the WIERDEST thing I ever experienced.

Sorry for the parachootic intro, i’ve been visiting this site for quite a while, it’s the best site ever made, i just didn’t have the motivation to get out and share something, until today, i’m the lurker type :slight_smile:

I’ve managed (with the generosly given help from ld4all) to lucid dream a few times but what has happened to me today is the most interesting (and scary) thing i’ve ever expirienced.

firstly, some introspective :slight_smile:

I work part-time at a store near to my home, because i don’t have anything to do as a student this year, so i figured i could earn some money using my physical capabilities and my free time :). It’s a night shift, and i’ve worked for about 2 months so far, so i really can’t sleep before 6-8 AM anymore.

So, after too much surfing, downloading and idling on irc i finnaly went to bed around half past five and fell asleep around half past seven (i always have trouble falling asleep:). I woke up at 8:15 with the wierdest thing happening. I couldn’t completely remember my dream, i was still actually sleeping (probably in one of the half conscious half unconscious stages of sleeping, i’ll leave that to the pros) and hearing a weird, loud annoying noise. The thing that popped in my mind first was “I’m being called.” Thats when the conscious part was starting to take more percentage. The next thing i felt was something like goosebumps, only MUCH more intensive, more like a burning sensation all over my body with the epicenter on my back, right below my neck. Needless to say, i was paralyzed, mortally afraid, yet not sleeping so it wasn’t a nightmare-paralyzed-kind-of-thing. The second thing that popped in my head, right about that time was “What’s with that other job of mine?”, although i haven’t got another job, nor i’ve ever had the job i’m thinking about. But, i now have a clear memory of my boss giving a call to a woman i don’t know arranging another job for me. The other job is something along safety profession, I remember (not dreaming, that’s the weird part, i remember the actual event) going to a parking lot and doing it for 5 hours after a hard, long shift at the store, and wisely concluding that i can’t do these two jobs at once, and deciding not to go back on that job anymore. After these two sets of questions, my mind goes fully ballistic on me. Still with the burning sensation, i conclude i was being called on that job. The thing is, that weird, loud noise i hear while still not being fully conscious was supposed to be a ringtone of some sort (?). So, i actually feel someone saying “someone please come help this guy, he’s all alone”. Also, there was something like “He’s a cook (or something similar) he has nothing to do with safety or security, he can’t be left alone”, but that was a bit blurry.

And thats when i decided to move. When i opened my eyes originally, i was facing the wall, and in the whole flow of my thoughts, which took about a minute or so, i was there just going with the flow, but then (still mortally afraid) i decided to move. I was like “If i die, i die, i’m gonna change my position to get rid of these NASTY goosebumps”. So i changed my sleeping position ^^ and the goosebumps slowly went away, as did my fear of the “unknown”. My god, i swear i was thinking i was either dieing, or being abducted by aliens or someone very dear was dieing.

Ok, now that the “feeling” is a bit settled i can somehow see that i might have woke up from REM(although i was sound asleep, there was nothing to wake me up + waking up from REM should make you just go back to sleep, atleast it did to me until now), with a dream about the “second job” and my mind trying to make connections with the dream, and the real world, and the weird feeling i had. The problem is, I now have memories of those events, the feeling i have expirienced is immensely strong, almost like a predicament or something(I mean, i’ve head weird stuff in my head, the novel-dreams, the astral projection or something very close to it, but this was good shit^^ ), and i’m dying to know if someone had a similar expirience.

My first instinctive reaction after i fully awoke was to come here. And i apologize for my sloppy english, and possibly for missing the forum, if i’ve posted this to the wrong one, moderators will surely take care of it.


hello and welcome to ld4all :wave:
your experience sounds like SP and WILD to me
sleep paralysis is when you wake but your body is still paralysed as if in sleep … so you can’t move but you are awake and aware. The sensations and noise sound like the experiences people get when experiencing wake induced lucid dreams. You experience the change from waking to dreaming while still awake … hence the weird memories and voices.

You may like to read the topics about WILD in the quest for lucidity forum and SP … I will edit in some links to SP later

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a SP search of ld4all produced
search results

I would say it’s either you had SP or you only dreamed you had it. At times it’s hard to say which on it really is :shrug: And the thing you where remembering was just a false memory, I once woke up and thought I owned a motorcycle :lol: If this happens again you can either open your eyes and you might be in a lucid dream, if you happen to only be dreaming that you have SP. Or you can just try to relax and remember that it’s not dangerous, just uncomfrotable getting SP. And if you just keep waiting for a while you will get into a dream and hopefully be lucid too :cool_laugh:

Good luck :smile: