What are exactly these vibrations ?

I think a lot of lucid dreamers here have experienced the famous vibrations. There are a lot of topics about. You can have them in WILD just before sleeping, or in DILD when becoming lucid or in a FA. This experience, where you’re surrounded by sort of electric vibes, and you often hear a rushing or buzzing sound, can be sometimes frightening, sometimes unpleasant.
Most of the time, experienced LDers give such an advice to beginners : “don’t be afraid, it’s just because you’re falling asleep”.

But my question now is : What are exactly these weird vibrations ? There are some mystical explanations, but I never heard about a satisfactory one.
So, I would like to propose this experiment to LDers who read this post, and could be interested in resolving this mystery : why not to ask to the dream what these vibes are ? :cool_laugh:

So, please don’t reply to this post : “it’s becoz your Etheric Body etc.”, unless that you got this answer from a lucid dream. This experiment is probably not easy to complete and this post will probably be forgotten, but I’ll try myself to have an answer I can bring you back.

Neat experiment…I have a few questions.

Since there’s so many mystical theorys about the vibrational feeling out there, If I asked myself in my dream what that experience “really” is, wouldn’t I only be answering myself with knowledge already attained? unless your reasons are beyond that of science;then there would be an almost definite subconscious answer wether it be fact or fiction depending on what information you’ve already encountered about the phenomena.

im not trying to be picky, but I usually only try to ask myself questions about the personality that lies dormant within onesself… Not questions that have tried to be answered before.
So if i questioned myself about the phenomena in my dreams, my answer would almost always change, but remain limited by the information i’ve already gathered… it might be a random sentence of nonsensical rubbish or a almost photographic memory of the wisdom already absorbed by the brain. But it’s still personal, and you may never know what your brain may come up with.

What are your thoughts on the experience of SP? in your opinion, why does one sense an intense amount of vibrational energy at the point of exiting your physical body? or around that point at least.

You’re asking for a satisfactory answer to a question not yet answered…from peoples dreams? that’s a far out way to attain such material knowledge. of course the answers everyone gets will be strange and truthfully eerie but they can’t seriously be satisfactory.

ok you don’t want conscious opinion on what the vibrations are, so i’ll do the next best thing, imagine a magical situation where im stuck in SP… in that state I ask myself if what im feeling is real…ill most definately quickly respond “hell yes!”… and proceed to try and astral project into a lucid dream…I try to recreate the exact feeling of the vibrations and it slowly starts to begin, all these crazy thoughts are going through my subconscious and instead of asking what the vibrations are, I concentrate soley on the sensation and then something strange happens and I “project” out of my dream body into another state of mind within the dream. After a short period of amazement I try and recreate the sensation again… and the same thing happens, but I eventually lose grip on the dream and wake up one dream-body by one untill I awaken in my real bed in real life.
I conclude that the vibrational stage of SP acts as a mental trigger in conjunction with the energy (etheric/astral/whatever-the type of energy involved) that is replenished when I enter the initial stages of sleep…since the mind if lucid in this state is very fragile and is not used to being aware of the situation at first freaks out and I try to move, instead of jumping out of bed due to shock of the sensationless feeling of paralysis the brain concentrates the engery throughout the body in preperation for REM sleep. So when I try to move consciously knowing that i’m not able to move my physical self suddenly the vibrations (vibrational energy) triggers the Astral Projection, or Dream… whatever you want to call it…instead of jolting yourself out of paralysis (which still happens on some occasions) and falling off the side of the bed.
You can question the vibrational sensation all you want but if you want a logical satisfactory explanation, steer clear of asking your dream-self questions such as these.

Your post raised alot of thoughts that were simmering deep down inside. questions like these are best to be experimented with in all ways possible…and your reasons for this test of self are in good cause by all means.
I am curious what my inner self might perceive about the vibes, because I want an answer just as much as you do. But dreams are an explorers heaven, don’t waste valuable expedition time wandering what the hell that sensation was that helped you enter your mind consciously. value the little time you have to absorb new knowedge and inspiration, to apply to the questions you want answered in reality.

