The Big "Hi, I'm New Here!" Topic - Part XXXVII

:wave: i_have_weird_dreams
lucid foods are foods that may help you to LD like…
bananas, cheese, energy drinks etc … more information can be found in the Lucidity Tools forum.
For last LDs … often members put their LD count in their sig or you can look through the ranking topic in the quest forum :smile:
oh and it would be great if you posted about your first LD in our “big First LD Collection” in the dream diary forum :yay:

:welcome: hello Heka.Hu

:yes: there is information and discussion for dreamers of every level here :smile: I’m sure you will find lots of interesting stuff here :content:

I live in Zagreb-Croatia,and i have been remembering dreams all
my life,well most of them.reeding Castaneda s books changed my
perception of life,amung the other books such as:Damien by Herman Hesse,Bardo thodol,doors of perception by Leary and some philosophy books(platon,pascal…).Also i must say that i have been experimenting with perception altering substances
witch showed me some things about myself.i found that some feelings and fears that i felt dreaming and being under influence
of substances are same,and now present in ordinary life.i think
that ld exploration can be better way then psychedelics.I have some ld from time to time,and i usualy practice passing trough doors and walls,and flying pointing direction with fingers.i will send my reports on dream diary .

hello there LD4all peeps.

im hippo (no thats not my reall name, but you dont have to know everything :tongue: ) i have been member of sealife for a few years now but never really visited LD4all or posted here…now wait, before you all trow rocks at me, lett me explain. my health did not really alow me to be active at two forums at once, i just did not have the energy for that if i sit behind my PC to long i get tired easly and then i only feel like sleeping, and besides i always found LD4all a bit crouded, but i still decided to join in now, becosue most of my fellow team members are in here too and i just want to taste from LD4all a bit becousem aybe i will like it here after all.

i wont put up a DJ though, or atleast not yet, but i will read others and visit more if i have the chance.

if you have any questions about me, feel free to ask. :smile:


I’m new to these forums, (writing on them anyway, I’ve looked over them before,) but not new to lucid, (am I the only one who doesn’t really like that word? :confused: ) dreaming. :grin: I’ve always loved dreams and have always looked forward to going to sleep at night just so I could have them, I just had three nights of lucid dreaming in a row, (I think my record is 6,) most of the time I’ll just realize I’m dreaming by atempting to waterbend, (anyone who watches Avatar the Last Airbender will know what I mean,) and it actually works. Most of the time I’ll just get this nagging feeling that won’t go away and then I’ll go, “I’m dreaming! Doy!” laughs I’m lucid for at least part of the dream a lot but I’ve only fallen asleep while knowing it once, I could still hear the tv in the next room but I started seeing dream stuff and gradually the other noise faded away and I was completely in the dream, it was one of the coolest ones ever and I had complete control the entire time so, Unlimited Power!!! laughs :grin: One of my biggest problems is that I share a room with four of my sisters and they never shut up! :wallhit: The two-year-old will wake up sometimes screaming so I have to get up and shut her up, (but that can be a blessing in disguise because that acts as a WBTB, :grin: ) Another problem is I take awile to get to sleep, (I’m a BIG time night person, sunlight is not my friend, laughs) and I’m VERY easily distracted so MILD is hard for me, (even though that’s what works the best and I have the best and most lucid dreams when I’m successful with it,) so if anyone has any ideas on these two problems that would be great, gives you all cookies I have to go now, see you later!

Hip! :happy:


You joined the other side! :yay: :boogie: Welkom, welkom!

