The BIG "Hi I'm new here!" Topic XIV

i’m new too

Great to have you join us.

Welcome. :smile:

:boogie: more new people :partying_face:

:wave: hello and welcome to Weasel and mrdc :grin:
This forum has a great community feel to it and I’m really glad you have joined us. :wiske:

Hi, I’m new here. I’ve been interested in lucid dreams for a few years now, but this is the first time I’ve made a concerted effort to have them. I have had a few lds, but they were spaced months apart and I woke up soon each time. My goal is to make lucid dreaming a regular thing and master control of them. This is a great community, from what I’ve seen!

Hi i’m new!!! i’m 13 and had 1 Lucid dream. I made myself jump from the top of a building :lol:. I love iPods and drumming and almost anything music related. I also do a lot of Brickfilming. Go here for more info:

I first got interested in lucid dreaming after I jumped off that 14 story highrise :razz:.

  • jeorge

Hello I am new to this list and to the experience of lucid dreaming … I have had one “near-lucid” dream several months ago and decided to make a goal of experiencing full lucidity. So far I have gotten better at remembering dreams, I think it is just a matter of time before I experience full lucidity. Anyway it should be quite an adventure. I have visited many sites on this topic, I must say this is the most informative and user-friendly site I have found so far. Thanks pasQuale, you have provided a great resource for us all!


:wave: Welcome to the ld4all community stumblebum, jeorge and Randor :content:
I wish you all well with your lucid dreaming. Since joining ld4all, I have found that because I am absorbing knowledge and ideas all the time, even if you have infrequent LDs … you can advance at a faster rate with different lucid dreaming abilities. :dream:

Thank you, moogle!

Hi all

I’m Stacie. I’ve been interested in dreams for a while and always wanted to learn more but could never really find any good resources. I’ve had regularish dreams where i can control what I’m doing but not change any surroundings(feels like im awake but not my life or people and places in my life) but I never realise im dreaming until I wake up. I’ve also had a few lucid dreams in the past but not through trying to have them.

Anyway I love the site and the forums and have found out lots of new stuff here and hope to learn and understand more.

Welcome Tubaboya :wave:

You will definitely learn a lot about lucid dreaming here. Since you have already had a few spontaneous lucid dreams you are already ahead of the game. At least you know lucid dreams are real and it is worth your time to learn to learn how to induce them.

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.

Good luck on your dreams. :smile:

Hey all,
My name is: Jordan Allen. I like long walks on the beach, and champagne…Oh, oops. Wrong board.hehe.
I’m just joshin ya! I am Jordan Allen, and I’m new here on LD4all, however I’ve been reading the site for about a year now. I just got my computer so I couldn’t wait to become a member here. This site looks great, and the topics and people here seem awesome. A little about me: I love to dream, act and sing. I’m 15. I live in L.A. and well… that’s about it. Just wanted to let everyone know who I am, so Hi! I’m sure I’ll get to know you guys, and I am looking forward to it! So until another time: Good night and sweet dreaming! Keep dreaming! For without dreams…the world would cease to exist!

:wave: Welcome to ld4all Tubaboya and StarryDreaming. Tubaboya, now you know more about lucid dreams, you should find you experience them more often. :grin:

:lol: Well it’s definitely an unique introduction post. :tongue: I’m glad you have finally got the opportunity to be an active ld4all member. :cool:


Oh, hi everybody.
Name’s Ray

Hello all…the name’s Trevor, I just came upon this site yesterday. I’m usually looking into random things, and I was looking into lucid dreaming, and it’s something very interesting that I’d like to try. I usually can remember portions of dreams, there are three recent ones that stick out. Two were sexual and the other was a nightmare…boy that nightmare was scary!! I’m from L.A., and think I may have already had some control over dreams, although I doubt I’ve ever been lucid. I know for sure that I’ve experienced the kind of spinning/falling sensations that are common here. I have a question: sometimes I wake myself up by a violent kicking of my leg. Does anything think that might have something to do with an OBE or anything like that? Thanks.

:wave: Welcome to the ld4all forum Ray Champion III and Assur191 :grin:

There seems to be an echo in here. :tongue:
I hope you both enjoy browsing the different topics and become active posters. :cool:

I have often woken up with this jerking leg movement especially when first falling asleep. As far as I know it is nothing to do with OBE… If it was I would have experienced one by now, I should think. :eh:

Ha. Before I realized I had the welcome message, I went and introduced myself on the Intro board.

link to first post

Well… Hi I am new here.

I took a short stab at lucid dreaming a long time ago, but am going to try at it again. I lucid dream naturally every once in while.

I really hope to become a skilled lucid dreamer. Damn the old hag… damn her to hell. I am terrified I will have DP… I know its nothing to be scared of, but whatever.

I also sometimes go through WILD without trying, never into a lucid dream though. A few days ago I was just laying in bed a long time and looked up at the cieling. I saw a huge vine growing towards me across the ceiling.

Anyway nice to meet everyone.

Well Actually

Welcome to ld4all :smile:

Don’t worry in time you will learn to ignore all the frightening and annoying things you may encounter when doing WILD. We have a big WILD topic int the quest for lucidity section. It is quite long but well worth the read as there is a wealth of information there.

:wave: hello Dreammonger and Well Actually
Dreammonger I edited in the link to your intro to lucidity post :cool:
I hope you both enjoy your time at ld4all :grin:

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