A small TUT- My method , or a tip on LD (MIWILD)

Meditation Induced WILD

i meditate for 15 min of nothin
i can keep focus on ma breath and i know i can meditate for longer periods of time

when your meditating u sort of lucid dream sometimes but u push that out when u concentrate on one thing or thought ,

  1. meditation ( helps lucid dream easier , suggestion 20-25 minutes)
    Learn how to switch your awareness or focus erasing all other thoughts from your head

The Process : ==========

  1. lay down and act like ur fallin asleep

  2. meditate , say im gona dream about what i want,
    A. helps speed or get to LD faster and ull fall into deep dreamin

Do u know when u go to a concert and u hear a buzzing sound afterwards?
Well i can recall that buzzin sound just by switching my focus to inside my ears or my head , how do i do this ? Meditation (focus meditation)

Focus Meditation = when u focus on one thing or thought for a long period of time , or u can look into switchin awareness in Energy Manipulation (psi)

Well i call upon this buzzin sound when im laying down fully relaxed and with that thought of LD right now

  1. You ll feel like ur falling asleep fast , ull go into a void or blankness

  2. Images will pop in your head like a slide show, choose an image u like or you want to be inside of.

  3. interact with the picture , and jump inside the picture or walk closer to the picture and keep talkin or interacting.

  4. Sooner or later ul fall in the picture or u will be inside of it
    walk around and ask urself am i lucid dreamin?

  5. desire something in that dream and believe u can do it ,
    i desired a girl i always fantasied about , and the next girl i grabbed on the LD it was HER !! .

  6. After confirmation and u know your LD and can do anything you want at will
    then wooo hooo your in just dont get exited or scared because u will jump out from it

  7. recall and record ur experiences .


if this is helpful to anyone plz reply with ur experiences or questions and i shall try answerin em ,

If this is in the wrong section plz move it to the right section
since im new here :razz:

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Sounds like WILD.

You should call it MIWILD (Meditation Induced WILD)

maybe i should
i dont know im new to this but this is my method and i dont guarantee
it will work 100 %

as for all of you will be lookin for a quick shortcut
and in reality there is no quick short cut for anythin

its all trial and error
so either do all that is required or dont do it at all

So damn right. I Know from Experience that there are no short cuts, but the ego is still always looking for them.

Well it was cool to read your post. It has been a few Years since I’ve been here. I was just telling one of my Lucid dreaming friends (whom I met here on ld4all over 6 years ago) about how I just need to start meditating again for the LD 's to kick in again. Like at least 10 minutes in the morning and ten minutes b4 bed.

the Gift of Inspiration!

So true! :cry:

And I’ve recently realized how much help meditation is! How do you meditate exactly? You focus on your breath? I usually kind of focus in the silence in my mind, the blackness in my eyes, etc. I still get distracted a lot though :content:

This might be the key to LD’ing. Being able to focus on one thing only for as long as you want = WILD at will! right?

my method i heard it would be considered miwild

meditation induced wild
i concentrate on the buzzing sound in my head and nothin else or my breath

i do it for as long as it takes and since im pretty good at meditating i can usually feel sleep paralysis in 5 minutes meditating ,

i feel my whole body gettin numb and then like electric pulses i feel everywhere which is so cool , i love the feeling ,

once i feel all of that i noticed that i can switch my aware ness more quickly if i concentrate on the feeling in that certain part of my body

thats how i increase my awareness
now for meditating , or focus meditation i usually concentrate on a sound because concentrating on nothin is the super hard part …

so by concentrating on a sound or a thought , reduces all chatter and your body starts to fall asleep while your concience is awake,

i can LD at will because of meditation, i know the right feeling which speeds up the process and i feel like i can go into LD quicker, which i proved to ma self i can

See the goal into LD is the body must be fully relaxed << thats the key
if its not then u wont be able to LD for new comers almost near impossible

because your mind wanders around , and if it wanders around while ur trying to LD
thats a sign of an unfocused mind which leads to meditation which helps your mind focus

thats how meditation aids and helps , well everything lol especially concentration
and yes wild at will which i think my method would be called MIWILD

:razz: time to start meditating and moving papers with my mind ,
i did it yesterday and i was soo happy :razz:

Indeed, I noticed when my mind wanders my forhead (and very likely other muscles) get tense. :eh:

Thanks, I’ll keep up the meditation I’ve been up to :wink:

no problem even though i have little posts i have tons of knowledge lol
not in LD but im glad that my other skills

Telekinesis , Energy Manipulation ,
Psychokinesis , Meditation, have helped me ease into LD

those is what i major in ^^ or focus ma time on ,

  • just make sure all ur muscles weigh 1000 pounds
    once u think ur body is heavy , try lifting ur hand but very very very slow like microscopic slow ,

try to lift ur arm or hand with very little muscle , try to use energy to lift it and once u feel u moved it or budged it a little , if u felt like it was heavy or hard to move thats a good sign

just go back into thinking ur thought in order to LD and u should get close or even LD at will

I have used a method similar to this just to get to sleep for a while now. Usually my body is completely dead and I have to let my mind wander for a while before I fall asleep. If I focus instead of wander will I LD?

