The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXVI

Last night i tried saying to my self that im goin to sleep now and in the morning i will remember all of my dream, and that worked fine. However can some one explain how you can do rc’s in a dream because i have no free will? Its like watching a movie.

Hi everyone, I seem to be knew here.

Little/Long time lurker. Live in New Zealand and been trying to have a LD for the last 2 weeks.

Hope to talk to all of you at one stage…


:welcome: to Ld4all! I hope you will have a great time, and keep coming back to this site! This forum, will dramtically increase your chances of Lucid Dreams, since you will be able to learn about the diffrent methods, ask for advice and help and get to read many diffrent memebers awesome LDs and get motivated! To increase the chances of a LD, you must increase your dream recall! Perhaps you should think about sharing a Dream Diary as it will increase your Dream Recall, and you other members will be able to read your attempted lucid dreams and help you! If you do want to create a dream diary, then you can read the Writing in Rainbows topic which covers how to create a wonderful Dream Diary! :yay:

First of all, Bean :wave: Welcome to Ld4all! The idea is that you constantly do RCs in waking life, whenever soemthing weird or unusual happens, that makes you think, Man this is like a dream! Once you do this a lot in Waking life, you will automatically do it in dreams, unconciously! Then you will realise you really were dreaming! Happy Lucids, guys! :cool:

When you do enough RCs in the daytime, the habit of questioning your reality will carry over into the dreamworld. Also RCs are often done in a dream when you are just on the edge of becoming lucid … when you spot something odd.
It’s really just getting the idea of carrying out RCs into your subconscious :smile:

:wave: hello zeroexe, welcome to LD4all :grouphug:

That would be a big task … there are 9559 registered members :eek: :thud:
I’ll look out for your posts :smile:

Hi, I’m new here! :content:
I’m a 19 year old Italian guy, studying biology at university.

I had a few LDs in the past, even before knowing about it, but I didn’t know it could be trained; from a couple of months now I’ve been activley trying to LD and I was able to have 2 very short DILDs (I woke up just after noticing I was dreaming) and a longer DILD (it wasn’t very long actually, but I was able to look around and to speak to a DC). Then, I had my first WILD. I had been practicing for just a few nights and it was only my second time I felt SP, but I was able to continue into dream-state and experience a WILD. In the dream, however, I had great difficulty in keeping my eyes open and this stressed me to the point I woke up.

I’ve been practicing every night thereafter (about a month now), but without success. I’m sure that if I could enter the transition phase in less time I could get past it with ease, but I can’t get to it easily… do you have some hints on how to make SP “faster” (either entering SP or getting to transition phase)?

:wave: Hello and Welcome! :handshake:

Well done on the Ld’s! :yay: As to help on WILD , why don’t you go to the Big Wild Topic?

Not only will people answer your problems, but they will give you expert advice. Good luck!

Hey, I’m danny

from Las Vegas, i’ve known about lucid dreaming for about a year since i first saw the movie Waking Life, but before that i had an OBE. I can only briefly lucid dream using a combination of WILD and MILD to jump into my dreams, but i usually end up, even if i’m not excited coming right back to consciousness. which sucks…oh well, i hope to meet some cool people.

Peace and Love,

Hi, I’m Vi.

I used to have terrible nightmares as a child, and eventually learned to control them. Once I was about 11 I stopped remembering my dreams altogether. I’ve been slowly remembering more and more of them, and this month have started keeping a dream diary, reading up on techniques, and trying to have lucid dreams. I now remember 2-3 dreams per night (as opposed to 2-3 a week, 2 months ago.) I’ve had 3 lucid dreams in the past month and am desperately trying for more!

This seems like a really helpful community, and I can’t wait to become an oneironaut.

hi, i’m ryno5660. (yes, the numbers stay with the name, hehe.)
i have always wanted to have a lucid dream, i first heard about it on a TV show called “ed”, which i don’t watch but was on the TV nonetheless. it sounded great, i have really wanted to lucid dream ever since, but i don’t know where to start :sad: but then, i found this site! i am doing the excercises and hopefully will recall my dream tonight, so i can move on to controlling them!

Hey guys, I’m shakujou, but you can call me Shak for short.

Let’s see, I originally found out about LD when I was reading up on the movie [u]A Scanner Darkly[/ul], and one link brought me to another, including movies like Waking Life (?), and I landed on an article about LD. I read the whole article, plus the wikibook, and the article linked to this forum.

Let’s see, I’ve been improving on my dream recall lately, and can remember 2-3 dreams a night now. I’m keeping a diary, and one night I was even able to LD, but I woke right after. >< My dreams are usually rated MA though… so I can’t really share them…

I also have a big interest in Japanese culture and the language. I’ve been taking an accelerated class for 3 years now, and I’m about to take an exchange trip for 5 months there. But I originally reside in America.

So ya, hi guys.

