dream characters killing

I’m getting ludicity news and there was a discussion, is killing dream characters is ok? Here’s my opinion, what do u think?

I believe we can do anything we want in our dreams. I have many dreams where i’m fighting (things like kunfu, etc) with dream characters and I don’t feel bad when I kill them, It’s all unreal, why not have fun? People kill in computer games, I did it many times and I would never kill anyone in real life. Also I believe that fighting in dreams develop my fighting skills in real life, and you never now when you could need it. But I only kill in those dreams, where a dream world is, for example, a Matrix world or a war field or smth like that. If you just go through the city in your dream and kill people, thats not OK. What if you are having a shared dream and find out in the morning that you killed your friend? It may happen. Remember that no one has found how really dreams work. So my opinion is that we can kill dream characters in dreams when the situation is right, but if its not, with all the begging, blood, painful screams, etc we shouldn’t do it.


Hack and slash, kill anything that moves, it’s all in your head anyway.

And just hypothetically, even if there is such a thing like shared dreaming, there’s no way you can kill someone in RL just by killing them in a dream. I’m sure you have died plenty of times in your dream, and your still here, aren’t you.

Of course, if shared dreaming is possible, you could be causing a lot of nightmares with this violent behaviour in your LDs.

I have no idea how to think about it. I don´t fear to kill someone in a shared dream, but do we really know how real dreams are?
Well, I try rather not to go killing around anybody when I am lucid, don´t know why, just a feeling that it might be better this way (killing DC somehows seems unfriendly towards your subcounciousness)


Kill them all!!! let off some steam. Your subconcious is whats really driving your earge to kill your dream charaters in a round about sort of way so go with it. then when you kill all the dream characters that are around, creat some more, perhapps people you don’t like and kill them to. kill them with your pinky link a navy seal.

i’m not sure i understand your reasoning. who’s to say that the “matrix world” isn’t a shared dream, and these people who you have decided it’s okay to kill, are real people?

personally, i don’t think it’s possible to kill another person in a shared dream, but shrug you never know

I’ve killed a lot of people and I’ve died a lot of times. Look at me I’m still here. Don’t know about the DC’s though :tongue: . I don’t know if I would kill a person cold bloodedly or someone without a weapon without a good cause. It’s just my nature. It’s ok to kill in a dream I think. It’s a dream anyway.

I hope.

I haven’t got that far yet. My LD’s are so unstable at the moment I’d probably just wake up if I tried. I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with killing in dreams. It’s all completely unreal, best place for it.
I look forward to killing my past driving instructor in an LD one day :devil: :lol:

Even if shared dreaming existed, what would be the worst that could happen? Your friend woke up from the shock? You cannot hurt your physical body during dreams…

I personally dont get any joy from killing DC’s, unless i am being haunted down by some being… But i do not think it is wrong that someone take pleasure in it… Whatever makes you feel happy :smile:

Well actualy. I know a person who had a dream where That person saw a person being beaten and that person felt the pain and didn’t go to work because it hurt so much.

I surpose it could be quite healthy, especially if you suffer from depresion or something similliar it could stop you from going over the edge in real life.

However, doing so (and if you do it cold heartlyidy with the people screaming etc) excessivly could lead you to be mentally unbalanced (you could have trouble telling the difference between sleep and wake).

Meh, I haven’t even had an LD. All that was theories :cool:.

Your dream memories and RL memories are pretty much the same. So, I would not recommend killing people in your dreams seeing how that is going to be buried within your subconscious. Doing so could lead to you becoming desensitized. Be careful. BE AN ANGEL IN YOUR DREAMS :angel: why don’t you try to help people instead of killing them?

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I suggest, kill them all, especially the innocent-looking ones. You never know how perfidious the DCs can become. Think about it, in a dream, a little girl knocks on your door and you open it. She want’s to sell you candys to get money for the HILCSO (help innocent little candy sellers organisation). Of course that’s very suspicous, but you buy some anyway, because it’s just a little, cute child. She can’t be evil. You say goodbye and close the door, then you eat the candy, and in the next moment you lie flat on the floor, holding your belly because it hurts so much. You are dying, you were poisoned. And, the moment before you really die a wretched dead, you see the little girl standing in front of you, and she says with a demonic smile “Hahahah, now you wake up! Fool!”. Then you wake up.

Of course I’m understating this, in reality it’s much worse. So, play it safe and eliminate them all!
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Well, I’d say: It’s better to kill your boss in a dream than in RL :smile:

I think it would be actually pretty good for ones mental health, it may release ones aggression. As long as one is mature and smart enough to tell dreams from waking reality I think it is fine.

I think experiencing something in a dream could definitely help mentally prepare you for it in real life, for something like fighting or self defence.

Murder murder kill die maim bludgeon kill stab hack kill die murder cut shoot blow up smack whack bam bam bam zap bang splat squish fwap!

It’s all in your head. Kill everyone, even yourself, if it makes you happy. Sometimes I just fly around and blow stuff up. YEEEEHAH!

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Some of you people make me nervous… :happy:

For a while ago, i had very violent LD’s. Or you could say i was destroying not only people but citiez out of anger and frustration of my normal life.
Then i felt a presance, an ancient spirit. She asked me what i was doing and i thought it was very odd. (Normal DC’s voices and thinking patterns are made up of my self, you can hear a whispering thought within youself as the DC’s are planning to speak or is speaking.) This DC wasnt a part of me and that just blew my mind. I freaked but her presance was soothing so i stayed clam. I just looked at her and then unwillingly I went into deep-sleep.So im thinking twice about killing/destroying things.

I thought it was funny when I mentioned LDing to someone who didn’t know what it was, his first idea was to kill our spanish teacher in his dream. :happy:

Ok, I’ve had some success with LDs - I know how real it can get in there. So here’s my prophecy: Someday, when LD is more widely known and practiced, someone is going to be on trial in RL for murder or rape or whatever, and his defense will be that he thought it was a Lucid Dream. He misread the Reality Checks. Anyone talked about this potential yet in this forum (I’m brand new here). What’s everyone’s thoughts on this ? Would it hold up in court? Make a good Scifi movie?
Peace out,

I don’t think so. While it is possible for people to mistake a dream for WL it is not likely that someone would mistake waking life fore a dream. When you are in a ND the part of you that thinks critically/rationally is not active and thus we accept the strange situations we find ourselves in as normal. But when we are awake our critical/rational thinking functions normally. I have never seriously wondered if I was dreaming while I was awake.

Now that does not mean that someone who commits a real crime won’t some day try to use a lucid dream defense I just doubt that they would be successful.

But it would make a good movie.