Dream Cue Mandala Technique!

Well I finally made my dream cue mandala!

This is a powerful technique that combines Eastern meditation and Stephen Laberge’s dream cue classification system.

For those who are not familiar with SL’s system you can find it here:


It produces frequent instantaneous lucidity when applied in two major ways:

  1. Mandala Living – Through meditation on the mandala sufficient familiarity is obtained to be able to instantly scan one’s experience and detect any mandala “violations” and thus determine that you are dreaming. The mandala in essence becomes THE RC.

  2. Mandala Sleeping – By visualizing the mandala on the way to sleep and reviewing each cue in detail with the determination to recognize it in all your dreams the mandala becomes a lucidity induction technique!

My mandala includes 10 different dreamsigns.

I created it using MS Paint and I would like to show it to you if you are interested; but that depends on how interested you are because my webhost will not allow me to transfer it because it is 2.8 MB.

If you know of some way to host it and let me know I will include it so those who are interested may view it.

I’ve used this technique in the past and it definitely works quite well.


Ok I fixed the size issue by exporting to jpeg which cut the file size by 9 times!

Here is the link:

stratego.sphosting.com/Lucidity_ … ndala.html

This is the best way I’ve found to become familiar with my major dreamsigns and is a great meditation tool on the way to sleep.


I just tried something very interesting. While I was looking for mandala creation software I ran across some sites where these monks design mandalas.

They had one link where they drew the outside of one of them in 3D.

The reason is because the mandalas represent buildings from the top down view.

So last night I actually mentally went inside my mandala!

I entered from the north and visited each room where there was a dream cue from my previous dream.

It was really fun and I noticed an increased mental clarity.

The dream that followed was quite vivid and specifically mentioned lucidity – I was telling characters I was going to have a lucid dream.

This adds a completely different dimension to using the mandala.

In fact I am pretty sure there is some software out there that will create a 3-D image of a 2-D map that can be explored. I’m going to search for it.

If anyone knows where I can get it let me know.



Hmm… sounds interesting, I might consider trying this.

I have found two software rendering programs so far. I’ll let you know how that goes.


Well I thought I was going to have to give up on the 3D software thing.

There is a TON of techy-geek software design CRAP to wade through and frankly I’m not willing to learn a whole new programming language from the ground up just to make a 3D explorable dream mandala :eek:

But with persistant effort I found it! It is freeware and it even has documentation support on wikipedia!

It’s called Blender and here it is:


Have fun!