Ever read your older posts?

this is the only screenshot i could find

it’s not good quality

oh i forgot … you can actually choose the new forum look or keep to the old style when you edit your profile :eh: … so I didn’t need to show that screenshot :tongue:

yes, you are dreaming moogle :yes:

If you go to the archive, you will get the old layout; it’s not possible to chose it in your profile. At least it shouldn’t be :tongue: (too much work to keep two templates up to date - and i have added so many mods in the new one that the old layout just wouldn’t really work out with that anymore)

isnt it funny … ? almost all things in the task bar are lucid dream related … ( a pity there is already a DreamAddict) *nudges moogle * :razz:
i am about to dive again into the deth of my newb posts , i hope i dont get to ashamed

ahh … you were going to do that Q, so you must have changed your mind :happy: (I should have checked)
so I didn’t waste my time putting up the screenshot image :smile:

I could never step into DreamAddict’s shoes … he is the first member to become a moderator on the forum :happy: … the original mod :yay:

Haha I remember that. When did the layout and all change? It was still like that back in 2003.

check out the LD4all history post [click]and there is more in the other anniversary topics
I particulary like this one [click] which was started by jack

Ah ok. So it got totally revamped a year or so after I left. :razz:

I am back after being gone for about 2 years, I’m not sure why I left.
I came back today because a friend at work started talking about his struggles with sleeping, he can’t sleep because he has terrible nightmares every night.

I imediately started thinking about LD4ALL and I felt an urge to come back here and pick up Lucid Dreaming again.

Now, a few years back I was a depressed insecure little brat, it’s weird what two years has done to me, I dug up some old posts from that year. I just can’t help it but laugh, it’s really funny, cause I have changed ALOT on these years.

Worst self confidence ever, that’s kinda funny cause my confidence now is probably way above average. I can’t say I have found true happiness, but I am deffinetly not depressed, can’t say I miss my teenage years. :smile:

Hahaha, that is insanely funny. I have more sexual partners now then ever, I can get practically any girl I’d want. (call me cocky but it’s true)
BUT the sad part is I actually want to fall in love and stick to a girl, but I’m just not falling in love anymore. It’s almost like (I know this is going to sound scary) but I have grown out of the ability to love, I simply don’t fall in love anymore.

I don’t know whats worse, breaking a girls heart or getting your heart broken, I know both are no fun.

Anyways it was fun ripping up some old posts, I have changed COMPLETELY and it seems like I am the total opposite of who I used to be. :smile:

I remember on another forum once when some newb resurrected a five year old thread and I ended up re-reading one of my old posts.

I had to do a doubletake and make sure nobody was haxing my account. I’ve changed that much. That was a long time ago, too. That post was when I was still using the alias VeryGnawty

Waaaaaaay back in 2006 Rhewin had another account called kippy10000. I long since forgot the log-in info, and the account is now inactive. I was mostly a lurker then, so I don’t officially count myself as being a member since '06, but there is no denying that those were my first posts on LD4all. So here we go, Rhewins first post EVAR!!!

Clicky linky thingy that you should click on

That’s a pretty interesting way to start, Rhewin. :happy:

As for me, I discovered LD4all in 2005, but I didn’t actually start to join the forum until 2007 in September. By then I’d already had 3 short LD’s (unintentional ones) and my first experience with WILD (failed). My first post:


I have actually gone back to read all I posted previously (with only 400 posts that didn’t take long). Actually quite interesting to see how my dreaming has changed over the years.

Just went back to my very first post, tomorrow exactly 1 year ago. Not surprisingly it turned out to be me ranting about Terry Pratchett on the cloud… some things never change :content:

Wow, look at me giving feedback on dreaming questions! It’s been years since I last did that. I remember kippy. It’s kinda funny to think that was you all along. :lol:

Hehe, you remember a poster with 16 posts from 4 years ago? I’m impressed. And such basic questions I was asking >.<

Well, we all start somewhere I suppose :razz:

I read my first post once… not terribly long ago.

Edited the crap out of it too.

Never read an early post before that.

I refuse to read them now.

But that’s just me, I’ve changed too much, my old posts embarrass me.

I read my first posts not long ago (my first post ever is in my first part of my DD, found in signature), and I always find them very embarrasing to read, it feels like another person has written them :lol:

What can I say? We all change :tongue:

:rofl: My most embarrassing post is here hides away while everyone reads it

I had to read it twice before I could make sense out of it :happy:, but it makes definitely clear that you are an addict :grin:.

Edit: My first post is this. [size=59](it says nothing that my first post is about Wolfgame of course)[/size].

Moogle, you were the first one that greeted me :3.
My English improved a lot, that’s for sure. Everyone helped me with that. I changed a lot since 5 years ago, but I am not sure if you can see that change in my posts :razz:.

Moogle was the first to greet me, and my first post was… Ugh. I almost died of cringing at my early posts when I looked through them earlier.

ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p … ht=#196963

That right there is my first post.

Wow, so many posts in a couple of months! I was posting crazy at first, finding interesting older topics and adding my thoughts/experiences. I felt so safe here quite rapidly.
and technically the post quoted is an old post of an old post. :grin: :spinning: