The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXIX

Hi guys, I’m a 28 year old guy from Stockholm, Sweden :tongue: . At work, lets say I’m the guy who takes all the crap when your computer won’t boot up in the morning. Socially, I like playing RPG:s (yes, the old pen-and-paper type) and all kinds of boardgames that has more than 500 pieces in them. I listen to industrial music, mostly early 90’s stuff like Frontline Assembly and Skinny puppy… did a lot of rockcliming up to recently when I totally f*cked up my fingers because I refused to listen to what my own body was telling me… so that’s kind of blows, otherwise, I’ll basically do anything that’s nerdy enough.

I stumbled upon this site by mistake at 3 in the morning after a night out and started reading the main ld4all guide. Let’s say I’m a sceptic by nature and get hives when people start talking about healing, past lives, or channeling energy from crystals. However, since at least three or four of my (otherwise partially sane) friends claim they have once or twice in their lives become aware in a dream that they’re dreaming I figured I’d give this a shot and see what it’s about. My view so far is that unlike a lot of other borderline new age stuff LD actually stands on a base that you can accept even if you are a hard core materialist like me. I can see no reason why you couldn’t get lucid in a dream, find out stuff about yourself that wouldn’t be possible when your normal psychological barriers were raised, make up and travel to fantastic locations etc. However, I draw the line at what is in your brain from beginning… your brain can do a lot of funky sh*t, but meeting other people LD:ing while in a dream, having out-of-body experiences and seeing what is happening at another location in real time etc. is to me total bogus. People who belive this falls into the same cathegory for me as people who believe in flying saucers or talking to dolphins. OK, i probably stepped on someone toes but, my meaning is just that I have precious little time online and I’d rather spend it discussing LD:ing with people who have the overall view that “the brain can do a lot of funky stuff” rather than “the world is full of magic”.

So far I’ve started a dream journal on paper. Even if I fail with this whole LD thing I’ll at least have gotten a LOT better at remembering dreams. I used to be able to remember one or two dreams a week, now on some night when I really focus before going to bed I will wake up briefly 2-3 times between sleep cycles and jot down some really surreal sh*t :smile: Step one completed. My approach towards LD… I’ve ordered a wristwatch for like 50$ that was made for people who take medicine in regular intervals. It has a vibrating count-down alert that i can set to vibrate every 90min or so. I will start using it during the days and do a reality check every time it goes off… then I will start using it during the night and pad it just so much that it doesn’t wake me. I thought I’d try MILD and if that doesn’t work WBTB.

Was that the longest post here ever? Cheers!

:welcome: hello shaq and Silverkey :grin: welcome to LD4all

LD4all is a global community and for a lot of our members english isn’t their first language. Many members have said that reading and posting here has improved their english :content:

Silverkey … lucid dreaming shouldn’t be put into the “new age” box. The only place you are likely to encounter anything New Age here, is in the beyond dreaming, dreamspell and occasionally the lucid adventure forums.
LD4all is for all … so we have a wide range of members and we all get along well. I like the fact that people who LD do not just come from one niche and that lucid dreaming is accessable to all. It is a tool and what we use it for is always up to the individual dreamer :content:

I hope you both enjoy being members of LD4all :happy:

Hi Shaq and Silverkey :wave: and welcome!

I’m also from Stockholm :razz: but then again, there are lots of people from Sweden (as well as from the rest of the world) here. :smile:

Anyway, I think you’ll both like the forum :content: It has a great atmosphere and lots of useful information.

Again, welcome. :welcome:

Interesting… I wonder how so come? I didn’t find this site through a Swedish one… do you think Swedes are more interested or is it just a coinscidence? I recall an article a few years ago in a Swedish magazine talking about “Controllable dreams”…

Hy, im coming from Ljubljana, and I wish to conect with people who have interest in ld like me, and ld4all was sounded like a best place for that. In past I have had a few ld, and I might say that lding is very intresting, funy and magical, and has a big pontencial for us. But you all probably know that, I want to learn how to lding more frekvently, because I bealive that this will help me to know my self, and the world whic I apart. Sorry on my gramy mistakes, I want to hello evrebody who enyoy in lucid dreams, with a hope that we will be seeing in a dream.

Welcome to LD4all Eloi :wave:

There are several techniques you can use to get (more) Lucid Dreams. You could read this topic to choose your techniques. There are several sticky topics in the Quest for Lucidity that contain the mayor techniques. You can read them if you have questions or if you just want to know more about the techniques.

I hope you like it here ^^

Python Angel; I thought Olesia didn’t say there were more Swedish people if you compare it to other places in the world.

Oh, did I accidentally cause a misunderstanding? :confused: I meant that there are a lot of swedish people here, but there are also a lot of people from other places here too. Because I said I’m also from Stockholm, but I was trying to point out that I’m not the only other member from Stockholm.

I hope that makes sense… :smile:

And welcome Eloi! :welcome:

:welcome: hello Eloi welcome to the LD4all forum :yay:

yes, dreams and especially lucid dreams are a great way to explore our minds and the world about us :grin:
I am also hoping for a shared dream eventually :dream:

Hello everyone. My name is David and I’ve been lucid dreaming since I was about twelve years old. I’ve made quite some progress since then but there’s still much I could make. I find that I tend to get caught up in the dream plot a lot which leaves me in a semi-lucid state. Currently I’m trying to work on techniques of stabilizing and increasing my lucidity.

Any suggestions? Also, have any of you here heard about and used the ‘Lucid Crossroads’? It seems rather interesting, here’s a link to info about it:

Hy again, thx on yours nice welcome, and for tips, and I want welcome to David, god night to all of you, and lucid dreams i wish for all of us! :cool_laugh: :grin: :cool: :happy: :content:

:wave: hello david :smile:

pantalimon, the creator of the site is a ld4all member … there is a Big Lucid Crossroads topic and Lucid Crossroads at last! … a thread started by pantalimon from the beginnings of the lucid crossroads.

I hope you enjoy begin a part of the LD4all community :grouphug:

Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

And thanks for that link, moogle. Some pretty interesting information in that topic. I can’t wait to get to the crossroads!

Hey, I’m new here as well! I won’t give a name as I’d prefer to be called Foggy Pebble. Sixteen, a born-with-Bipolar whose second dream was a self-starring nightmare (at two) that I managed to manipulate after a period of days to make the lonesome climbing and falling less scary. I’d like to achieve lucidity but, since I was really little, every single time I’ve figured out I was dreaming…the monsters would come out. I feel left out. But I still got some bazaar semi-skitzo and alien-related dreams and stories to share.

:wave: hello Foggy Pebble
I hope you post in our “why your user name” topic, since I’m wondering why you chose your name :eh:
I’ve already seen your posts in garden :yay: and look forward to all your future posts :smile:
welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

Hello everyone in the forum!! I’ve only had 1 lucid dream ever, and it happened about 6 months ago. Well, I’m off to read everything I can to help me better understand how to experience this again!! I want to be able to do it every night if possible so ^.^.

Welcome to LD4all Drake00991 :wave:

You could post your first Lucid Dream in the BIG “My First LD” collection. I hope you will get some more Lucid Dreams soon. :content:

Hi, im new here.
my name is tony and im from california. i mainly wanted to start lucid dreaming because i was obsesed with the chronicles of narnia and i really wanted to go there. dorky i know. but thats why.

:wave: Grover,

Dorky? :eek: You should go and post in the “I’m not Crazy” topic :tongue: you will notice that a lot of people here, including myself, do very, very strange things in lucid dreams. So don’t feel bad about it! I’d like to visit Narnia too! :thumbs:

Omg grover you just gave me another goal!! Also hello (I’m new myself)

:wave: hello Drake00991 and grover :yay:

and here’s the link to the dream :boogie:
the good thing about having had one before you find out about lucid dreaming is that you don’t have that doubt in your mind about will you be able to do it :smile:
:thumbs: I hope you experience more LDs really soon

Oh I love the Narnia books too!
So I have Narnia dreams to look forward to in your DJ in addition to the quest to meet your dream guide :boogie: