The BIG WILD topic - Part XV

Yes, I’ve had that extreme-twitching before. Only once while I was trying WILD in a nap…

As to whether or not it meant you were getting close, I don’t know. I was extremely freaked out and couldn’t get to sleep after that.

okay, i’ve been trying to do WILD for quite awhile now. What I"ve experienced is that I start feeling a tingly feeling in my hands and legs, and last night my body went numb. I can’t get any further! Can someone give me suggestions and help me with my dilemma?

by the way, i just wanted to add that everytime i hear a noise like footsteps from my parents downstairs, i get brought out of the hypnagogic trance. What else should I do? Should i get ear plugs?

i’ve tried wild a few times now. bizarrely, it seems to work much better at night, instead of after i wake up (wbtb). in the morning i can’t keep my concentration, my mind wanders all over the place.

my only problem with wild though is that once it really gets going, my heart rate goes through the roof. i expect once i’ve done it alot more i’ll get used to it.

Has anyone ever experienced a physical response to HI? A couple nights ago my mind started wandering; I dreamt that I fell down my stairs, and in response (since my body hadn’t fallen asleep), I jerked really strangely as if I had actually fallen. Scary.

I’ve had stuff like that before, but that one felt really weird, as if I had tripped on the stairs and fallen into my bed.

When WILDING, do not focus on your real body. that will just stop you from getting further. It is normal to feel numb, however you should try focusing on HI instead not on your breathing, your hands, your heartbeat.

Not so sure about the sounds from your parents footsteps though

Of course, it depends. Isn’t HILD (or is it called FILD now?) essentially focusing on your hand? I’ve done it a few times successfully, but I’m not quite sure if the point is to focus on the movement or the hand or what. I haven’t done it in a while…

chea chea. So I definately think I am finally going somewhere with getting into a LD again. Its been a couple days, back to back, consistency. I thought it was so damn hard etc, but I think i finally get the point now. Before I was trying too damn hard and I just drifted to sleep. And with those numbnesses, its your body cutting off the blood in the circulation. Its simple, I’ve gotten to the point where i drift into it, i go through the shit where you hear things than sharp pain and BAM pictures. Try this and see if it works for you: Just sleep, and you know how you day dream in class, fantasizing getting this chick, sports, or anything. Just do that while sleeping, make your own story, your way whatever, this will in my opinion will keep you conscious very low while your body drifts to sleep. Soon you’ll know that you went somewhere b/c it hits you out of no where. And btw, try sleeping with your head straight, like eyes straight up and not roll to the side. Do whatever to your legs to get comfortable, but when I do it when my head rolls to the side it feels like it takes an unusual longer amount of time and im ‘drifting’ to somewhere. =D. Hope it helps & to get some feedback.


Obvious WILD: I literally fell into a dream. I was in bed, then I was falling into a hallway, picked myeslf up and had a great LD.

Not too obvious, after a WBTB I had the black void and a great LD. Is this really a WILD if there’s a pause before dreaming or would this more accurately be called a DILD?

It’s WILD. Anyway, what do you call the “black void”? Is is a state in which you lose temporarily consciousness or it is a state in which you’re quite in a LD but you don’t perceive anything and you have to wait for dreaming to start? IMO, it’s the second case which is generally called the “black void”.

I used the term, having read it somewhere and it seemed to fit. It’s an unknown amount of time with no dream and no wakefullness. (I think it was like 10 minutes real time) No consciousness at all, just black, but not like the time that passes until a ND or LD starts from the beginning of the night.

I suspected WILD, since DILDs are very distinct.

