The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXIX

Hi there. I’m VERY intrested in the subject of Lucid dreaming, and this site seems like a great place to go. Hope that all the info i’ve learned will help spark a lucid dream!

Tell me what you think?

In last nights dream, I was in a library but my vision was blurred. I couldn’t see the title’s of the book’s clearly. In my mind I thought, “Increase Clarity Now!” My vision wavered a short moment, I thought if I could just scream it out loud it would work. So I did, the titles became crystal clear, but eventually my vision blurred again I and I would have to scream it out again. I didnt do a reality check in my dream to see if I was dreaming but I knew if I could vocalize waht I was thinking it would work.

I read about this verbal technique on the web.

Pretty cool, I think!


Hello, I’m new here as well :smile:
I am 16, from California, and a very analytical person. I am an atheist, but have no fear because it is my decision, based on what makes sense to ME. It is not my goal to try to force any of you to be an atheist based on what makes sense to me! :happy:

This whole “living your dreams” thing would sound like a bunch of lies to me if I didn’t feel that I had already experienced it :happy:

Brains are crazy things. I am against drugs, and I see this as a non-damaging way to experience my subconscious at a more intimate level!

My first topic is here: … highlight=
I posed a question though, so I think it’s in the right place :smile:

Thanks, I hope to meet every one of you!

:wave: hello eternalhope, Krows and mezz :grin:
eternalhope, I hope you meet with your hawk-boy again :content:
/me wishes Krows good luck in his LD quest :thumbs:
mezz, we have quite a few atheists and agnostics as members including our “famous Atheist:tongue: (his LD4all dj is really inspiring, even though it hasn’t been posted in for ages :cry: )
/me gives the customary warm welcome to all :grouphug:

:yes: sounds prelucid to me too, since you didn’t say you actually knew you were dreaming … it was more like trying out the techs you had read :smile:
you could begin a dj in our dream diary forum to keep all your dreams together :smile: (seems like those lucid vibes are beginning to work :yay: )

hi all

first off i must say this forum is pretty laid back and everyone seems to be chilled, which is a nice change! I’m a lucid dreamer, but only recently iv started to take it seriously, like keeping a dream journal and meditating before sleep. I’ve had many lucid dreams through my life, even if i didn’t mean i discovered the dream world, and also iv had many precognitive dreams. But now i want to explore the mind and precognitive dreaming, and have a bit of fun with lucidity as well.

Thank you

:welcome: hello O.Man, welcome to LD4all :yay:
there is a sticky pre cog topic in the beyond dreaming forum :content: so you will prob spend quite a bit of time in there :grin:
I hope you decide to share some of your favourite LDs with us in the dream diary forum :happy: I would love to read them :smile:

that is a pretty nice welcome

thank you

Hi i’m new here, i just stumbled across the lucid dreaming subject on wikipedia one day and found this site and got really interested at it so decided to give it a shot, so here i am :content:hope i can get the hang of this.
thanks and good luck to everybody

P.S: sorry for any grammar mistakes not a native speaker

:wave: hello MaximusDM, welcome to the forum :grouphug:

:eek: I wouldn’t have known :smile:

Hallo all. I’m not TOTALLY new to LDing; I’ve known about it for a year, but haven’t successfully gained a consistent method for inducing them. I also have pitful recall, but hey, I’m always practicing!

I’d describe myself as highly dedicated. I take a long time to fall asleep, but once asleep I STAY asleep.

Very nice place you’ve got here; very friendly people! If anybody knows how to cure insomnia (specifically, FALLING asleep) or how to improve recall for said insomniac, please lemme know. I’d be happy to help anybody else out with actual LDing or other things!

Happy LDing!

Welcome Richter! Nice to have you with us. :smile:

I can’t really give any original advice on how to fall asleep (I’m pretty sure “close your eyes and don’t move” doesn’t count as good advice :razz:) but I can wish lots of LDs on you!

/me wishes LDs on Richter

Once again, welcome. :smile:

“Just close your eyes and don’t move”…


Seriously, lol. Mabye just laughing about it will help. Thanks for the LD-ification!

:wave: hello Richter
there is a Sticky: Insomnia - Can’t sleep! topic in stuff dreams are made of forum … here’s the link
:tongue: just reading through the whole topic may make you fall asleep :yawn:
joking aside, you may find something that works for you in there :smile:

I hope you enjoy your time at LD4all :yay: and have lots of LDs and make lots of friends too :grouphug:

Hey everyone!

Name’s Mickis. 21 year old gal tuning in from Sweden. I’m not really sure what to say here. I’ve had a few random lucid dreams in my life, and I’ve always been interested in it, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that I decided to give it a real try.

It’s been two days since I started keeping a dream journal. The first night I remembered 3 dreams, and this morning I counted as much as 7 dreams. I was like “Holy shit!” :wam: I had no idea I could force that much crap out of my brain by just deciding to.

Anyway… I’m kinda hoping I’m on my way to be having lucid dreams on a regular basis… and not “accidentally” like I’ve been so far. But I’m not so good at remembered to do these reality checks… so we’ll see.

Anyway, while reading about LD I found this place, and I was actually in the chatroom thingie a few days ago. I thought I’d make myself a member, and hopefully I’ll remember to log on here every once in a while. :tongue:

:welcome: Welcome Mickis! Nice to have you here. :content:

It seems that the number of members has been increasing alot lately. That’s a good thing though, the more the merrier. So a big welcome to any of the new members. :welcome:

I like the avatar, Mickis. :wink:

:wave: hello Mickis

:yes: it’s amazing how much dream recall can improve just by placing a little more importance on your dreams and keeping a dream journal :smile:
If you remember any of your past unintentional LDs you could post them in our dream diary forum to start a dj if you wish to share them :content:

Hello Mickis, it’s nice to have another Swede at this forum… I am one myself :grin:

Hey, and thanks for the warm welcome guys.

rad: Thanks for the compliment. Closet Monkey rules! Too bad I couldn’t find the one where he’s dressed in a suit.

And Python Angel: You’re Swedish, too? It’s always fun to come across Swedes on the Internet. It’s like being at a HUGE happening and run into someone you went to school with.

As for the dream diary thing. I dunno. Mine tend to be very detailed (I write lots in my spare time, so my dream journal is pretty thorough). It would take me lots of time to transfer all those dreams from my pad to this place. I promise to post if I dream something that’s unusally weird, though.

Again, thanks for the welcome guys!

Hello everybody !
I write from Hungary, and I hope you understand me, because I’m not too good for Englsih.
So hello everybody and thanks a lot of text wherbye I can learn lucid dreaming.