What can't you do in Lucid Dreams.

Are there any thing that can’t be done in lucid dreams? I wanted to get a list of stuff together just out of curiosity, whenever someone ask “What can I do in a lucid dream?” I usually say you can do anything if you believe you can but that’s not really true.

Maybe learning a foreign language :tongue:

Like Laretta said, learning knowledge you don’t know in real life. Other than that, I think pretty much anything is possible :tongue:

the opposites of the RC… you cant feel pain for example!

You may only learn things that your subconscious knows, but that is quite a lot. I once heard of a tale of a bounty hunter who tapped into his subconscious to find his prey. He threw a dart at a map, and his prey was found in the marked location.

There is NOTHING you can’t do that is within the boundaries of your imagination!
You cannot learn a foreign language simply because you don’t know it. Anything you know or can imagine is possible.

Your brain can imidate the feeling of pain in dreams. So you can feel the pain in LD.

It’s probably impossible to change something in your walking life while in a LD.

For instance, you might want to use LDs to work on your homework… But when you wake up, all you have written is lost.

It might be impossible to get shared dreams, astral projections and real OBEs, despite very good coincidences. All I just want to say is that: there are lots of things you can’t do even you can imagine about it.

Hmmm… this makes me wonder if sleep paralysis can be broken for “super awesome lucid dream sleepwalk subconscious homework chat time”

I think you can learn new things in your dreams, kind of like the (correct me if i’m wrong I heard this years ago) the periodic table. From things they knew about elements they already knew they could determine what other ones would be like.

Yes, Mendelejev dreamt of the periodic table of elements. Just like Kekulé dreamt of the structure of benzene. They were hard-working scientists whose WL problems found solutions in dreams. Dream logic is a bit more liberal than WL logic, so it makes sense that new discoveries can be made in dreams, but in this case only on the basis of existing knowledge. OBE-s and Remote Viewing may be the source for new information but I don’t think Mendelejev was a shaman.

Sweet dreams

I had initially posted this in the section about seeing any movies, TV shows etc., so you can see more there. It was an Iron Man: Armored adventures episode where it starts out with Tony/Iron Man being disoriented and trying to figure out what was going on asked his computer “How can a person tell if they are dreaming?” His HUD answered “although a person may dream OF reading, a dreamer can not actually read in a dream”. Then Tony/Iron Man picks up a piece of newspaper and reads it and says "I guess this isn’t a dream.
Since I saw that episode I tried to read signs on buildings or on paper and sure enough, I can’t! The words look like they should be familiar but like ink that got wet and blurry.

Yeah reading in dreams can be sketchy but it is possible, some people don’t have a problem with it.

When I have LD and look at texts, I can actually tell that they looks like they make sense but actually not lol, and actually the texts not only change when i look away and back, they change in front of my eyes when I am staring as well

I would think it likely there is a limit to how much you can attend to. You might be able to have three or four arms and sense them and control them but there would come a point when you cannot attend to all your arms. It’s a LD goal of mine to have say, a hundred arms but I have not achieved this yet so cannot comment from personal experience.

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Can you still fly after saying or thinking “I wont be able to fly”, or will you always fail?

Perhaps very monotonous and time consuming things cannot be done? Like counting to 3 trillion. Although, I could imagine something where you picture the numbers all at once or in huge chunks and patterns and actually do it.

I think you can’t learn from yourself what you don’t know… But taking the example of the periodic table, that guy was a chemist so he was able to dream up a way of grouping all the elements together into a table that could be easily read.
The point is, you can find answers in your dreams as long as you have the necessary knowledge to form a logical answer.

Other than that, I didn’t think there was much limitation in lucid dreaming at all. Flying and teleporting can be tricky but for me personally, if I felt I couldn’t do it or that I didn’t have the power to, then I couldn’t. I had to push down all my doubt and put some extreme faith and will-power in my own ability before I get even a metre off the ground :neutral:

Learning new language is possible i think. But this takes a lot of control and experimentation in the dream space. I have read that, in LD’s you can summon any ‘person’. i.e, Einstein for ex and learn new things from him. I thing, even if such a thing is not possible u can still Induce Astral Projection from a lucid dream and learn new things there.

So if you can only do what you already know how to do in real life, then how is it possible to know how to fly in a lucid dream? You can’t do it in real life, but it can be done in a dream. How does your mind know how to do it in a dream? I suppose you could “learn a new language”, whether it’s an actual language in real life is another story. No one can say for sure what can and can’t be done.

Nothing, :smile: