiritual’ aspects of LD - I just like running around unfettered, getting off with attractive people and doing ludicrous things without dying.

I was really pleased to find this place, as I have yet to find one bitchy post. Everyone seems so friendly. I wanna join in.

Anyway, it’s 1:09 here, and the night is young.


:wave: hello BennyH … you are our 9000th member at LD4all :yay:
I’m afraid you get no prizes for it except for may be a future LD :tongue:
Welcome to LD4all, I am sure you will love the forum and the LD4all community :cheer:

Hi and welcome, BennyH :cool:

I hope this place can inspire you to have many great lucid dreams! Believe me, it is friendly, and you are welcome to join.

Btw, you are the 9000th member of LD4all! Congratulations!! :hurray: