The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXV

Greetings everybody!

I’ve known the website for a year or so, but haven’t made use of the forum so far.

I learned about lucid dreaming about 7 years ago, when I read a book by Paul Tholey at the local library. I don’t know whether the book has been translated into English, but I read the German version (author was German) - the original title was “Schoepferisch Traeumen”, translates “Dreaming creatively”. It’s one of the first books on the subject of LD, to my knowledge.

I did all the excercises and had my first lucid dream about a month later. Wow, it was amazing! Too bad that I woke up rather quickly from all the excitement (probably caused by the sensation of flying). I had another lucid dream after that, a few weeks later or so. Again, I woke up soon after I gained lucidity due to too much excitement.

I was very sloppy with the excercises and after a while I stopped doing them…and there were no more lucid dreams. (’:(’)

I guess I didn’t have the discipline it takes to do them everyday.

Seven years later (about a month ago) I started exploring the subject once again, visiting websites like this one, wiki entries etc. And I thought, “Boy, it would be great if I could have frequent LDs…”.

Then, about a week ago (I hadn’t done any excercises), I had another lucid dream - after seven years! I retained lucidity for a good part of the dream, but then it slipped away and I continued to have a vivid, albeit not lucid, dream.

So I decided “that’s it! I really need to pull myself together and do those excercises.” So I ordered Stephen LaBerge’s book and some mugwort (he he) and will give it another (more serious) shot.

Looking forward to talking to you all and exchanging views and experiences on LD!


Nice to meet everyone here! Well, I’ve been lurking around this board a couple times, but only just joined this morning because I had my first lucid dream last night. :smile: I’ve tried some lucid dream methods a few times, but they didn’t work, so I gave up. I didn’t do anything special last night, but I had control over at least part of my dream! It’s pretty fun stuff. :tongue:

*Olesia waves to ToriK, Ephialtes and ForestSpirit :wave:

Welcome to the forum. :content:

:wave: hello ToriK :grin:
Congratulations! :yay: I read your first LD ( [ )
:thumbs: hey you managed to get lucid again in a FA :yay:

:welcome: hello Ephialtes :happy:
how did you manage to keep away from the forum for so long :eh:

The good thing about being a LD4all member and posting is that you can get a lot of motivation and support from your fellow members :grouphug:
Have you thought about beginning a dream diary in our dream diary forum?

:wave: hello ForestSpirit :grin:
( first LD post )

That often happens … people decide to take a break, relax a little and then get a lucid dream! :cheer:

mmm so are you male or female in waking life?

LDs can go up and down with their level of lucidity :smile:

Oops, must clairify. I’m female. :content: Hehe. Thanks for the welcome, this place is awesome!

ToriK! :smile: I know you from chat, nice to have you here with us :content:

Ephialtes, welcome! :wave: I hope the people in this forum will be able to help you in your quest to lucidity and creative dreaming (I liked the expression, something about it echoes pretty well).

ForestSpirit, welcome and congratulations on your first LD! :yay:

Hey Forestspirit, congratulations on your first LD! :twirl:

It must have been amazing, mustn’t it? How was it anyway?

Care to share some details? :hmmm:

Keep up with your RCs and many more will come soon.

Bruno, thanks for the warm welcoming!


Hello, My name is Phobos Anomaly, You can call me Phobos Anomaly…Lol.

Um…I’m just curious, is this like a New Age place or is it non-religious or what? Are my Baptist beliefs acceptable here? I don’t want to be a problem… :shy: I know this kind of stuff usually appeals to non-traditionalists, however, I am a Conservative Repuclican politically… will this cause disruptions?

BTW, great site! It looks beautiful!

Thanks everyone!

God Bless.

Hi Phobos Anomaly!

While I can’t speak for everybody here, I’m sure nobody’s going to have a problem with your religious convictions. After all, this is a place about Lucid Dreaming. If you’ve read about it or if you’d like to find out more about it, then you’re most welcome.

So, welcome to the forum! :smile:

Concerning you being a conservative republican…well, you’re very young, there’s still hope… :wink:


Lol, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. :tongue:

ha ha…I was just kidding.

Seriously though, there’s no problem here whatsoever.

Enjoy the forum. :smile:


PS: what’s your experience with lucid dreaming so far?


I had one when I was 9 or 10ish… Unintentionally

I thought it was a new thing, I thought I was crazy or something.

It consited of a brief one-liner about how cars cannot float above trees, and that trees don’t look like cardboard cutouts, and therefore, it must be a dream.

I’m not sure where the “BIG First LD” topic is, but I’ll post the whole (if short) story there if you’d like to read it.

Well, ever since, I’ve struggled to have another, and I had no idea it had a name or even a following in the least until about six months ago.

Well, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Yes, definitely post it, me and others would be interested to read it. You can post your lucid dream in one of the two

The main site contains a lot of information on techniques and stuff that will help you
become lucid again.
You can read those techniques (eg “reality check”), and just keep
practicing them, and your next lucid dream “will” come.

Good luck!


:welcome: hello Phobos Anomaly welcome to LD4all :grin:
The LD4all forum is what it says it is … it is for all, regardless of religion, political views etc
I hope you enjoy being a member here :yay:
/me goes to read your first LD now :cheer:

Phob :content:

This is a forum for everyone, your religion is accepted and in exchange we ask you to accept others’. :smile: So be welcome! It’s nice to have you here! You won’t also be discriminated because of your political ideals and beliefs in here, so there’s nothing to worry about!

Congratulations on your first LD :yay: and happy foruming! :wink:

—B. :bruno:

greetings to everyone at Dream city!

I m 24 years old male, and I had trouble with registering due to the the forums being locked down. But PasQualle helped me out complete my registration.

I got into Ld when years ago I read a book on it but I do not remember much about it now, I tried on my own for awhilebut I have yet to have any Lds so I stopped trying but now I decided to try and get back to this. As the saying goes the more the merrier so I decided to join this community.

So again, hi to everyone! :wave:

:welcome: Angelguy

I hope you will have a great time over here; I’m sure you love it

I hope you will make a DJ in the dream diary section

Good luck with gettin lucid dreams :dream:


:wave: hello Angelguy, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

:yes: it is easier to keep motivated when you have fellow forum members to give you encouragement when you need it and celebrate with you when you have LDs :yay:

:wave: Hey Angelguy! Welcome to ld4all :grin: . Don’t worry, this forum will help motivate you and at the same time you will find this forum very enjoyable, fun and interesting. Hopefull, you will get more lucids along the way.

Hi guys. I’m Nick, from St. Louis, Missouri.

A few days ago I started to get into Lucid Dreaming, and found out this website is one of the best for asking questions, etc.

Last night I tried the WILD method, and no, I didn’t LD [first try], but I did have a dream that I sort of remembered, and entered it as the first Dream Journal entry. :smile:

Tonight, I’m going to do the WBTB method, and then the WILD method.

Thanks for the information, etc.

And if anyone could direct me to a thread, telling me how to get the most out of remembering my dreams, that’d be great.