Ever been shot?

I have (in a dream that is). It hurt, but not too badly considering!

One time a guy in my house shot me at least 7 times! I was absolutely riddled with bullets, and I ran and duck for cover behind my couch. The only shot that missed that he fired was the one intended for my head. Then I woke up. Glad I did, because I was basically screwed in that situation!

yeah, i’ve been shot before, when i was running from the guy, but the bullet didn’t slow me down at all.

i’ve been shot and it completely killed me into waking up, quite scary dream actually. the bullet hit me in the stomach and i fell over in pain, i could taste blood and my vision blacked out… then pictures of memories of my family and friends flashed before my eyes before i awoke. one of my most real dream experiences.

I’ve been shot in a dream. i just got a strange stinging feeling where i was shot and there was a touch of blood.

I tried to shot them back, but it turned out the gun I was holding was just a toy one :bored:.

I have been shot. I don’t remember pain but after the shot I was weak. I wanted to cry I was so happy it was all over(my life). The sad thing about it was that my friuend took a bullet for me and died in vain. Then the guy shot him self. The last thing I said though was, " Their is still hope in the eyes of children."

I remember I had a dream where me and a group of people were robbing a bank. They all had AK-47’s and such, while I had a small USP pistol. I starting thinking how unfair this was, and the SWAT team bursts through the door with a bunch of MP5’s and unloaded a lot of bullets into my stomach. My vision faded out as I died in the dream and I actually woke up still feeling a small pain in my stomach :eek: .

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I was in someone’s front garden about to explore their house and a lady appeared, pointing a rifle at me. When she started shooting the dream quickly faded.

Yeah, I’ve been shot in a dream once.
The bullet hit me in the stomach but I didn’t feel any pain. I only felt how the bullet pressed me down towards the ground (my stomach got heavy) and I couldn’t move. My vision faded to black and when I could “see” again I was at some sort of train station with my family and friends (if you’ve played Grim Fandango you can see what mean.)

The dream was far from uncomfortable but still weird. I didn’t feel any sorrow or loss from being shot, I just accepted it. :neutral:

I’ve been shot in afew dreams, I’ve also shot other people in afew dreams, including my own brother, but he shot me first. :puh:

I’ve been shot. Ben Affleck shot me. See, for some reason I was competing with Affleck (who I HATE). We were shooting at each other. I was taking careful aim and plugging him in the head and he wouldn’t go down. And he hit me a bunch of times in the face and shoulders but I wouldn’t go down. It didn’t hurt much. It just sort of tingles. Then I realized it was a dream, but I was still scared for some reason. I knew that I had the power to do anything, but he was in a helicoptor shooting at me, so I couldn’t focus. I ran behind a book case, then I thought, “ocean” and I ran outside, and there was the ocean. I leapt into it, thought a few dolphins would be handy so they appeared. I grabbed onto one and zoomed off under water (I could breathe fine). Affleck followed. Then we decided to settle it by racing plastic penguins down a little track. I pushed mine along with a stick and won by cheating. One of the most bizarre LD’s I’ve ever had…

I’ve been shot at in a few dreams. The only dream where i know i’ve been hit was an LD where i said “you can’t hurt me since this is a dream” and the bullets just went trough me :cool:.

I like all of you,Have been shot in a dream.
I was walking down my street,When I see a guy in a blue convertable driving on the wrong side of the road.
I stop walking to let him drive by,And he did. :smile:
I took 3 bullets,2 to the torso and 1 in the gut.
It felt odd as hell but did not hurt like i would have thought.
I have also have had many dreams the I have kicked the bucket. :help:
They seem to happen every month,But I like them.

I’ve never been shot, but I have shot someone. I was in an unknown house with an unknown person and I put my pistol up to his head and pulled the trigger. I had to figure out where to bury him but after a few minutes I was too overcome with grief and remorse and broke down crying. I woke up really freaked out!

Whenever I’m about to get shot in a dream, I always try to run but can’t! It really sucks - It’s like I’m in slow motion but nothing else is. So I always end up getting shot like 10 times and it really hurts :bored: And if I have a gun and try to shoot them back, I miss every single time or they just don’t die! It’s so frustrating…

I have been shot, but at that point my dream was in third person and it looked like a cheap videogame for some ancient gaming system… So it wasn’t very ‘real’, even though a little digital coffin popped up and said that my funeral was on October 8, 2003.

I have been stabbed though. It was an odd dream (non lucid)… I think I was actually a different person. It was something LOTR related, and I had ended up killing some guy’s brother or something without knowing it was his brother. I felt terrible when he told me, and I tried to apologize but he stabbed me in the arm with a short sword.

It might’ve been in the arm, but you would’ve thought it was in the heart. Suddenly I was really dizzy and I started to fall to the ground. I had those typical last-moments-before-you die. I felt like Haldir in the Two Towers… :neutral: I was falling to the ground in slow motion, knowing I was going to die, and very sad… I remember catching glimpses of my surroundings as I went down. Everything blacked out and I woke up…

shiver That was easily one of my most terrifying dreams.

Hey, I was shot once! :cool: I don’t remember the dream itself, it was ten years ago or something, but those days it really impressed me… Not very interesting story, I was just walking along my street, when some shooting began. I had nothing to do with it, but they probably decided to get rid of the witness, or it was just by accident, so one of these guys shot at me and hit my left side or something. I fell on the ground and thought: “Yes, this way it happens… :sad: ” and the dream was over, I didn’t wake up, I just don’t remember anything more. I think I was having stomach-ache that night, because it hurt in fact, thought, naturally, not as much as it should. :smile:

I was shot in a dream a few days ago, 3 times in my leg, it did hurt, all through the story of my dream.

The day after that I dreamed about being shot again, I was in some kind of war… but don’t know if I was actually hit.

There are dreams from longer ago I was shot in, but most of the time it doesn’t hurt.

This reminds of a dream I head a few months ago:

I was in a huge shoot out with about 40 people involved.
And I was winning, I had the ability to go “bullet-time” like in max payne (a bit like in the matrix), so I was killing all these bad guys, ducking bullets etc. Basicly it was slowmotion. But suddenly - in midts of a slo-mo jump to avoid some bullets, a guy fired at me from another direction and very close up. Beeing mid-air i didn’t have the possibility to change direction or anything, so I was just waiting for the bullets to strike me, without being able to do anything about it. It was so frustrating! next thing i remember was lying on the ground with lots of bullets in my torso. I didn’t feel any pain, but I was really frustrated and angry because i got shot and was going to die. I wasn’t afraid though. As I died, I woke up.

it was a terrible tewrrible war… i look back on it now and think what was it all about? Everyone was forced to go to war. There was me with my family and friends waiting in the trenches for the machine guns to reload. Some one in my family stick there head up for just a second and then i see a pile of blood pour into the trench. Dead. Then i see big explosives and am getting quite scraed at this time. However i am full of anger coz i just say someone close to me die…

i then see a man stand up above our trench and then next thing i hear is a loud but low frequencyting of a bullet peircing through my helmet into my brain. An instant white flash appeared in my dream.

I then woke up in hatred wanting to kill someone…
The bullet absolutly killed me with paid(literally) but only for a split millisecond