The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXIV

:welcome: Paul, Jacky and Sarah!

Hi everyone. I have been looking around at LD for a while now. I used to have lots of FLD’s, and was very intersted to find that there is a lot of information, and lot’s of things that you can do if you are realy lucid. I have been tring to get lucid, and did have one LD, but got so excited, that even spinning didn’t keep me from waking up. I am still working on getting lucid, but I am very busy right now and am having lots of trouble even just remembering my dreams.
Looking forward to learning more here.

/me waves to don, our oldest member. :razz:

Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll manage to get some great LDs soon. :good: If you’ve already started out with FLDs, with plenty of time lucid dreaming should be a breeze for you; it is with me. :thumbs:

As for increasing your recall, keeping a DJ can do wonders. :grin:

:welcome: hello don20853 welcome to LD4all
We have a sticky “My First LD Collection” topic in our dream diary forum if you wish to post your first LD you had there.

hi Im WatermelonMinion…I started attempting this stuff yesterday…it seems pretty sweet

:wave: hello WatermelonMinion

LDs are awesome :yay:
I hope you experience your first LD soon :thumbs:

Hello! My name is Lacey. I just wanted to chat with a few other people about lucid dreams. I’ve never tried any techniques or anything, but I have LDs naturally, so there you go. And excellent recall, just ask my hubby! lol!
So, hello!

:wave: hello Lacey

So you tell your husband your best dreams at the moment? What type of things do you usually do in LDs? Do you prefer to explore your dream world and ask questions or do you like action dreams where you do things, create stuff etc

Welcome WatermellonMinion and Lacey! :yay:

Oh, right; what he said. :wave:

hi everyone im new at this cool stuff

welcome to the forum WatermellonMinion and Lacey!
Good to have you with us.


:wave: hello nirvana :grin: welcome to LD4all :happy:
If you are completely new to LDing I would advise looking at How to Choose Your Technique - it helps you to decide which method may work best for you :content:

:welcome: Nirvana :grin:

/me grabs a flamebiscuit thrower :ebil:

/me waves to Nirvana. :wave:
That’s a great username, by the way. :content:

Don’t force me to make a Brune sandwich! /me grabs a spatula. :sly:

Or perhaps a BLT: Brune, lettuce, tomato. :hmmm:

Hiya nirvana!
Welcome to the group, you’ll soon find out that this is the best forum in the whole wide web.
This forum and it’s people will welcome you with open arms.
Just a little advice to all the new-comers try your best to stay faithful to the forum and hey they even have a Dream Diary if you choose to keep one, believe me they help. and there is also a fun forum called the PlayGround there you can goof off :tongue:

WoW is it true is this really my 100th post? WoW! finally huh? lol I have been a member on this forum for over a year now and even though I did have to leave for a while, it has been one of the best rides of my life so far… and I would like to thank all the people here who has made that happen “Thanks From the buttom of my heart”

And even though now i am back on the internet i still want to…
Take a hammer to this crazy webtv, but then i remember it is the best thing i have for now until my Lap-Top comes, lol

welcome all new comers :cool:


Hello fellow dreamers hugs

This site is so pretty and nice looking! :content: I love the stars ~~~~*
I’m interested in learning more about dreaming so I guess I am in the right place

There is so much here to see I feel a little overwhelmed but in a good way :wink:

Is there someplace I should start? I guess here huh, duh! Please excuse me as I am trying to see what I should go to here

I’m not sure what else to say. I guess lucid dreaming?

I have lucid dreams every now and then but I read the intro to this site and its not like I try to have them. They just happen ~~~* I think it has something to do with just letting go of myself and letting it happen?

Sorry for talking too much, I just am curious and want to get started!

Oh and thanks for this site ~~~~*


A ha! I think I may have found the secret as to why so many people are drawn to this site.

Of course you are; now hopefully you’ll decide to stay here. :good:

That’s exactly how I started out, but soon enough you’ll be used to it; that is, after visit, [size=75]after visit[/size] [size=59]after visit…

Welll…you could always start a DJ.

Hey, that’s great to hear - it looks like you’re alrready on the right track. If you’re starting out this way, you will be a pro in no time. :wink:

Or you can go ahead and thank pasQuale (AKA Q) when you get the chance. :cool_laugh:

mttrvn yep this is the place to be, if you have any questions just ask away, I welcome you with open arms.

Matt aka Magic

:wave: hello mttrvn welcome to LD4all :grin:

Probably browse the quest forum, lucid adventures (may inspire you to add some things to what you want to do while lucid) and may be read a few of the dream diaries (usually you can tell the members that have frequent LDs by the LD count in their sig or under the avatar ( mine is a measly 18 LDs in total :tongue: )
Also just view new posts since last visit … read whatever catches your eye :yay:

:peek: … but whatever you do … don’t eat Q’s ebil :ebil: cookies :cookiemon: