Ever been shot in a dream? part II

this is Part II of Ever been shot in a dream: Part I is here :moogle:

[color=#ab82ff][size=100]I’ve been shot in a dream before. I’m sure I’ve been shot a few times, but I can only really remember one time.

It hit me and it was like my insides were burning. It wasn’t exactly PAINFUL, but it was disturbing…and then I was falling to the ground, but it was more like sinking and everythign sort of faded away. It didn’t go black…it stopped existing, there was no colour…not even black…and it was horrible.[/size][/color]

Last night I had a dream of being shot in the back of the knee by some japanese terrorist. It felt like an injection, a little sting and a weird feeling of something going into my skin, then my leg went really dead and achey where i got shot.

Well, I’ve been shot before, in a LD, i can’t remember if I’ve ever been shot in a ND, but in this LD my brother had a poison crossbow, so then my mother (I know, wtf?) tells him to riddle me full of holes, so then he starts unloading this rapid fire cossbow at me, bareley any of the bolts hit me, but then this cop decides to shoot me in the face, I got shot, it hurt, and then my view just kind of dropped to the ground and went dark red, and I saw my gun (which I didn’t even have) fall in front of my face, I think I played “DOOM” a little too much that day, oddly it didn’t wake me up, I just “re-spawned” and then continued the LD

I was shot, stabbed and hit with a bat in one dream :sad: This guy who I was having trouble with (it did end up in a fight eventually) and two of his mates cornered me and basically worked me over. At the end I was lying on the floor and I heard a bang and felt my skull implode from the back and something come out between my eyes. I woke up after that. It didn’t hurt but then nothing does in my dreams. At worst it’s uncomfortable.

I sometimes end up in armed combat situations, my latest (I think 2 weeks ago) was fighting somewhere in the Eastfront in the second World War, I was a german soldier with a M5 (which is ridiculous since they were’nt invented yet) shooting at a russian group from a tall ruin of a building, I shot most of them down, but they started retuning fire and managed to pierce though the wall, which made my back fill with bullets, I could actually feel them travelling through my body.
I actually felt the life draining out of me, quite a memorable feeling.
Getting weaker and weaker… Until I rubbed in my eyes and opened the next scenario.

i got shot for trespassing once in a dream didn’t hurt my mate just walked up to me and laughed

:yes: 128 times in my last LD :uh:

It happened a couple of times, whenever it does I just fall on my back and I feel like the sky’s spinning and I feel cold for a couple of seconds before waking up…

I was shot in an ND, I died (which wasn’t painful or uncomfortable). I then ended up in a black void and I couldn’t move. A glowing face of an old man was saying something to me (I forgot exactly what is was he said) in a rather mad tone. He disappeared, I could finally move so I just kept walking. Eventually I ended up on a street and my parents picked me up in their car, and I woke up.

I’ve been shot many, many times in dreams. Usually by a school shooter. Usually the exchange goes something like this:

::I get shot::

Me: “Oh, come on, that was a useless shot! I’m not even bleeding very much!”

::I get shot again::

Me: “Look, you’re barely twenty feet from me, can’t you make a decent shot?”

::I get shot again::

Me: "You’ve shot me three times and I’m not even remotely dead! You’re the most completely useless gunman I’ve ever seen in my life!

::I proceed to call 911, accidentally call 991, try again, succeed, and call the police while the gunman has abandoned his handgun and is AK47’ing me::

The odd thing was, I wasn’t even lucid during this exchange!

That’s hilarious! =0)

I was shot in a hunting ‘accident’ in one dream. I squeezed the bullet out like I would a pimple. =0) Didn’t feel a thing.

I shot someone in a dream last night … if that counts for anything…

EDIT: Funny, I never thought Da-- mn would be censored :tongue:

Hmmn, this is quite odd. I have been shot in a dreams 3 maybe 4 times (in separate dreams)

One time I was in bed and shot by a mysterious figure with a shotgun from my hallway. It didn’t really hurt just felt hot and then cold. I feel life fading away and then my vision fading to white. But then everything fades back into the room and I’m stood in my room as a ghost; knowing full well that I’m dead. I walked up my hallway, the shooter is gone from there now, and then I woke up.

Oh it’s easy–it feels much like being shot 128 times :tongue:

I’ve never really been afraid of guns in my dreams–just one, though…when I had to save a girl from being shot by a shotgun-weilding, senile old man. I’ll never walk on an old guy’s lawn again :eek:

To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never been personally shot in a dream before. But, as in compensation to that, I’ve experienced anything else involving firearms in dreams: wielding firearms and on occasion firing them, being threatened/shot at by disgruntled dream characters, witnessing macabre firearm-related murders…

I’m actually put off my guns IRL. Still… they seem to always find their way into my dreams. Though, I kindle a curiosity to be shot in an LD… just to see what it’s like. I’ll even settle for an ND - I’ll wake up anyway, so it’s not like it would be directly harmful.

I’ve been shot before. I was fighting in an ancient American west town (Western film). It seemed like their was two sides fighting, i was on one of them, i had a musket in my hands and I was running.
Suddenly a horse & wagon drove past, a Woman and her son were in the cariage (they were the people who tour’d me around in the cariages on holiday in Belgium that previous month)
I took a shot, and i killed her son. She was really upset. However I had to reload, She then shot me, I remember a strain off the muscle where it hit, and it gradually pulled me down onto the floor, i just watched a bit on a side view watching the carriage drive off into the distance with the sound of gunfire in my ears
I’ve also been stabbed by the dude out of ‘Scream’, That hurt more than being shot, i fell to the floor but I decided to get up (And i didn’t get Lucid either… I just got up after being stabbed as though nothing happend), and he hid in a small cuboard :confused: somehow.

One dream I had i was at a pool party and my friends and I had tranquilizer guns and were shooting each other. It was pretty cool cause wherever a dart hit you that whole part of the body went completely numb. Probably one of my cooler dreams but I havent experienced an LD yet hoping to tho

I had a dream where I got shot in the foot once, and it felt like something was digging its claws into my foot.

Woke up and found my cat attacking my foot. :confused:

I’ve never been shot,

but I HAVE had evil beasties clawing at my flesh.

It is not at all pleasant… :lol: