The BIG "Hi I'm new here!" Topic XV

thanks for the welcome :cool_laugh:

I’m not much for introductions.

Hello, nice to be here. :smile:

Hey, my real name’s Rudy and last night I had my first LD (topic: First time lucid - some problems).

I’ve been interested in the whole dream-world for a long time and remembered a lot of dreams from the past until now.

I’m 22 years old at the moment, live in the Netherlands and are still at school (studying Information Technology).

I hope to get more LD’s soon and maybe share them with the rest of the people at this forum!

:wave: hello Anatman, it’s nice to have you here too. :grin: We will all get to know you more by your later posts :wink:
Welcome to ld4all TazZy, you may like to start a dream journal in the diary forum so you can keep a record of your LDs. :cool:

thank you for letting me join your group!

:wave: welcome to ld4all jennyboster
I hope you enjoy being a part of our friendly community. :cool:

Hi all, im seraphim, my real names will.

to all of you who dont know what a seraphim is, I shall define it for you.

Seraphim - The highest order of all the angels in Heaven. Each have six wings, and four heads pointing in all four cardinal directions, and stand in the direct presence of God, singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy.” If a mortal being were to look directly upon a Seraphim, they would instantly be incinerated by their awesome light.

[Isaiah 6:1] In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.

[Isaiah 6:2] Above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings; with twain(two) he covered his face, and with twain(two) he covered his feet, and with twain(two) he did fly.

[Isaiah 6:3] And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, [is] the LORD of hosts: the whole earth [is] full of his glory.

Some notable Seraphim:

Metatron, Kemuel, Nathanael, Gabriel, and Lucifer.

Cool nice to meet you, hope you enjoy your stay here at LD4all!

Im assuming you are a christian no?

:wave: hello again Seraphim, thanks for all the extra information on Seraphims.
I hope you enjoy your time at ld4all and keep your journal active… I’m enjoying reading it. :wink:

yes i am

Hi. I was here before the summer, but my account seems to have been deleted. So I’m back.

I haven’t been lucid dreaming for a while, thanks in large part to early mornings and work. But now I hope to get back into it… somehow.

Hey everybody!
My name’s David, I’m from Portugal and I just started reading about Lucid Dreams recently and this all seems really fascinating!
I have very poor dream recall so 2 days ago I started my own dream journal and already I feel like I can remember my dreams much more easily than before…

Can’t wait 'till I experience my first Lucid Dream :wink: There is SO much I want to do!

Hello everyone. I’ve had interest on LD from the time I discovered a program that was meant to be a dream journal, oslt. I read the part “lucid dreaming”, and was atracted to it ever since. After a while, I forgot the whole thing, and rediscovered it recently. I am really interested in LD, OBE and PK, and hope to learn those quickly.

PK? parkour??? sorry, i’m always thinking of free running :grin:

:wave: hello and welcome to ElFonzo, Gone and Grimsy
ElFonzo, the forum did have a short period when the data base was being restored… and we were just posting in a topic that would disappear when the data was restored… you may have joined then… unless you never activated your account?
I hope you all enjoy being members of the forum and also go from strength to strength in your LD abilities :wiske:

Hey guys. Yea, I’m new. I have yet to have an LD, but I’m learning all I can so I am working on it…

hello seandop :grin: , a lot of people experience their first LD not long after first finding out about them. I hope you get your first LD very soon. :cool:

Hi guys, that’s nonager. New egg. Hello.

PK = PsychoKinetics (oslt)

:wave: hello nonager
Welcome to ld4all, I hope you enjoy your time here. If you have any questions about lucid dreaming, all our members are ready to help.