The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXIX

Welcome, Dragon and Alchemist! :wave: Hope you stick around :wink:

:welcome: hello red dragons tail and TheAlchemist :grin:

so, are you going to allow us to peek into your subconscious too by starting a LD4all dream diary in our dream diary forum :wink:

:hyper: I hope you do :content:
We have a big “My First LD Collection” and “Do You Have the Most Interesting LD?” which are both sticky topics in the dream diary forum :smile:

/me gives red dragons tail and TheAlchemist the customary welcome :grouphug: … I hope you enjoy your time here :smile:

I bet I’ll beat the greece blood out of you before you can say so much as pokéball =p

All others, welcome! I hope you enjoy it here! :smile:

G’day all, I’m an Aussie bloke currently obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Music (if i get my arse into gear haha). I play guitar and sing in a band called Team Extreme Team, and am excited to be a part of the site. Extremely cool little community you’s have got going here.

Only joined about a week ago and already had my first LD. Bomb. Well take care all. Live long and prosper. :neutral:

Hello People!!

I’m Henrique (as you can see, hehehe) and I’m from Brazil.
When | was 7 I had my fist LD, it was great! :smile: Last year I was reading a magazine and I found information about LD, and I realized that what I had when I was a child was a LD (hehehe) so I started to get everything possible about this! And one month after intense seaching, Dream Recall and RC practice I had my FIrst LD!!! WOW :happy: Was hust amazing!!!

After that I tried more and more about a month and nothing, so I gave up!

But now I’m 18 and back again! I’m improving my DR as well, but is poor yet =( But I’ll do my best with the hep of you people, sure!

Thanks!! Great LDs for all!

Hey Hen!

You seem to leave a few letters out here and there, but still. Welcome! And enjoy! :happy:

Hi there, I’m pretty new here (my friend aprilxukoto convinced me to sign up ;x), and to be honest, I’m not fully sure if I’ve yet to experience a lucid dream yet, though the concept is pretty interesting. I’ll be dropping in and out, I’ll probably post when I have something to add :open_mouth: anyways, nice to meet you all.

Hello akei. :happy: Weeeelcome. <333

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Hello, I’m new here and I’ve always loved dreaming. It’s always bothered me that I can’t really control my actions in dreams and things that are wrong seem right. When I came across lucid dreaming briefly in a book, I knew I had to do it.
After a while of research I had a semi-lucid dream (I didn’t get to do anything while lucid, I woke up too soon) and when I have another I will try to work on staying in the dream.
Anyway, this seems like a really good site for people who love to dream.

WELCOME everyone!! :hugs:
:cookiemon: :cookiemon: :tongue:

:welcome: hello Team Extreme Team!!! Henrique, Keitaro and MagiLeah :grouphug: welcome to LD4all

I hope you all get everything you want to get out of your time spent on the forums and your dreamworlds :smile:

hello i’m new :smile: my friends told me about lucid dreaming and i founf that sometimes i can control my dreams while sleeping. thats about all i know about it, doing more research and stuff on my sick day. and i think a freind… nick ( might have a ninja-esque screenname on here) posts here.

Hey ya’ll,

My name is Donna. I am from the Lone Star State (Texas). I have known about LD for at least 20 years. I saw mention of it in a magazine article about 'The Lucidity Institute" back in the day.

My first LD was when I was 8-10 years old. The spaceman was drilling a hole in the back of my friends neck and I was next. I realized I was dreaming and thought if I just turned the light switch on and off I could wake up, which I did. I had watched “Invaders from Mars” the day before…lol…

I became interested again after watching the new Scifi series “Scifi Investigates” this past week. It had a segment on LD.

I now feel like I have the time to devote to this endeavor. I have made some progress in the last several days. Working on dream recall, keeping a journal, reality checks. I have been doing a reality check with a clock on the wall. I have seen the clock in my dreams but have not initiated a reality check in my dream. I think it will be soon though.

Dream me up some luck !


:wave: hello twelvefortyseven and dsbmerrill :grin:

:eh: I wonder who that is? :help:

/me sends some lucid luck vibes to dsbmerrill

edit 8 November is it Shaded Samurai? :eh:

Hey moogle!

Thanks for the Lucid Luck Vibes!! Maybe I will become Lucid tonite??? :grin:

Of course, I went ahead and typed a rambling account of a recent LD in the General Lucidness forum before reading the notice that said READ THIS FIRST, so a disciplined, orgainzed thinker I am not. I am, however, interested in having more LDs, but my goals are not control of my dreams. If indeed, as a few Buddhists I’ve spoken with have suggested, the waking world and the dream world are not much different, why would I want to control my dreams when I can’t control my life? What I want out of my dreams is this: I know there are insights/memories/knowledge/etc. lodged in my brain that I can’t recall. I want to, through my LDs, pull some of that stuff out of my subconscious mind and plant it in my conscious mind. Does that make any sense? Also, communication with anything or anyone while dreaming is something I am interested in. Either it’s possible or I keep dreaming awfully realistic simulations of it somewhat regularly. I’d like to know how to tell the difference. Any feedback welcomed. To close this ramble, one of my biggest problems is that I rarely get more than 5 hours of sleep, so I don’t have the luxury of expanding my REM cycle until the kids are much older. Any advice for the REM-deprived would be a huge help. Thanks for reading through this mess. PA Zetsubou

Hi, I’m new. I’ve been checkin out LD for a couple days and am going onto my 3rd morning of recording dreams. I hope I can have lucid dreams a lot as soon as I can. It sounds really cool to be able to control dreams. I can do ANYTHING! It almost sounds too good. :cool: I heard you can share dreams with a friend, that’d be sweet too. Anyway, this morning i couldnt remember any dreams :sad: . but I’ll remember tomorrow. I’m looking forward to LD.

whoops, I meant to put this in the sticky, if a mod or someone could move it to the new peoples sticky thatd be great.


:welcome: hello PAzetsubou and CJB :grin:

they are great goals … I think exploration is much more interesting than control :yes:
There is a sticky shared dreaming topic in the beyond dreaming forum

I don’t know how old they are … but if it’s possible to take short naps in the day/early evening when they sleep - it could be a good opportunity to try to experience a LD.

mmm as for your LD post in the general lucidness forum … I could move it into the dream diary forum (which would be the best choice since you can add future dreams to it there) or the beyond dreaming forum (let me know which you prefer)

CJB … :yay: lucid dreaming is great and the first time it happens it is an amazing sensation just being aware that you are inside a dream and everything feels so solid! :content:

Hi @ all!

I am veeery happy to join this Forum :smile: . The reason why I want to master LD is one special dream that I had long ago.
A boy/hawk (we both turned into hawks the moment I met him) talked with me and said that he will ever be there for me in my dreams when I want to.

Perhaps he is something like a spiritual guide :eek: . I never met him again, but I want to see him by doing LDing ^^.

I am looking forward to talk with you and hope that you can give my good advice to achieve my goal.

PS.: Sorry for my not so perfect English ^^.

Welcome eternalhope, :wave:

The dream you had sounds interesting. I can understand you want to meet him again. Good luck with it ^^

There are a lot of people here who don’t have English as their first language, including me, so it’s not a problem. I can also remember I said it when I first posted here, but at that time my English was worse as what it is now. Your English seems fine to me.