/me geeft Hip een dikke knuffel :hugs:


:wave: hello život and DarkRaven :grin:
/me hugs hippo :hugs:
:yay: život, I have already found your LD4all DJ and enjoyed reading it :boogie:

yes … these natural WBTB opportunities are very helpful :content:

“sunlight is not my friend” ??
/me thinks vampires :eh: and hunts for the garlic :tongue:

cookies? don’t tell me you have been recruited by Quuipo to help get people addicted to the ebil cookies? :scared:

hippo! I love that cute pink hippo stuffy :happy: that you chose for your avatar

I think you will enjoy it and you only need to read the topics you are interested in :content:

laughs My parents called me a vampire too when we went on a trip and I had to cover my eyes the entire time because the sun was so bright, (for me anyway,) that I couldn’t really see, I get instant headaches for some reason if I walk outside and the sun just hits me so I try to avoid it, (I don’t like bright light much anyway, never have, I can’t be a vampire though because I like garlic, especially garlic bread, yum! laughs :clap: )
I discovered a weird thing last night, my dad was talking about someone being paralyzed so I remembered that sleep paralysis is controled and and activated by a mechanism in the brain so I figured, “Hey, why not try to activate it?” so when I went to bed last night I’m lying there, tossing and turning trying to get to sleep when I remembered what I wanted to try earlier. So I just lay on my back and closed my eyes and thought to myself, “Paralyze”, (I said it that way because I was thinking of the scene is Spiderman where he’s trying to get his webs to shoot out by saying stuff like, “Fly! Up, up, and away web! Go, web, go!” laughs :twirl: ) and to my surprise, I felt all tingley and stuff, so I did that like five times and I had no feeling anywhere, it just kind of felt like I was falling into the ground. I was counting, “one, I’m dreaming, two, I’m dreaming…” and the noise in the next room was starting to fade away and I thought I started to see something but then I felt something crawl all over my face and I opened my eyes and saw this big spider on my face, I don’t really mind spiders, I kinda like them but I didn’t want it crawling in my mouth or anything, laughs So I tried to move my arm to swat it and I couldn’t! So I’m going, “Oh, crap, I can’t move,” so while this spider is crawling all over me I had to wait five minutes or so, (it felt like forever,) to get enough feeling in my arms to flick the spider off of me, (I still couldn’t move anything from the waist down,) when my mom bellowed for me to come and type in the computer password for her because she didn’t know it. She kept calling me and I kept having to say, “just a minute!” because I couldn’t move my legs, I couldn’t even sit up. So she wasn’t happy when it took me five minutes to get upstairs, laughs :ebil: I tried it again this morning while sitting down and it worked so it looks like I can paralyze myself whenever I want to, (wow, there’s a useful skill for ya, I can just picture myself at a talent show, “So, what’s your talent?” Me: “I can paralyze myself,” “What?” falls to floor laughs :gni: ) Ebil Cookies for All!!! :cookiemon: MWAHAHAHA!!! :wolfbite: laughs, Ok, I’m done now… :adored:

Hello all. I’ve had a few LDs in my life. Probably about 10 in the past 5 years. The last one was I don’t know how long ago. The strangest thing that happened to me in an LD was that in two different dreams, a few days apart from each other, I met a person that was not from my head. The first showed me how to challenge him and the second was a witch who kept telling me “you know who I am”. They were quite bizarre, but all the more interesting. I have been doing extensive dream recall for the past 4 months (I do have my off days)–writing up to 4 or 5 dreams a night. Messy as hell, but I can usually piece it together in the morning. I reckon that LD is a relatively unknown and more un-experienced (?) source of human potential. So many things that I want to do, aside from the obvious. Looking forward to it. Peace and Love.

The Deez

Welcome thedeez!. I agree with you on the point that LD’s are relatively unknown and/or unexperienced, I think that a lot of people don’t delve into the dream world and those who come across the term usually do so by accident but I also think that it is becoming more widely available and we have extensive research going on. One day maybe everybody will be able to have an LD whenever they choose.

again, welcome, i’m new here also but I’ll try to answer any questions I am able to :smile:

:wave: hello thedeez, welcome to LD4all :smile:

I think you may like to read Testing the “Realness” of DC’s III in Ye Olde Lucid laboratory … there are also two earlier parts of the discussion in there :yay:
I hope you decide to begin a LD4all dream journal in our dream diary forum :smile:

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