What is your favorite reality check?

So, what’s everyone’s favorite way to do a reality check?
Mine is to do the one where you look at some text or a clock and see if it changes. I also like to go through my recent memories and see if there are any ‘holes’, like if I can’t remember how I got somewhere, I’ll know I’m dreaming.
On a few occasions I’ll try to push my hand through something, or try to breath while pluging my nose, or maybe try to hover or fly.

What about you? :smile:

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I’ve always been partial to the hand check, but I also do the nose hold technique from time to time

I like looking at a clock or something to see if it’s changed or anything. I have a watch so that makes it easy.

Oh, I also wear glasses so a fairly simple on is to just slide down or take off my glasses to see if I can still see normally or not. blurry vision = reality; perfect vision w/o glasses = dream

Ignore the fact what I just told you screams “nerd” and we’ll be fine. << >>

I have glasses to, so I think I’ll try that in my next LD, see if I have perfect vision also.

Haven’t really had that many LDs, so I couldn’t say for sure. Just thought of one today that would be cool though. I have a beauty mark on the center of my left hand, so I could check for that in dreams.


As you can clearly see, there is a mark on my left hand. :mrgreen:

Why not RC in real life to? You’d have a better chance of RCing in your dreams then :tongue:

True, true. Today I’ve been trying to look at my hand every time I see a clock or the time. Sorta doing a double RC then! :mrgreen:

Hands (finger counting) … the best and simplest imho. I do it all the time :smile:

i randomly look at my hands, its my trigger to ask myself if im dreaming

The reality check i uselly do is bite my hand although i have never been able to try it in a dream. i usually dont feel pain or something by touch. but the hold the nose thing is also a good one.

My favorite is to look at my hands and count my fingers. It’s easy and it has worked. I also go back in my memory to find any illogical skips in time. Sometimes I use the nose hold, but I’ve never used it in a dream, so I’m not sure if it works.

I think my favorite reality check is pinching myself seems to work for me

My favourite one is the nose one.

I’ve never seen my hands looking strange in a dream yet. And If I take my glasses off in a dream I can’t see, everything is hazy and dark. I think I’ve only used RCs as a check after I’ve realised I was dreaming, As far as I remember I’ve never randomly done an RC in a dream. Probably need to do more RCs eh?

i go with the nose rc too, also looking at the clock, but i dont have a watch so its kinda hard

Does that really work?
When I pinch myself in a dream, I just feel the pinch, and I wouldn’t want to ‘pinch myself to wake up’ anyway :tongue:
How do you use this reality check, I’m curious :smile:

I have to implant these ideas in my head, b/c i never think to do a RC in dreams, and i can never see why just because im so lost in my dreams. Im going to try the hand tech, see how that goes, thanks for sharing. I just need something to help me trigger that im dreaming. I get so lost when i dream, im just so comfortable within myself its hard to wake myself up :tongue:

Usually my dreams go too fast to even think about what I’m doing. It’s like I’m a movie viewer, mostly watching in third person. I’ve been trying the hand and the nose thing for a while now but I can never get them to work in dreams. Ahh well, eventually! :happy:

PS- I like your siggy, Hubbs!

Yeah i can relate to that, thanks :content:

I’m betting that’s a placebo in action. When I take my glasses off and I’m dreaming, I expect to be able to see perfectly. You expect to not be able to see at all. The dream results reflect that.

A reality check never makes me lucid, I become lucid for no real reason… I just suddendly realise I am dreaming. But when I am lucid I almost always look at the clock to see if it’s right, and if it changes… as it does of course. Also the mirror is cool, you can stick your hand right through it. :happy: