The Search for the Holy Grail[project]

I propose a new project. A project to end all projects. I propose we find the LD Holy Grail. By process of experimentation, supplements, combination techs, etc. I think it’s time to find a super easy, extremely effective tech for inducing LD’s. We fight for the busy-minded and impatient. Though many say it can’t be done, that extreme discipline and time is required to regularly LD, I say they’re wrong. I say we find the Holy Grail.

If you’re in post to sign up.

Count me in!!! :cool_laugh:

Whats your plan, to collect some data first and go from there, or shall we al try out some new and different ideas?

New and different ideas are great if you can think of any. I personally believe the Holy Grail is going to have to be a combo tech/supplement, but maybe not.

I also need help with really fleshing out a plan. I know we need a project like this, but not really how to go about it.

Lets have a brainstorm, that would be a great way to get things moving. They allso have a brainstorm generator on the net. We can all have a brainstorm, and post the results in chat, so that we dont flood the board. When we have it narrowed down we can start posting them on this topic.

how do you do that?

You can go to search, and put in brainstorm generator.

what does it do?

Dont worry about putting in words about lucid dreaming, just start putting down as many words as you can, or just write down ideas, and words. You can stay on subjects like RC, LD, or what ever. It dosnt have to be restricted to a subject at first.

You can read up on it here…

sounds like a good idea, i think we should get a few more people onboard first though.

We should get the word out, maybe PM a few people who might be interested.

OK PM me when you think you have enough people, and let me know I would like to help.

Will do :smile:. WOn’t be on for the next couple of days :sad:, so if you guys can help find recruits that would be nice.

this project shares a name similar to this one, “Possible Holy grail Technique” :wink:

I think there’s really no holy grail that works for everyone :bored: But I there are different ways to increase your chance of getting a LD. WBTB being a very good one, increases your chance of getting lucid by about 5 times. And Jeff has told me about an aminoacid called phenylanaline that also increases your chance of getting lucid.

I think that if one practice on one method hard and long enough it will work no matter what method it is. But I do think certain techs work better for some people because they have a talent for that special tech. But if one has no talent, practice can probably make up for most of it though :cool_laugh: It just takes longer before one gets really good.

I think if we were to come up with such a good technique, it would have to be very well rounded, a sort of, on size fits all kinda thing (if thats possible)

You’d have to include aspects from;

Waking Life
Sleep Cycles
Amount of sleep
Effective Techniques already in existence
Drugs and Alcohol
Use of Technology

…then, build something that is like a plan, where different techniques and stuff can be used based on what works for the individual using the ‘Holy Grail’.

A certain person now gone here (huh? yeah :sad:) told me he’s got an idea to mix certain chemicals (none harmful, mind you) that, taken together, should induce almost automatic LD’s. I’m waiting eager to be one of the first to test this (I hope he sends out a test sample soon), and if I do, I’ll certainly inform you of the results.

Count me in Dream_Reacher! :cool_laugh: