What Book Are You Reading? — Part III

This is part III of the topic, part II can be found here

The Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions ~ Barbara Hand Clow

An amazing book, really intense plaiedian wisdom, also with scientific explanations to go along with it all. Gave me a brand new look on the chakra system.

I’m about halfway through Slaughterhouse 5, liking it, though i don’t think it engrossed me as much as Slapstick

Also, i got the only two mangas i could find at the library that wern’t girly for referance drawing

Then i got way too into them, they were good

Pilgrim Jager Vol. 1, and Orphan Vol. 1. Both very cool, but with some flaws

Orphan: the comic relief is WAY too much, it’s just annoying. Like the main character

Pilgrim: Awesome, but the style makes it hard to see what’s going on some times.

I am currently reading Mental_Floss which really is a magazine so…

I am reading Blade Runner and A Scanner Darkly. I like both of them equally in their own different ways, consider them one of the best sci-fi novels ever made. Anyone else read them?

Yes indeed, I’ve read both. I like a lot A Scanner Darkly, especially when the heroe has to spy himself. About Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep), I prefer the atmosphere of the movie. There are more themes in the book and they are treated deeper, but as usual with P.K. Dick, there is quite no emotion. In the movie, many themes are suppressed but there is a beautiful passage (the last monologue of Rutger Hauer) that can’t be found in the book. Moreover, androids look like completely inadapted in the book because of their lack of “empathy”. Thus the book and the movie are very different, though it’s almost the same story.

My favorite novels by Philip K. Dick are “The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch”, “Ubik” and a short story called “The game-players of Titan”.

By the way, to stay in the topic, I’ve found all the Sherlock Holmes online and I’ve read them. :smile:
And I started to read The Winners by Julio Cortazar but for the moment, I don’t like it very much. :sad:

“Anatomy for Fantasy Artists” by Glen Fabry

Great and inspiring book for aspiring artists. I recomend it.

Oooh, I didn’t know that Howl’s Moving Castle was a novel! I will have to track it down, I love that movie! Anybody seen Kiki’s Delivery Service? That one’s my favourite :content:

Hehehe, yah - we’re at about the same point. I reread Hitchhikers Guide around every one to two years. Note to lurkers - it’s MUCH better than the movie!!

My partner has read the original dune series. For some reason, because of that - I don’t feel like reading it - even though I’m a complete sci-fi buff :bored:

I think I’ve read Scanner Darlkly, either that or it’s on my current ‘to read list’. Dick Smith right? He’s got lots of great stuff, but some of it can be rather ponderous :tongue:

Sounds like we have a very similar taste Basilus :yes:

BTW Sorry about all the quotes :shy:

I’ve the poster in my bedroom. :tongue:

Concerning The Winners by Cortazar, it’s more interesting now. He’s a very good writer BTW, his point of view is something between Dostoievsky and Nabokov, I think, and as for this story, it looks like an Agatha Christie which would be haunted by Kafka’s ghost (i.e. an Agatha Christie without any murder and whose only enigma would be: what all those people do here? :wink: )

[Edit later: I just finished reading it. I didn’t like the story at all (though it’s very well written).]

Yes, I’ve seen everything that Miyazaki have directed, except the Sherlock Hounds episodes (but I have seen one episode that he did not direct) and the two Lupin 3th episodes.

“On”-topic: I still haven’t finished “Let the Right One In” nor “Battle Royal”

Yes, my sister and I used to watch that all the time when we were younger! Wow, I must have been about 6! I do like it :smile:

I just finished “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe, for school. It’s a great book, but a lot of times it seems that having to follow school guidelines and constantly answering questions lowers the experience…

A seperate peace.

A raisin in a sun.

Both of these books are for school

I’m reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke. Although it’s not the best book I’ve ever read, its still quite good (I haven’t been reading it for a while though), if dense.

finished Slaughterhouse V.

I read it and liked it, but i wasn’t really engrossed in it until the last chapter.

When it begin “Robert Kennedy was shot 2 nights ago, so it goes. And every day… his guns. They rust.” and it hit me and i was like “woah”

and it all made sense then.

Awesome book.

I just finished “jorden skal gråte” [the earth shall weep]

It is a brilliant book. It’s the story of USA seen from the native americans point of view. The book changed my view on american history. And on the US as nation.

A MUST to read. It might be a little bit heavy though.

Lucid Dreaming: A concise guide to awakening in your dreams and in your life, by sthphen laberge.

Before that it was I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.

I am re-reading “thief of time” by terry pratchett :content:

If you read my VG RP you may know why :grin:

I finished “The Catcher in the Rye” a couple of minutes ago.

I’m going out to get “At Swim Two Birds” sometime, hopefully soon.
I heard about it after reading “The Third Policeman” (one of my favorite books ) by the same author, because Desmond was reading it in Lost… :grin:

The war in 2020.

Dan Brown - Digital Fortress
Finished it yesterday. Full of cliffhangers and unexpected happenings :happy:

Yeah, its great :grin:

Finished Murder in Mesopotamia and The Mirror Crack’d by Agatha Christie. The former was good, but the latter… excellent story telling all around! I highly recommend The Mirror Crack’d to mystery lovers.

Currently reading:

Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Thief by Maurice Leblanc
Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman by E. W. Hornung
Perfect Crimes and Impossible Mysteries which is a collection of “impossible crimes”.