WOW GUYS! Got my 1st real WILD last night! :cool: I’ve tried this numeous times and only to get into SP part of it then get too scared. I used to think I saw demons for about 4 years before i researched LDs. so it was a big achievment to do this.
I used the WILD method and the WBTB method combined, (all i did was wake up get a drink, go to the bathroom then go back to bed) but i didnt get any vibrations etc! I was laying there concentrating on my breathing and trying to see anything that my imagination, no matter how slight it was, would randomly produce.
Soon I got HI it became like a basketball court w/ 2 teams playings. (I’ve been watching NBA playoffs) Then I was floating above my body in my room that was totally dark and the window in my room was glowing w/ an unearthly white light that was very strong and eerie. I was getting scared at this point and very excited! I tried to make my body float to the window but this was proving to be very difficult! It took me a long time get to it and i could not move my body around but i could float slowly in the direction of my glowing window. The feeling while this was happening was so crazy!! I got closer to the window and went through it then BAM I was in the dreamworld. :grin:
This was the most vivid LD I’ve ever had by far, and I’ve been able to do it since a kid! The level of detail was just like real life! I caught myself getting too excited and paused and got a grip. Then began examining objects up close. to find they still looked like real life!
This dream lasted a few minutes longer than most of my LDs but that was the only problem with it, it still only lasted about 6-8 minutes. :neutral: Can anyone confirm that this was indeed an LD and not AP? and point out any differences there would have been between the two

Woot, had my first first successful WILD this morning which was also my first LD ever!! :happy:
But I’m not sure, how exactly I got into it, maybe it wasn’t a WILD at all. Usually when I try to do WILD, I get HI after 20 minutes or so. This time, I tried it about four times in a row, but always just normally fell asleep again. At some point I opened my eyes, looked out of the window, closed them again, lay on my side and then I almost immediately heard a “Whooom” in my head an automatically rolled out of my bed (think, this was a false WILD?).
I got up and walked around, looked out of the window and was so daaaamn impressed! :wink:
I walked down, out of my house and it was dark. I though “No, bright is better” and it got bright outside.
I’ll tell details later, but I think it was quite good for the first time. Just one question: Is it normal that you somehow are not sure if you were really lucid, when you wake up, although you’ve been very sure inside your dream? That was a bit strange, but else just great!

Hey, congratulations! :grin:

That’s completely normal, nothing to worry about. Even if I haven’t been here for long, I have still seen many questions like this one. I think that if you practice your dream recall even more, your memories start getting more vivid and easier to recall.

Good luck in your future travels to the dreamworld! :good:

this has probably been asked qute a few times, but…

i can get SP but i cant go any further. i dont know what to do once i actually get SP. ive heard about rolling into the dream (i dont get HI so i cant enter the dream through the HI method). if i want to roll into it…how long do i have to have SP for before i can do that. i know that if i try to move shortly after SP i lose my SP

Congrats! It’s really cool that WILD was your 1st technique to induce a LD. For alot of ppl including myself, this is not the easiest one to be succesful with. I tried again last night and got close but had a false WILD where I was slightly lucid. After I did this one two nights ago the other methods suddenly don’t seem nearly as cool. The level of realism and lucidity in LDs from DILD and others is unmatched in my experience when compared to WILD. So good luck in the future! :smile:

Congratulations on your LD!

It’s nice to have a good WILD, but I’ve had DILD’s with just as high of lucidity. The nice part of a WILD is that you get instant results. With a DILD, you sleep for a bit before the fun starts. I’m impatient too, I want to have constant WILD’s and if they fade, jump right back into a DILD. :content:

I’ve tried and tried WILD and never had any success. I get to the point where my body gets very numb, but I never get any HI or HS, no matter how long I wait.

For me breathing is a big part of inducing WILDs. If you've had any experience w/ meditation it's practically the same. Are you breathing slowly and through your stomach? If so are you taking full breaths all the way down to your hara? (the place right above your pelvis) Try breathing in w/ your nose and exhaling slowly w/ your mouth. Once you've concentrated on your breathing enough the small colors/patterns you see when your eyes are closed will develop to pictures. (alot of times they will still be indistiguishable but will become more detailed) At this time I make sure to not have any words going through my mind and only pictures. Before you know it HI will begin. I hope this helps. Please give any feedback.

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