I can absolutely confirm that relaxation is the key. I’m meditating too and didn’t get any further than seeing brief HIs. Those made me quite excited (I’m still a beginner) and I wanted to see them clearer and longer. By trying to improve them (which is a mistake also) I noticed that I tensioned my eyelids (because of concentration), my lips and also my upper leg muscles. And therefore I didn’t get further.

Meanwhile I conquer my lips muscle tension with a light “inner” smile (think Mona Lisa or the smile of Buddha), so they remain relaxed. The other muscle tensions I conquer by imagining that the “Eigenlicht” or amorphous clouds I see first when I close my eyes and start relaxation, flow over my whole body and relax the muscles when they flow over them. It also helps to reduce muscle tension by imagining the sound “Aaahhhh” while exhaling.

When I let my thoughts just wander, I simply fall asleep. Then there is also no muscle tension to conquer because I don’t need to concentrate on anything. :happy:

You just explained how a WILD is done.


focus on images
that u want to see in your head and i believe u can ld
or it can help

if it wanders u ll fall asleep

some what similar
but u can focus or think of anythin in order for the brain to be awake and body to fall asleeep

but meditation you can actually focus on LD if you know how and if you get good at it u can LD at will

i say meditation because alot of people dont have focused minds
or their brain wanders off alot
which prevent LD

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meditation sigh :sad:
yeah, when i try to lay down and clear out my mind i always drift. i can never focus. plus i can never fall asleep when i try too hard. sometimes i catch my thoughts not making any sense, this means im falling asleep but then i snap right back out of it.
anyone have any tips on that?
plus when i close my eyes for a while i sometimes start seeing blue fuzzy blobs, is that hypnogogic stage or what, because it sure doesn’t feel like i’m falling asleep :confused:

plus thanx for the meditation/MILD/WILD technique idea, that sounds like a good one to try out, unless my brain decides to be dumb, as usual :wallhit:

When you try too hard then you keep awake your brain too much so that you won’t fall asleep. It may also be that you then put unvoluntary tension to some of your muscles so that your body keeps being awake. Try to focus softly on the sound in your ears. I can hear hear a high pitched hissing sound in my ears (blood stream) and a low buzzing sound (as d3struct told), which is harder to hear. You can hear both sounds more easily when you put earplugs in your ears.

I think those wandering thoughts never really make sense. They just lead you to falling asleep. And the snapping back you can use to renew your focus on the sounds!

You are probably talking of these amorphous clouds, also called “Eigenlicht”? I can see them after about 1 or 2 minutes after closing my eyes and they mark the first waypoint of relaxion for me. You can find nice waypoint descriptions of falling asleep in this text:
How to Induce a W.I.L.D.
And don’t be sad: I also lose my focus very often, but when I’m still awake I simply renew my focus without being angry or frustrated.

That’s how it’s supposed to be! :tongue: It’s completely natural for that to happen at first. I’ve been practicing meditation for somewhere around 2 weeks and that happens a lot. The problem is if you get dismotivated and don’t try :tongue: The mind gets easier to silence with practice. Whenever your mind wanders just gently bring your focus back, even if it takes you many minutes to realize your mind has focussed in the first place!

meditation is trial and error
ur brain at first will only be quiet for 30 seconds then it will look for something to do

u just have to keep doin it to increase the time of the quietness
time urself , if u do think of nothing for 10 seconds just wandeirn drifitng

next session should be pushin yourself to 12 seconds then 14 then 16
if u can get a stop watch and set it up , u can see ur progress

and gain more confidence that your doing it therefore subconciously
u will get to be able to do it faster or with more of ease

Suggestion - concentrate on a sound which is simple, a constant sound ,
think of that only , depic it out , feel how does it sound
separate the sounds that make up that sound
or focus on a sound of that sound , feeel the sound in your head

The Process that ima take u thru will be from
your brain thinking

1000 ideas to 1 idea but u must focus on it for as long as u can , and a simple thing is a noise not music

do that for a week and ur focus should increase tremendously if u push urself
u will learn the feeling of thinking of just one thought

after that one thought once your well experienced and u can think of anything for a long period of time , youll be ready

I am having issues hearing any kind of constant sound. If I put something that makes a constant sound in my room(a fan or something similar)would that work or would that not be the right kind of noise?

that will work
try that and see

as long as the sound is not loud
it needs to be low and constant

so u can put some effort in focusing
make sure u dont fall asleep

because meditation is BORING !!
so when u feel like ur fallin asleep just stop

and analyze for how long were u able to focus on the fan sound
and what did it really sound like try to compare it to something

Ok that’s helpful. My other question was what should I focus on about the sound but you answered that pretty well.

Hi d3struct, i have a question about your technique.
When you say we should meditate, you mean like while laying in our beds trying to fall asleep for a LD?
Cause i’ve started trying your technique just yesterday but what i do is that i actually sit in the lotus position on my bed and try to meditate there for about 15 mins. and then i try to sleep thinking of LDs, basically trying to WILD
Is this the way to do it? or do i have to do it when im trying to fall asleep?