What is this kin thing?

I signed up for this site even though I’m already apart of dreamviews.com and they asked me to pick some sort of kin thing.

Was I supposed to choose a certain one or whichever one I wanted? I chose the blue galactic eagle one b/c in my opinion eagles are the greatest flyers out there and I would love to be one in my next life if possible.

Your kin corresponds to your date of birth on the 13 Moon Calendar. For instance, my birthdate is March 1st, 1990, which corresponds to Day 23 of the Galactic Moon. The kin for this day is that of White Resonant Wind; thus, my kin is White Resonant Wind.

Here’s a link you can go to in order to find out your’s. That website also has loads of other great pieces of information on the 13 Moon Calendar and the Peace Movement surrounding it.

Hope this helped! :content:

[kin=259] Kin 259: Blue Crystal Storm
I Dedicate in order to Catalyse
Universalizing Energy
I seal the Matrix of Self-generation
With the Crystal tone of Cooperation
I am guided by the power of Magic

Welcome to the forum! :welcome: Next chance you get, introduce yourself in The Big “Hi, I’m New Here!” Topic - Part XXVI. :grin:

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I didnt see the kin thing …

The Kin is a complex horoscope system based on a natural time calendar.

I found it to be pretty accurate for me. All hail the Mirrors.

kin 189: Red Resonant Moon
I Channel in order to Purify
Inspiring Flow
I seal the Process of Universal Water
With the Resonant tone of Attunement
I am guided by the power of Birth
I am a galactic activation portal. enter me

haha I have no idea what mine is saying…

I’m not sure I understand the difference between the Dreamspell kin and the Traditional kin. I noticed Abyss had both in hir signature, and they were two different things, so I thought I’d ask in here. :content:

If there is a difference, what is it?

I just picked my kin cause i thought it looked cool, even though I guess I should be:

Heh…monkey :tongue:

I picked mine for my birthday although I could think of some other important dates to use. I also thought of just using a Kin I liked and felt attracted to :smile:

Hey rad…

Well your signature is composed of two main parts:

  1. Your Solar Seal
  2. Your Galactic Tone

Your Solar Seal - Red Moon

Each day is coded by one of the 20 Solar Seals. Your Solar Seal represents the underlying archetypal energy for the date of your birth. Some reflections that spring to mind for the Red Moon are:

The Moon as a reflection of the Sun’s Light
The gravitational pull the moon exerts upon the Earth
The moon’s relationship to the ebb and flow of the tides
Going with the flow of our own emotional tides
Moving in harmony with natural cycles

It’s good to ponder the connections. There are three main keywords for the Red Moon, an action - “purifies”, a power - “universal-water”, and an essence “flow”.

Your Galactic Tone - Resonant

Each day is coded by one of 13 Galactic Tones. The Galactic Tones act to modulate the base archetypal energy, expressed by the solar seal. Some personal associations for the Resonant tone:

  • Stilling the mind
  • Listening to the higher collective voice.
  • Acting as a channel - allowing creativity and inspiration to flow through oneself

There are three main keywords for the Resonant tone - an action “Channels”, a power -“Inspire”, and an essence - “Attunement”

The combination of your Galactic Tone and Solar Seal occuring on your date of birth, give you your Galactic Signature

Does that help at all?


BTW. Shift - I thought your explanation of one’s galactic signature was excellent! I really enjoy it when other people get involved.

wow, thanks explora! :handshake: sounds like you really know your stuff (I’m clueless). :bow:

Can anyone tell me what mine is saying?
kin 59: Blue Resonant Storm
I Channel in order to Catalyse
Inspiring Energy
I seal the Matrix of Self-generation
With the Resonant tone of Attunement
I am guided by the power of Magic

I have no idea, but I’m guna take a whack at it :tongue:

I think it means you are in tune/ you are in touch with the power flowing through you. You channel your energy easily.

I dunno, but thats my guess :content: I’m not exactly the best at interpretation.

Nice work ysim. That’s a very good way of putting it!

The Storm is the 19th of the 20 Solar Seals.

ACTION: Catalyses
POWER: Self-Generation

I thhink of the massive energy generated by a storm. The way in which the sky seems to crack - the heavens shake. The roar of thunder and bright flashes of lightning , the torrents of rain pouring down. The Storm is definitely a catalyst - it sets big changes in motion. It’s always interesting, to look around after a Storm.

It might be useful to think of how you as individual, can be a “catalyst” for positive change. Sometimes, there is only the need of a spark, to set a whole fire burning…


what do you mean channel energy. How do you guys define this word? energy as in ki?

White Self-Existing World Bridger.

Thank you for the link!