Why LD4all is awesome

It occurred to me a moment ago that this forum has an entirely serious and legitimate sticky entitled: “Different styles of flying.” :eek:

I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of awesome.

Perhaps this is obvious to everyone else, but it hit me and now I can’t stop thinking about it :spinning:

I second that :grin: .

It’s not every day that members back from 2006 post one of these topics.

There should be a BIG LD4all is awesome thread so we don’t overflow. :smile:

There’s a bit of a historical note to that.

I might be telling the story the wrong way but hell, this is how folk lore is born.

But as I recall it, one of Q’s original intentions was to spread the word about lucid dreaming so that she could be a tutor for people… on the subject of flying!

The first mass no-aid flying instructor in the history of man, I can see the appeal of that :lol:


Not that I know of :tongue:
that’s how “Broodje Aap verhalen” are born, you mean :tongue:

I do teach people to fly in my lucid dreams now and then, but was never the intention.
This thread simply is sticky because many people have problems with flying and there are so many inspiring solutions and techniques to fly, so why not have them all in one place :smile:

Come on, woman, allow yourself a couple personal legends! :lol:

I wasn’t refering to your in-dream flying classes, by the way. I was referring to your somewhat lengthy “flying lessons” sections in the old guides, and the fact that you’ve said it yourself a couple of times, that one thing you like to do is teaching people to fly.

exhibit A


exhibit B


:eek: :eek: :eek:

Do you realize… I don’t think it’s an entirely ridiculous thing to say that eventually there might be a college-level course on lucid dreaming. Maybe even with a whole unit on different flying styles. :bounce:

That would be a fun job. :bounce:


Not just threads about flying in this forum, there are also many other things to do while lucid mentioned in another thread :grin: but the reason the flying thread is stickied is that many people have problem flying :tongue:

But /me agrees, this forum is the best forum Ive ever been in :cool_laugh:

I thought this was the best forum because of the great community, and awesome center theme.

I’m sold by the emotes. LD4all has the best emotes out of all the forums I’ve been on. My former main forum even had them disabled! :cthulhuy:

I also agree with the emoticons: great ones, plus of course a fantastic site with wonderful people :content: plus Lucid Dreaming! How more awesome can it get? :pharaoh:

PS: I’m totally on Team A.

What team are YOU on?

True, true. Emotes :truit: :dragon: :wizard:

Even the words between the colons are awesome.

P.S. Team B, with a little team C (standing/leaning levitation) thrown in. :smile:

I remember liking it because of the community, everyone is so nice
I mean, I’ve been to other ones, and in the end, they turn into flaming wars.
Or comparing d***s

I mean, even the PdN forum is extremely rude. Just recently I went on there where people had to post one of their first PdN creations and one of their latest.
Except these first works were all still insanely good. It’s like high school bragging on a forum, I hate it.

On top of that, TRUIT :truit:

ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t … highlight= There is also a thread called LD4all is the Best! :content: I love LD4all!! Great Community!

This so much. This forum’s community is such a gem to find on the internet today. Heck, it even got me, a former member, to come back after over a year.

Well, Welcome back Necro. I’m on board with the community, WG is pretty fun, the emotes are awesome, and the color scheme is nice.

Why not a whole school or college devoted to Lucid Dreaming? They have schools of art, schools of dance, schools of music… Why not? :sigh: