The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXV

Welcome :smile:

Hi I am new to this site. I have had several ld’s in the past and now I am trying to get back on the path to ld’s on hopefully a weekly if not nightly basis. I distinctly remember how confident and powerful ld’s made me feel the next morning. Ld’s gave me the true feeling that I have alot more control on how the real world goes than I thought I did. You may not be able to do every and anything you want in the real world, but you can control everything you do within you power. In other words no flying to work to save gas in your car lol. Anyone who has helpful tips please contact me I am looking for some ld buddies be safe

Hi, My name is Grace, I am 16 years old, and live in the U.S.A.

Recently a penpal of mine turned me on to lucid dreaming, and ever since I’ve been recording my dreams (about 10 nights so far, not very long, but I’ve remembered at least 1-2 dreams every night). I find dreams to be very interesting, especially the aspect of controling them. After I started recording my dreams reality and my dreams began to mix together, sometimes I can’t remember if something happened in my dream, or in real life. I hope to find friends, and advice on this site.


Hi all,

I found this site when I was at Cliff Pickoff’s site The Galactic Question Center. The Galactic Question Center. … chive.html

He had information about lucid dreams and a link that lead me here. (his site is a blog…lots and lots of interesting questions)

I love my dream time. I have so much fun, often more fun than awake! LoL For instance, once I had some good news but no one to tell with out picking up the phone…which is alright to do but I needed someone in person. So, when I was asleep I dreamed I told someone all about it! LoL I think I even told the person (don’t remember who!) I’d needed someone to tell.

That is what my dreams are, entertainment. And I’ve had a small amount of lucid-ness about them and I don’t know how far I want to take that… I like really knowing about my dreams, experiencing them and having fun. I suppose little by litle I could enjoy being lucid in them. I also like the feeling it’s my subconscious playing…so don’t want to take that part away. Know what I mean? How do you allow your subconscious be in control if you become aware you’re dreaming?

Hi, im a man and im 17. Im studieing Sound Production at colledge just now.

I live in Kirkintilloch which is in scotland.

I was reading about sleep and dreaming on wikipedia when I came across the Lucid Dreak Wiki text book.

Ive had two Lucid Dreams in the past and im hoping to have more :smile: even though I tend to sleep less than I really should. But when I do I tend to have really weird dreams. Even the ones boardering on nigtmares I enjoy thinking about the next day.

Im looking forward to swiming about in my own head. :tongue:

Hi, I am a 18 year old male, I live in Norway with my parents and a dachshound, but I am moving this fall.

Like Peachey I read the Wiki Book and I had my first LD that nigth. Did a reality check and my left hand had only four and a half fingers. Weird. Unfortunately I woke up not long after, guess I should try flying, not the hard stuff.

This forum looks really cool.

Welcome to LD4all :welcome: legendarylogan78, Grace, Artist_Soul, Peachy and med4tall! :happy:

Welcome everyone I missed! Always good to have new faces around here. (Wait, this is a forum…) Er, always good to have new members I mean.

welcome med4tall. See u in the chat :smile:

Welcome newcomers! :wave:

A lot of people show up during summer/winter holidays! :hyper:

Hello to everyone. I found ld4all today while looking at lucid dreaming information online. I am very interested in lucid dreaming and hope to learn a lot here. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you ;D

:welcome: Imogene :wave:
Good luck on your quest for LD’s. It may help to start a dream diary in the cleverly named Dream Diary section :grin:

Oh No! I’m turning into moogle advertising DJ’s! :help:

:welcome: imogene and med4tall !

Im a norwegian too , where in norway do youm live ?

New guy here… Ive been interested in lucid dreams and astral projection for a while and now that schools out for the next 8 weeks im ready to seriously start my pursuit of them :grin:

Ive been keeping a dream journal and i think im getting close to having a lucid dream but as soon as i realise that something inmy dream “doesnt make sense” or is “out of place” i wake up instantly…

:welcome: hello kokonoka, legendarylogan78, Grace, Artist_Soul, Peachey, med4tall, Imogene and JUNIOR6886 :wave:
and welcome back hooyaah :boogie:

ooo :yay: it’s always great to see lots of new members joining and ex-members returning :smile:

Thank you for the warm welcome. I’ll make my way over to the Dream Diary section stat!

:welcome: hello kokonoka, legendarylogan78, Grace, Artist_Soul, Peachey, med4tall, Imogene and JUNIOR6886

I believe I’ve also seen you at sealife Imogene :happy:

Junior! :wave: Welcome to the forum. :content:

Hello everyone! I’ve been with you guys since December! You just didn’t know it! :happy:

I finally got around to registering with the forums…just because I didn’t just want to read anymore. I’ve been using various LD’ing techniques, but have only gotten one “Oh-yay-I’m-so-excited-Oh-wait-why-is-the-whole-world-blacking-out” experience the night after I heard about lucid dreaming. Ever since then, this is the site I’ve been doing my research on.

Well, I just wanted to pop in and say a nice big “Hello!” to all of the LD4all members. I shall see you around!


Evening, everyone. =]

I’ve been reading the site for about a week now, and I thought I’d register so I could take part in all the wonderful conversation I see going on around here.

Over the last few nights, I’ve been working on my dream recall, which has gone from next to nothing to two or three a night. It’s a good start, so… I’m pretty excited as to where I’ll be going from here.