The so called "Old Hag"

Or I think it’s called like that.

Can anyone write something about it? What is it?

Write as much as you know, thanks.

This is the topic you’re after :wink:

i still didnt got it

Have you actually clicked on the link I gave you and read what it’s about? There’s much information to be found in it :smile:

Oh and another good topic about the old hag (but it’s more about the mythology and origins): click here

oh, ok!
thanks a lot :tongue:

it was on the discovery channel… i dont remember alot beacuse it was before a long time, but i remmember they said that all your fears come togather and your mind made a scary-to-hell person that sitting on you… you even can smell him and feel his waight on your chest\back\whatever.

what can i say :cry: : its really scary-shit. :eek:

Yeah I saw something on Tech TV a while ago, before the merge with G4tv, about some chemical which allows you to stay awake (or something like that.) Then it started talking about (cannot remember at the moment what the name is–the people who fall asleep at random points during the day–starts with an n) and why it happens. One guy was talking about how he gets what I now realize is probably SP and sees what I now assume would be the ‘Old Hag’. Pretty scary because they did a reenactment of it.

The “Old Hag” is an old LD4All legend being only a hallucination image caused by your c or sub-c. You’re awake, but you hallucinate about this “old hag”. It’s always something horrifying, which requires a tough will save against to save your heart from extreme fear. Often you will be in SP when hallucinating about it, and you’ll even feel the pressure of it if it’s lying on you.

The only remedy i can think of is to close your eyes and brace your will, “Not there!” repeated infinitely in your head. Eventually, the SP should wear off.

yea its really sum scary shit. wut i would do is if ur already in SP, try going lucid using WILD…then i would go kick the "old hag"s ass… :cool: .anyway…here’s a link 2 sumthing about it and a picture…
that site also includes the idea that u should create a spirit guide and that they can get rid of the old hag.