Hello people, Dreamerdavious here I am from the United States, in the state of pennsylvania. I found this site in the yahoo search engine while I was looking for info on lucid dreaming, the whole site was pretty awesome and I love lucid dreaming and was interested in other people’s experiences with it as well as getting help for developing it for myself, so I joined the forum. I look forward to the time I’ll be spending here, thanks…

:welcome: hello SunShadow, Rockinbob08, Vi, ryno5660 and shakujou :grin:

:eh: Waking Life, Ed and other media have often been mentioned as the first introduction to the idea of lucid dreaming :yay:

Rockinbob08 … even though your current WILDs don’t last long at least you are managing to LD, so you can try different things to extend the dream :smile:

/me wishes Vi and ryno5660 luck in their LD quests :thumbs: I’m sure you will begin to experience lucid dreaming soon enough as long as you persevere. :content:

SunShadow … I agree with wissam you should post in the big WILD topic :yes: and the experienced WILDers will be able to offer advice :boogie:

You would be amazed at the range of dreams posted in our dream diary forum. Just by being a little careful with the choice of words most dreams can be fully posted.

/me thinks it’s time for a grouphug with all our new members :smile: :grouphug:

You were the one that nearly got away :tongue: you were posting at the same time as me :happy:
:wave: DreamerDavious, welcome to LD4all :yay:
I’m sure you will have a good time as a member here … and an even greater time in your dreams!!

Hi! I’m Shawn, from Missouri. :smile:

I am very new to lucid dreams. I am 17 and had my very first lucid dream on accident a couple of weeks ago and didn’t know what to think of it. I started researching and found out all about it via wikibooks and was linked her. Hope to learn new things an to have more lucid dreams.

Oh, and when I had my LD, I was using a combination of MILD and WILD.

EDIT: I found the answer to my question shortly after asking it.

Hey, I have NEVER LD’d before…My baby brought it up awhile after looking into Astral Projection. This looks like a *#&$ Of alot fo fun. lol, I am Eating a banana right now ;D Preparing for the long journey ahead of me . I’ll be popping in and out of forums. Later.
Btw Nice to meet you all , Im Cory . :wave:

HI, my name is Bill, I’m 13 and as you can guess, I’m new here.

I’ve recently discovered lucid dreaming when my sister was watching MuchMusic (I live in Canada) and during a song countdown, some people said this band called the Foo Fighters had a member that could lucid dream. I quickly gained an interest in LDs, mostly because my life sucks and really just want to escape life and have a good time time in my dreams. I figured if I could control my dreams, I would be living a life all day long while having fun. Darned old hag scares me though and sometimes delays my LD practices.

Hope that I have a good time here and most of you guys seem pretty nice :smile:

Nice meeting you :razz:

I left a msg in the main forum area…lmao oops. You’ll see it, “Hey Here I Am XP” >.< I pressed worng button and was like…hey wheres my post?!? I am 5 Weeks from being 18, Am in love, can’t wait to become experienced at lucid dreaming. Nothing much to say but ive got a job and school starting in one week V.V Time for bed though, i got my bananas in hand gunna have some sweet dreams . Night all.

found it and moved it into here too :wink: :moogle:

:welcome: Welcome ShawnDB! Hope you enjoy your stay here at ld4all where you will meet a lot of people and of course, increase your chances of getting lucid dreams. To Start, you should start a dream diary to increase your dream recall. If you have any problems or any questions, use the Search button, at the top of the page, and if you can’t find what your looking for, start a thread.

Hey Bill! Welcome! Nice to meet you too :handshake: Interestingly, I watched the same show about the Foofighters and lucid dreaming :tongue:

:wave: Hey Ix3Kelly!

you seem motivated! just stay motivated and determined and you’ll get a LD before you know it!

Good luck guys! Hope you get some nice, long lucids!

Hello. I am new to the world of lucid dreaming, (I just learned about it a week ago).

I came to discover this fascinating topic while studying about sleep paralysis (which I frequently experience).

Needless to say, I am very interested in this subject, although I have yet to experience it.

If you would like to know some general information about myself, I would tell you that I am 13 and a female. That’s about all I have to say about that.

I do have a few questions that I cannot seem to find on the forum after searching.

My first is what is the best technique to induce a lucid dream? My DR is up to about two per night, so I feel as if I am ready. So far, upon reading about it, the WILD technique looks as if it would be the best, seeing as my dreams are almost never in first person. Although it seems as if it would be hard to master, it looks the most effective.

My second question is how can I recognize the HI? I keep looking for it while staying awake, yet I cannot tell when it happens.

My third question is how long would it take to induce a lucid dream while using the WILD method? I did combine this with the WBTB method, and I still sat there for almost two hours before I almost gave up…

If anybody could answer these, it would be most appreciated. Or if you could post a link to a thread that contains my answer, that would be equally as good.

I just want to end my post with hello, and happy dreaming to you all.