could lucid dreaming effect the amount of energy you get?

scientists say that when you sleep, your body restores all the energy you used that day, and your brain goes through everything you did that day, which may be why you dream about something you did or saw that day, they also say that when you sleep and you dream, the brain makes the dream as sort of a way to clean things up or clear out, and build up energy…

so…if that is true…and youre dreaming, and you become lucid in that dream…you know youre dreaming, so you know your thoughts, or your brain, made it, so couldnt that mess up, or postpone the brains restoration, or, ‘clearing out’ thing? and wouldnt that mean you get less energy? so during the day time…you didnt get enough energy, and so you could be kind of cranky, and irritable…or not be able to form calculations like you would normally?

or could your brain somehow ignore its awakening and continue on with restoring energy? maybe it doesnt even notice that you awoke inside a dream.
i dunno.

what do you all think?

well I have experienced a loss of energy a few times from having lucid dreams as opposed to normal dreams, it doesn’t happen all the time, I think ultimately it depends on how many hours sleep you get.

There is also a theory I read which says when you sleep you ‘pay’ a ‘toll’ with your energy and then when you wake up you recieve energy back like ‘tax’. But if you are disturbed or waken up by something or someone too early you dont receive the correct amount of energy back. But its amazing how often dreams end at the exact time you wake up.

I personally wouldn’t be too bothered about how much energy I have after waking up… it’s worth it for a lucid dream :wink:

Yup, ive had this happened to me as well, Also with really vivid dreams. But 90% of the time that i have LDs i wake up exhausted, mentally not physically.

Sorry i didn’t have more to contribute hehe.

Whenever i get a LD i wake up with more energy than usual and feeling fantastic.
May be this lower energy is due to trying to control the LD too much?

About the processing information thing. In REM sleep there is tremendous acticity in the brain. If that is because the brain is processing information and such Then it should be forced upon us by REM sleep. I don’t think that the actual images necessarily have anything to do with said process. What would it be good for? Image therapy? I believe that the restoration is an unconscious process and the dreams are a biproduct of the raised activity. If the process experiences by dreaming do we nee to process dream experiences also? So if it is indeed the case that that’s what REM sleep is for, then it shouldn’t matter what we dream about and lucidity shouldn’t interfere because the REM process is forced upon us. And what needs to be done gets done automatically. Probably even under the surface. But I believe that lucid dreaming increases the activity in the brain so, that’s using up energy.

Hey I just found this cool PDF off a torrent site on how to sleep less and have more energy. Covers all kinds of things but some of the main points about how to have more energy regard things like: Getting enough sunlight, exercise, eating right, having regular sleep patterns, not having nicotine, caffeine or alcohol, making sure you drink plenty of water before sleep and taking power naps is supposed to help too.

Sounds interesting. Link?

I agree with krakatoa, During the dreaming period your body is not exactly being restored, that happens in earlier periods.

About sleeping less, I’ve heard about this technique, but never tried, I don’t have a text teaching it neither.

Me too, I love it. It feels so great and I want to do it again
Sometimes I wakeup with unkown unexplainable Emotions or Feelings, it feels very nice.

Same with me i always seem to be really hyper and energetic after an LD. I get soooo worked up and emotionally I feel really great and happy! :grin:

If it was going to adversly affect you, your brain probabaly wouldn’t let you do it in the first place, but ya never know. :eek:

Hmm… Odd. When I was younger, I would get super long ND’s. I mean, 9 hours. I would wake up and feel mentally exhausted and have a massive headache.
But my longest LD, 8 hours, I felt super refreshed like you wouldn’t believe.

what if you wake up feeeling mentally exasted even without an LD? is that something i should worry about? (PS i know i get enough sleep, but my sleep patterns arent regular)

From what I have read lucid dreaming doesn’t make sleep any less effective in terms of recharging the batteries.

Also, I think if you can have more control over your dreams you can wake up in a better mood, because you can make them much more positive experiences. I think that when you feel lousy/stressed you can carry those emotions and issues into your dreams, the more you can control them the better because you can confront problems etc in dreams.

When I have lucid dreams, and good dream recall, I tend to feel better upon waking. I think there is alot to be said about dreams affecting your mood and state of mind, when you have them just before waking. If you have a dream you’re fighting with your spouse, and you forget it, the same pysiological effects are there anyway, without resolution. It’s like you actually had a fight, because you never realized it was a dream. However, if you remember it, and therefore are able to put it in perspective, it has less effect on your mood in waking life.

That’s my theory on it, anyway.

when ever i wake up i feel mentally exasted wether in LD or not. it doesnt see to make a difference wether i have good recall or not either. i get enough sleep but not normal sleep patterns but i still feel exasted

I’ve found it very necessary to be aware of when you are going to wake up. If you are in the sky, lower yourself back down very easily and gently while enjoying the feeling. It’s imperative that you again, always maintain easy, gentle and total control, in order to bring back that amazingly powerful feeling to the waking world.

Ahhhhhhhh, so sweet. Is there anything quite like Lucidity?

there have been people that say that lucid dreaming messes up serotonin levels


consider :

society says, sleep, 6-8 hours

what if we need 12-16 hours ?

in an ideal life (i hope you can live this, ask the universe for it if you want it)
you can stay in bed as long as you could ever possibly conceive, then get up and do pleasurable activities,

but one reason that some / many may not have refreshing sleep is that

generally food should not be eaten any-time prior to sleeping, within 3 hours, because it takes a lot of the bodies energy to digest all the food we eat.

i bet someone who eats only fruits and drinks perhaps milks will on this diet have so much energy that they sleep easy, 3-7 hours maybe 6, and feel totally alive in the morning, and wake up on their own.
also if you want to be refreshed in the morning you need sunshine shining upon your face as it rises.

This is very nice to know. Dreaming is forced upon us, so realizing we are in the dream probably doesn’t make a difference.

I don’t know much about it, but I did attempt it when I had a broken collar bone, and before that when I had a shattered wrist. In my opinion, it didn’t do anything. Just the thought of it doing something may make some feel better though.

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Happy reading! :cool: