The BIG "Hi I'm new here!" Topic XV

:wave: hello kmonster, foo fighter, Deus Ex Machina, titeuf and michael :grin:

:cheer: congratulations on your first LD michael
I hope you all enjoy your time at ld4all and become regular active members at the forum and active lucid dreamers too :wiske:

Hi, just finding my way around, like a dreamer groping about in a dark room : )

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welcome to ld4all, the gathering is only a small room to feel your way around in :wink:
then you can enjoy visiting lucidity intro and quest for lucidity

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hi, im not exactly new to this lucid dreaming, however i have been on a break due to frustrations that arose the last time i attempted. i have resently been informed of this website and have been slowly working through. ive started a dream dairy but still find it hard to remember my dreams. the only way i remember them is if i constantly tell my self to remember them whilst in the “half sleep” period. however, i suffer, the same as many other, as it takes a considerable length of time for this “half sleep” to progress onto REM sleep. hence the lack of commitment to repeating the same lines over n over (the lines become meaningless sounds in your head after about an hour). i need advice, how would you suggest i go to sleep at nite, ne tips to sleeping? i’ve seen msgs that suggest silence…makes sence i suppose, however, i live in a university halls of residence…silence is unheard of!

oh yea, just out of curiousity, is the possibility of a lucid dream hindered by drug use?

this is unrelated, but of interest.
one of the most reliable alarm clocks on the planet at the moment is in your head. it is possible to set yourself to wake up at a certain time using your internal body clock. simply relax, as u would when going to sleep, and keep suggesting that you wake up at, what ever time you need. this works on the same princable that the MILD technique works, by setting it to your sub-conscious and letting your body clock do the rest.

this technique does work and what is best is that you wake up naturally, without the use of exterior devices, thus making you able to get up with out that groggy, i’ve just been woken up feelin’.

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Have you read “the big remembering dreams topic?” which can be found here
Your recall should improve over time, just be patient. It helps if you lay still in bed for a while when you first wake and just let your mind search for the previous night’s dreams. Have you got a notebook or paper near your bed to scribble down keywords from your dreams as soon as you wake up?
I think in general drug use makes dream recall deteriorate, but it would also depend on the person.

Hello every reader of this line!

Thank you very much for the invitation to presenting myself. I’ve been reading some threads on this forum and it seems like a very nice one. I’m born 1984 and have spent all my life in a country in northern europe called sweden. I have two younger brothers and they think i’m childish. I have been in love once, perhaps twice, and it was marvellous. I don’t really understand feelings of love or how they are supposed to fit with sexual arousal, but that makes it all quite exciting :happy: Once I had a belief-systems such as that of secular protestantism almost bordering agnosticism. Once I considered myself a protestant fundamentalist. Now I’m not sure of very much, but I find buddhism to be cool. I think its healthy to see others points of view, because they tell you much of cultural indoctrination and what you take for granted.

To my part there’s very minor experience with lucid dreaming, but I have been interested with it for a long time. I have once had one lucid dream, which resulted from repeated RC during my waking hours. I awoke right away though, and could only limbo in greyish smokescreens for dreams during a few minutes before i truly woke up.

I’m also interested in meditation and new ways of looking upon what is. Sometime in the future I’d like to spend time in a monestary where i can learn how to meditate or even how to control my dreams.

My goal of having lucid dreams is to understand reality better, and perhaps through practice i might help other beings with the same thing. I would also like to fly really fast! As of now I’ve only been able to swim through the air as if immersed in water.

Right now I’m sitting in my room in my parents house in Linköping, Sweden. But in a week I’ll be travelling to Chile in south america. I will be living there for 4 months with a very good friend of mine, hopefully getting to know more people, and perhaps a deepened insight into the fabric of dreams.

:wave: hello naut welcome to ld4all.

There is a lot of information and inspiration on the forum. It should help you to experience more lucid dreams which are also better quality.
Will you still be able to visit us while in Chile?

Hiya… My name is Kai (like u can see from my nick) i’m 16
years old and i hope that im not gona be around 50 when i have my first lucid dream… I’m kinda excited about it but i gotta keep patience…
Until now i’ve had no reason to bed early but now im tryin to learn how to remember my dreams…
I have some questions but they can wait…
Btw… I like to use “…” for some reason… (damn)
… … hmm…

Hey hey,

I’m Zaluki, 19 years young.
I’ve been interested in lucid dreaming and other spiritual things, like finding your guide and guardian angels. I have been hanging around allot in the website. (mostly the dutch one) I thought I’d take international visit now. ;D

I’ll just gonna lure around some more. :content:

:wave: hello Kai-ZX and Zaluki

I tend to use … a lot too especially in my dream journal. As long as you set the intention to realise you are dreaming when dreaming and work on reality checks you should get your first lucid dream sooner or later. It depends on the person.

Welkom Zaluki :smile: I think you mean lurk not lure :tongue:
I always feel shamed by how well the members from the netherlands can speak english :shy:

Haha moogle!

Yes, I will still be able to go to Chile. In fact im worrying about insurances right now :happy:

And i think this forum might help me to experience Sweden whenever i feel homesick.

Yeah! :cheer: that’s a great idea!

Hello everyone! I’m Daniel F. I’m 15 and I’m inlove with dreams. They facsinate me, and baffle me. Someone told me about it, and I was severely interested. The date is 2.11.05. I’ve lucid dreamed before, ON ACCIDENT! So I’m trying to do it on purpose, with everyone’s help, I might can do it! I pray I can!

     The thing I want to Lucid dream about is Flying, and RUNNING like 500 miles per hour!

I hope to know everyone here, and lucid dream every night!

:wave: hello Redifin
since you have had a lucid dream naturally, you know you will definitely be able to have them by intent.
ld4all is a very friendly forum, with lots of good information to help you on your LDing quest. :grin:
I hope you have your next LD really soon.

Yes, great! That inspires me. 13 LD’s? Wow. How do you know a ld is a ld? When you can really remeber it? And was in control well? Or is any Ld a Ld?

hello, i’m really interested in lucid dreaming. i’ve just found this site and i think it’s wonderful!

Well my LD frequency is poor compared to some LD4all members… I’m not a natural, so if I can improve with attaining LDs anyone can :grin:
It’s a lucid dream when you realise you are dreaming while still dreaming… they can vary from low level LDs to LDs where you can contol everything.
(you can see my most recent LDs at the end of my “moogle’s quest for LDs/ dream journal part V” in our dream diary section. Also there’s a list of all my LDs so far at the beginning of part 6)
:wave: welcome to ld4all ilovelucid
:cool: I transferred “I need help from someone that is experienced” from the help desk to lucidity intro. you can find the topic here
the premature awakening on realising you are dreaming is often due to the excitement … it should improve over time.


Hello people :content:
Im noob in LD, but I have got one once. The last 2 months I’ve been trying to teach myself how to get an LD. I note down every dream, I cant remember the whole dream if Im not doing it. After doing this for 2 months, I finally got a LD. I just realized that it was a dream, nothing more. I cant remember annything after realizing that I was LD’ing.
But I havent got anny LD after this. Dunno why. But I hope I’ll get more LD and start controlling them.
I use a program called “Brainwave Generator”. Is anny of you using it?

Well thats my story. Sorry my bad English, but I hope you will understand me.

:wave: hello BiZARRE welcome to ld4all.
You should be able to find topics and discussions about Brainwave Generator in the shortcuts forum here.
Here is one link to a topic … … highlight= Brainwave generator: a file I found that worked
You may like to post in it :grin:
I hope you experience a really good LD soon. :wiske: