ADRT- Anchored Dream Recall Technique

After good results that the experiment produced I decided to put this technique here.

The experiment can be found HERE

Keep in mind that explanation of technique there is just a draft. Just below you will see a explanation on how to do the technique.

The anchoring is same like classical conditioning but with fancy name :smile:
If you would like to know how it works just google “conditioning” or “pavlov’s dog”.

How to do the technique
First you have to decide what your anchor will be, it can be almost anything. I think it’s best to use the one used in experiment.

Examples of anchor :

  • Tapping your wrist
  • Looking at certain picture
  • Hearing a specific sound

Then, you have to learn to recognize the feeling of DR. It comes just before the actual recall and that’s when you need to react. It’s the feeling that you know you dreamed something but not yet what, usually in few seconds after that you recall what you dreamed about.

When you are certain you know how to recognize the feeling - Start, in the morning when you wake up, to anchor that feeling. In other words as soon as you get the feeling tap your wrist two times or do whatever you chose as an anchor.

Be sure to do that 3-7 days without using the anchor for anything else.
When those few days passed continue to anchor the feeling in the morning, but every time you have problems with DR use the anchor while trying to remember.

While doing this technique you need to continue using your DJ (or not if you don’t use one at all ). Do not try modifying it since it could give unexpected results.

Simple but it works.

Give it a try and tell me what you think about it.

This sounds like a really great idea! I’ll see if I can remember to do it in the morning. :wink:

Hey glad to see your DR tech is up officially Spider :smile:
Lets get people using it :tongue:

I don’t know if it’s official but i got green light to post it here. We will see how community will like it.

If anyone has any questions about this technique or is unsure how to do it feel free to ask and be sure to fist check the experiment topic because some of questions where answered there.

This sounds like a great idea and i will definitely give it a go.

Just so i’ve got it straight - the idea is to use your anchor (e.g tapping your wrist) in the morning just as you start to remember your nights dream/s? Have i got that right? :shy:

Yes, you got it right. That question was already asked in experiment topic.
When you got the FEELING of recall tap your wrist.
Everything is in explanation in first post here.

Thanks very much - sorry for asking a redundant question…

Nice thread you made spider :happy: Im glad the tecnique worked :smile:

I also followed the experiment as it went :tongue:

Cariad: no problem, sorry if i sounded harsh. It’s better that you asked so you can do the technique properly. :wink: no hard feelings?

Ghostie: thanks, I hope it will help people to get better recall.

No problem! :smile: Totally forgot to do it this morning… stupid brain! lol
I guess thats pretty much the biggest hurdle… actually remembering to create the anchor in the first place :bored:

Well Im sure it will work well :grin: because its a very easy method :smile:

Yea I had that problem too Cariad, but once you do it, it will become easier.
Ghostie: Yea, me too, just to get people to start using it!

Good luck Cariad !

works pretty good. I remembered quite a few more of my dream using this mehod

I’ve started. If everthing is ok I will report which results I will get after 5-7 days of using it.

I’m going to start doing this tomorrow morning if I can remember… I’ve been telling myself to do RC’s when I wake and I forgot to the past few mornings until this morning… I did it about 30 seconds after I was awake…

I will do my best to remember to do this though… I had that feeling of remembering very strongly this morning… I wish I had started then :wink:

I just started taking omega3 and last night I did get much more vivid dreams… and better recall than the past two nights… we’ll see how tonight goes… wish me luck! :smile:

I couldn’t do this this morning… not because I didn’t remember to… but I never got a feeling of oncoming remembrance… I felt nothing then I remembered… I will try this again tomorrow morning and hopefully I get the feeling…

Sounds awesome, I’m sure it’ll help me get back to remembering my dreams since I’ve been slacking a lot lately. I’ll try it out and see how much it helps.

again I didn’t get that feeling of remembrance… so instead I just tried my best to remember the sensation of remembering and I anchored that… hoping I get the feeling tomorrow and I can anchor a more pure feeling.

Great technique. :smile: I’m going to try it and see if it works.

glad to hear that… so, good luck, and be sure to report how it went.

Be sure to just anchor the feeling first few days, and no to trigger it. I suggest you take a look at experiment topic if you didn’t yet.

I hope it will work well for you as it worked for others.

EDIT: lol didn’t even saw there was page two. I wish all of you good luck, and just be patient, this isn’t over-the-night technique.

@ Vember: keep up the good work. Glad to see you are not giving up.