Great reply Karizma ! It makes a lot of sense and I don’t know what to say yet. :shy:

I would have first posted a question like : “Are dream answers meaningful ?”. (As this question is interesting, and I would like to know the experience of other dreamers, I’ll post it one day anyway.) Of course, if they aren’t, my experiment is useless.

Moreover, I hoped the following things :

  • that the dream is not such a mechanic which will choose randomly an answer amongst those I already heard. I hope that something you could call unconscious, inner self, etc. could reply in a more elaborate way.
  • that, if the vibrations are produced by my body (physical, or etheric, or astral, etc.), my body knew what they are.
    Were these two points just assumptions ? :confused:

You’re perhaps right when you say that I have better to experiment and use vibrationnal states instead of asking what they are. Of course, we can drive a car without knowing how it runs, or try to understand mechanics. But if we don’t have a lot of time, as you noticed it, the first solution seems to be the best.

Hehe…of course the answers you may learn have meaning, mabey not to anyone else but you, but for you to have experienced it in the first place shows meaning.

The mechanics of REM and dreams are still mostly a mystery yet to be discovered…good thing there’s a way to discuss such topics freely and openly with a wide variety of people.
the ‘essence’ of the personality within most every-day person lies dormant untill one matures enough to realize the potential that lies inside the mind. People are born with unbelievable gifts and some, if not most of them are mentally ill in some way. This fascinates me…mabey the mind is capable of more than we yet know how to achieve.

Your body probably wouldn’t have the slightest clue whats going on consciously, it’s just as confused as your mind’s perception of the experience.

It never hurts to try and experiment with your mind, sleep’s the best opportunity… practice meditation more often and you will realize that the vibrations can be controlled, ignored and enjoyed alot easier. Without having to understand the mechanical details

anyone get the pulls?
feels like somone has a string attached to a part of your body and it pulling it one way and another way

I’ve never had the “Pulls”, but one thing that does happen for me very frequently when i am about to WILD is this: I will be looking at the darkness behind my closed eyelids, and i will start to get those slight vibrations. they don’t become intense unless i really focus on them. anyways, then i notice that the blackness behind my eyes seems to become not so black, and actually a little light, like someone is gradually turning on a very dim light. im not sure if this is HI or what, but it is neat. I may also see some quick flashes of light from time to time, but i still have never seen true HI like pictures of people and things before.

Another question. When you guys practice WILD, do you do it when you initially go to sleep at night, or do you wait until early morning to do it after like 6 hours of sleep?

Hi all,
Im am brand new here but not new to LD. I am blown away by this site, thought I was alone in my experiences and here are all these other people experiencing the same kind of things!!!
I too get the vibrations on “exit” and also the most excruciating pain in my right hip (any expanations?). I feel the vibrations may be a shifting in/of the plane of consciousness and that it may be something that is done too me.
Often I go lucid & am just enjoying flying around enjoying myself when something grabbs me and we rockett off into blackness. I am gripped tightly and “we” move through the blackness at great speed. It is the most teriffying experience of helplessness. In fact the fear is so strong that I have only once been brave enough to go all the way with my unseen captor (actually I am not captive because I break back to the “real” world at will).
On the occasion I went all the way - we stopped in the blacks above what I can only describe as a white lattice floating in blackness. In all likelyhood it is beyond explanation, latice is the best I can come up with. Has anyone else been there or know what it may be?
Goodwill to all, Mike[/i]

Hi Mike ! Welcome to LD4all ! :wave:
Great thing that another experienced lucid dreamer join there ! More we are, more we can share experience ! :happy:

About vibrations and pain, it seems that there is not a lot of information about this topic. I just found :
[url]WILD pain?]
That’s strange, cause it’s something rather common, I think. A friend of mine often experiences vibrations, and they are sometimes painful.

