What's your fave band?

This is my current favourite band. powerman 5000 I think this pic was taken when they were filming the video for “when worlds collide”. Listen to their music, you’ll find out why they rule.

Right now - Patrick Wolf (not a band though, maybe you should add artist in the topic?)

A month ago - Porcupine Tree

And that´s high quality music, man. :boogie:

Music is my entire life, so picking one band (besides my own[bluegrass, don’t ask.]) seems to pretty much be a herculean task. I guess…if I absolutely had to pick one (or two, please two!), it would be the single greatest, most influencial band ever to be formed, or the stripes! Why can’t I choose?

I really like Steve Vai…also I like Peter Gabriel, the Darkness, Jimi Hendrix, Dream Theatre…and many others :smile:

dream theater…

best band ever

(notice the spelling whoever posted before me)

I’m used to Canadian spelling :tongue:

the word theatre is spelt that way in america too…

just not the way the band spells it

happy to hear your a fan

I have many favourite bands but I think system of a down will always be my very favourite.

Fiver: Is that a picture of yourself or is that dhani harrison? Or do you just resemble him in a picture that size :eek:

Ah, one of those weird band spellings…I never caught onto that before :smile:

I managed to find a Powerman 5000 song for you all. It’s a good quality song, with an AMV somebody made. This is it

Boards of Canada


The Locust

Right now… Paradise lost, the clash and the square root of 36 pistols.

Boards of Canada, they are the music featured in those Salad Fingers cartoons, are they not?

Heh, I met that band before, i actually have a picture with me and the lead singer. I am in love with NIN right now, there will never be enough to fill me up. :smile:

My favourite is Radiohead closely followed by Bjork and Interpol.

My favorite band is The Beatles although my favorite song is Karn Evil 9 by Emmerson, Lake, and Palmer

OMFG! YOU HAVE TO SHOW US THAT PIC! I MEAN IT! pulls out pistol and aims it at own head SHOW IT OR I PULL TRIGGER!

Hey, there’s an idea…we should links to pictures us meeting our favorite bands :smile:

*Josh anxiously wants to post his pictures :tongue:

Yeah, good idea. If only i had some to post. I KNOW! Celebrity pictures. Post a picture of yourself with someone famous! posts topic

It’s Dhani, but I’ll take the ambiguity as a compliment. :wink: