Time is running out!

(for reference see: https://community.ld4all.com/t/fao-anyone-who-believes-in-remote-viewing/14301)

I understand i will not get the desired reaction from the majority of people who read this, but it’s important so i need to post it. I will bold all the important aspects for quicker reading, although i recommend you read it all!

First of all i need to bring you all up to speed on Aaron Donahue… Aaron is a natural psychic and an expert in the Practical Application of Non-historical data. Aaron knows the future. He is the only psychic to have an exact and totally accurate hit rate. 100% of all of his predictions have come true. Even the best remote viewer can’t do much better than 70%. Aaron is the real deal. He knows what is in store for us and he knows that we can change things now so that we may save our planet and our soul. Aaron has been heard on his weekly internet show, radioaaron.com, since April.

Sunday, September 4, 2005, Aaron C Donahue announced that the Voice of Lucifer program has been canceled. The frustration level due to the technical difficulties with the current setup has reached its peak. This is the time for your support. We can’t let Aaron go silent for long. We don’t have time to sit on our hands!

Right at the time when Aaron was going to release important information about January 2006, he couldn’t do it due to “technical problems” with the audio stream on the web. This is serious! January is just four months away! What is going to happen, another disaster like Katrina? Does anybody other than Aaron have a clue?

In reaction to the technical problems with last nights broadcast Aaron said, "Here we are, limited time left, time is running out. I don’t know how long this is going to stay on the air today, but I want you to know that The Voice of Lucifer Radio Program is hereby canceled. Think of it as your soul being canceled. There is only one genetic key, and unless I see support, I mean professional support, a professional format, I need people backing me up…I want you to know this, you need me, I don’t need the world… I am going silent. In a time when you need to hear vital information…Are you going to sit back and do nothing and watch this?..You better do something quickly because this situation is not going to be repeated. I will not speak again unless I have a professional format with people backing this up financially…I will no longer allow the spirit to enter the body to tell you what you need to know about the future…"

Aaron must get his message out. He must have a voice. Unfortunately, he has been censored by the media. Largely because he is a Luciferian. People still associate Luciferianism with Satanism and that is wrong. It is not. It is not Luciferianism as defined by Christianity at all. Remember Aaron can see the past and the future and has been able to see though religious dogma. We know the TRUTH. Luciferianism is just a name that is closest to our ideology. Luciferians do not worship Lucifer or any diety but the God within all of us.

Obviously, if you dont know this guy you’re not gonna wanna jump in and support - and you’re probably thinking “Damn, another scam.”, but this is serious. If all you can do is copy and distribute the archives from radioaaron.com, then that is enough.

There are also books being released by Aaron beginning Septmeber 11th (first one is how to enhance your immune system to survive the coming pandemic - ummo.cc/Immunity_book.html for more info) which will be released for less than $10 each. This is in no way obligational, but it is also another means of showing support.

Anybody who is interested in learning more should check out ummo.cc

Time is running out.

Basically, instead of just telling us what we ‘needed to know’… he demanded that we give him money first?

And as long as he hasn’t got that money, our ‘souls have been cancelled’.

No… this isn’t a scam at all…

You need to save our earth and our soul. You need to get involved! Go
to chat rooms. Submit links to our websites. Write posts in other
Internet groups so that people know about the show and the Radio Aaron
forum. Create your own Internet group on Yahoo! or AOL or any ISP.
Set-up mirror sites. Copy the archives and broadcast them on your own.
Create Cd’s with the archives on them and give them away. Tell your
friends to copy them and give them to others. Get the word out!

You all want books? Send in the damn money for it! You want an
Internet radio show? Support it! We need you! There is no community
without members!

If you have nothing else to offer, send money. You can send money to
support Aaron at the same address as the book.

PMB #102
3964 Rivermark Plaza
Santa Clara, Ca 95054

E-mail: books@ummo.cc

Add a line in your snail-mail or email that the money, check or money
order is to save the show and it will be taken care of. I am sure a
list is created so that we know who are supporters are. Are you one of

Join the Luciferian Remote Viewing Group and participate in it. This
group supports ACD in every way!

This is it. Luciferians give people one chance and one chance only. Do
you really expect Aaron to bend over for you and give you all chance
after chance after chance? We tell Christians that they need to wake
up? How arrogant is that? We are only half awake (as a community)

Are there any Ham Radio Operators out there? Contact
DragonKloud@gmail.com ASAP.



note: this is not my writing. this is copied from groups.yahoo.com/group/Luciferia … wing_Group

In other words, ‘Give us money, or you’re all doomed!!!’

The call is not for money - that is simply one way of contributing. The call is to get the media to pay attention to him and his message, rather than ignore him because he’s not Christian.

As i’ve said, he has a 100% record with his predictions, WHO can match that? He also correctly predicted 6 lotteries in a row, 6 days in a row, on his website (the only “mistake”? being on the last day he confused a 6 and a 9).

Aaron remote views the lottery for a living, this is how he gets his money. Any money that is sent in is either for the books (the money from which will go into building more Luciferian Temples), or for creating a sloiid, reliable ground for the radio show (the previous one was CONSTANTLY plagued with technical difficulties).

Aaron ahs already revealed a wealth of information - including recommendations on how to survive the coming plague (which science has begun to suspect is coming) - all in previous shows, and the archives are available for free.

Look - why spend their time asking for help when he could just as easily tell us what we ‘need to know’. Voila - time saved.

So - lets say he’s correct. Something bad is going to happen. But he’s refusing to tell us it unless we ‘support’ him.
In other words, he’s cashing in on the disaster that is about to happen.

Or lets say he’s incorrect. He’s lying. Nothing bad it going to happen.
That’s even worse. He’s taking advantage of other people’s gullablity.

So… whether or not he’s ‘for real’… he’s still a git.

Actually, he already HAS told the audience what is going to happen (outside of the January 2006 thing… that was merely a topic for that show) and it involves the death of the human soul and the planet. There is a lot more detail than you might expect. There IS a way to avert it, but the world is too twisted from all the years of religious repression to wake up and do anything about it. The Luciferian movement is growing but it is not growing enough, it needs to reach a wider audience.

This has always been a profit-free movement. The call for money is a call for support - its not obligatory. Aaron even said on his show that the only people that SHOULD be using the money option are those who have it in excess, not those who dont have a dime to spare.

The only media appearences Aaron has made is for TVAsahi in Japan on which he located a missing person on Live TV, and on Coast To Coast on two occasions - as soon as his Luciferian beliefs are discovered, he’s cut from the media - and his message is simply to save the planet, and he has already given a wealth of information on how to do so.

But as i said, the audience, as big as it is, is not enough to make a difference. Aaron has ALWAYS said that World War 3 (the catalyst to the death of the planet) is around the corner and has ALWAYS said it can be prevented - but only if there is a big enough audience hearing this. Everything he tells you is stuff you can find out for yourself, theres no “faith” involved here like in a religion. Its simply a case of opening your mind.

This is why there is a call for professional support - because this is the only way that people are going to star listening and doing something about it.

Ah, thanks for clearing that up :smile:.

I still find it hard to believe in him. But… got any good links I can check out?

There is a lot to take in, so be warned…

This is some of Aarons most recent predictions. Besides all that, there’s also some interesting thoughts on subjects like Ghosts and EVP.

This is basically a run down of Luciferian beliefs

And these are the show archives

If that lottery thing is true then wow. But surely he could make enough money from that to fund whatever it is he wants to do?

Still, I’m interested. Has he ever mentioned 2012?

I believe he has mentioned 2012 but i cant remember what he said… i’ll have to look that up. If i remember right there was nothong catastrophic… i think something along the lines of a shift in human consciousness, but dont quote me on it.

And as for the Lottery, Aaron is anti-money. He says that the true god of the human race is money. He earns enough for basic living, and is releasing a book that will allow anyone to remote view the lottery, and win enough to live on.

Heh yeah, I like the title of one of his lectures: “The great hope of world economic collapse” Very true.

Interesting about 2012, if you’re right then he sounds along the same lines as what I’ve been led to believe… I think we’ve got a choice of two paths to 2012 but then when we arrive the consciousness-evolution event will take place as is prophesised, and such an event is unavoidably for the Good.

The whole Luciferian thing…

Why do they keep on claiming that the ‘truth’ (ie. The Luciferian beliefs) is being suppresed and hidden by other faiths… it just destory the little credibility they had to start with.

They sound like conspiracy nuts, I’m afraid.


Something that i believe will shock (and most likely put off) people from having anything to do with this Luciferian line of thinking is the unashamed viewpoint in that human death is necessary.

For example, the Katrina thing. This is a good thing, because the planet is overpopulated. I’ve heard many people outside of this group say that they think natural disasters are the earths way of controlling population and i agree.

If you’re connected with the earth, you know when disasters are coming - just look at the people and the animals that fled to high ground before the Tsunami disaster. And also, whats rarely mentioned in the media is that the place where the Tsunami hit is a hotspot for fat, bloated rich people from all over the world to go and have sex with underaged children.

The people who stay behind (and who run into a burning house to get, like, an expensive watch or something) are the people who dont give a ■■■■ about the environment, who ■■■■ without thinking, and are so out of touch with their own inner godlyness that its unbelievable. Those are the types (fueled by repressive religions such as Christianity - telling people contraception is a sin on an overpopulated planet) that have ■■■■■■ the planet up in the first place, and they are the ones who are first in line to be killed by “disasters” such as Katrina.

To quote Marilyn Manson, “I am not sorry… i am not sorry… this is what… you deserve”

The Katrina thing… that did not affect overpopulating in the slightest.

And it’s a very flawed way of dealing with the problem of over population…

'If I don’t do something, overpopulation is going to kill many people! What do I do?
Ah! I know! I’ll kill lots! That’ll save ‘em!’

For a moment there, I thought you was talking about America.

And once again - a flawed plan.

‘Bad people live there. I must save the good people! How shall I do this?
Hey yeah! I’ll kill everyone in that spot. Yeah, it’ll probably kill more good people than bad, but really, I’m savnig the good. Or something.’

You want to solve overpopulation? Set a plauge to wipe out anyone who can not get the very best medical attention. That’ll do then trick.

But you won’t be helping anyone in doing that. You’ll just be killing people.

Katrina was but one natural disaster. There are always going to be many.

And the point about the child sex place was that its interesting to note that those scumbags met a death.

I never said natural disasters were THE solution to overpopulation, just A solution to go with others.

Child sex has been going on for a very long time. It use to be perfectly legal (to an extent) in Britain even. It was not uncommon for a 40 year old man to marry a girl in her very early teens (eg. 13 years old).

What makes you think that?

I cant see why it would… its true that Religion restricts the ability to know yourself. You’re taught to look outward for a god, not inward. You’re not allowed to explore all avenues to discover wh oyou are. You arent allowed to question anything that doesnt make sense, you just have to “have faith”.

This is exactly the opposite of Luciferian (and occult) philosophy.

And not only is it the opposite, it forbids it.

… and your point is? :meh:

You know, I’m not exactly sure :tongue:.

I think my point behind it was something along the lines of ‘well nothing bad ever happened to them’ but that’s stupid.

So I’m going to go along a different path.

If you’re physically able to have sex (ie. have hit puberty) then, in ‘natures opinion’ there should be nothing wrong with having sex at that age (the ‘only once your 16’ view was added in by us humans).

After all, animals other than humans engage in sex as soon as they can. Even though they are in touch with nature and escaped the tsunami.

In short, those people should not have been punished for having sex with children by nature (I think they should have been though… just y’know, not with their lives).

Making that particular point in the Tsuanmi theory invalid.