Your invisible captor adventure is really weird. :bored: I saw you asked the same question in another thread, so I won’t ask you to make a special thread for it, tough it would have been worthy of making it. Too bad, cause in this thread, your question will probably stay unseen.

I’ll make a link to your other thread, in order to doing people answer in the same thread and not scatter replies.
[url]The Big OBE topic part II]

I never got the pulls, neither I felt anything like a rope attached to me.

About vibrations ( our main topic :grin: ), Florence Ghibellini thinks it’s the dreamer energy when it is not used to create a rich and vivid dream. So we would have vibrations only when dreams are dark or void ( about dark dreams, have a look at “Pitch black” topic ). But what could perhaps contradict this theory is that the dreamer friend I told about above, had sometimes vivid dreams AND vibrations.

Thanks Basilus West,
This is my first time in a forum so I am sorry for muddying the threads, thanks for doing the link.
I have researched the vibrations extensively (not realizing that other dreamers experienced them). The only other referance I can find about them come from:
a, “victims” of alien abduction
b, highly advanced spiritualy “enlightened” people
I feel the alien link is extreamly important & may be able to provide clues to both types of experiences. Perhaps links need to be formed with the abduction comunities in order to try & draw some conclusions.
Warm Regards, Mike

Mike, your former researches are very interesting.
In my opinion, they confirm what I suspected about the greatest number of “alien abduction” cases, namely they are “sleep paralysis” experiences.
Sleep paralysis is a well known sleep disorder. There are many threads about it on LD4all, like this :
Some information about it can be found at :
I think you can also find a lot of scientific information about “sleep paralysis” with Google.
I experienced once the vibrations during LD, and it was absolutely not related with aliens. Other people who experienced vibrations and sleep paralysis could see a sort of monster or presence, and that’s what is called the “Old Hag”.
There is also a thread about it on LD4all.
I believe in ETs and UFOs, but I’m pretty sure that such vibrations are natural and not externally induced.

Thanks Basilus,
When I am lucid there is almost always another presence with me and behind me. I have so far found it impossible to turn (fast enough) and see this presence. On the occasions I have tried it has literally grabbed my “head” & forced it back around to face front. I have long conected this presence with the vibrations & going ob. Indeed often it is when I notice this presence that the switch is flicked so to speak & the sparks really start to fly.
I read about sleep paralysus & it strikes me as a reductionist viewpoint, only in the head sort of thing. I am not sure if you subscribe to that viewpoint or not. I am totally open to being wrong in my assumptions but ultimately I have to conclude “if it looks like a dog, smells like a dog & barks like a dog - it probably is a dog” (what sort of thing this presence is I really have no idea). I will however go & look at the links you provide.
Thankyou for your interest, Mike

Oh and I have one other point to make about the vibrations. They are available to me at all times. Only have to consciously realize (make real) the spiritual fact that all is one (too big a subject to cover hear) and the vibrations come on.
However while awake in the “real world” the vibrations are much slower, more of a thudding on my back that stars at my neck & runs down my spine. The first time I had this I was lying on my bed & the shacking was so bad I thought I might fall off the bed! They have never been so intense again except during LD.
Best Wishes to all, Mike

My explaination of vibrations varies from what I scanned in this topic. I am inspired by my vibrations just yesterday during an afternoon nap to response with my ideas.

Have any of you ever done mushrooms or another substance that interferes with your seretonin uptake?

Well you experience vibrations in both situations, only… in one you don’t have a body so you are not recieving seretonin stimuli. Simply I believe that the vibrations are due to an altered brain frequency that your brain simply has not yet caught up with. For example… ever notice how car wheels go backwards on TV or how a computer monitor has stripes on it on television?

I believe that vibrations are due to your brain releasing a chemical that inhibits the uptake of waking chemicals resulting in a frequency change (beta to theta?) that during SP is observed.