The Big "Hi, I'm new here!" Topic - Part XXI

Hey everyone whats up. I guess I’m the new guy on the site for like the next 10 mins so I figured minus well say whats up. Here’s alil about me so ya know I’m 18, I live pa, and am i guy. Is that enough yet just playin around. I learned about lucid dreams a couple weeks ago in another websit (yahooka) and have been tryin to become lucid since. I also like to try to medatate which i hope works out for me too. Well if ya wanna know more about me lv me a msg but for now I have tons to read about and learn so I’m off

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:wave: Welcome to the forum! Feel free to ask any questions, since everyone here is really nice and open. Hope you have a fun time and stay for a while. :grin:

/me gives a cookie to the kind mod who moves this to the welcoming topic. :cookiemon:

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Welcome here btw :happy:

:welcome: hello ultimate_lc
welcome to LD4all, you should be able to find all the information you need in order to lucid dream on the LD4all forum :thumbs:
I’ll be looking out for the post by you that tells us all about your first LD :happy: … I hope it will be soon :boogie:

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Hello, fellow dreamers.

My name is Ian and I’m from Perth, Western Australia. I’ve been browsing this site for a while now and thought I’d register so I can put in my 2 cents.

I had my first lucid dream at the age of 4 when I was having a reoccuring nightmare and one day I decided to face the monster instead of running from it. That night, I realised I was dreaming and when I stood still to face the monster it disappeared. :smile:
Since then, I have found myself realising I’m dreaming more and more until eventually I found out what I was doing had a name! I then began keeping a dream journal, doing reality checks, using the techniques such as DILD, MILD and HILD to induce more lucid dreams. After a while I stopped doing this because I found myself having them spontaneously on nights when I hadn’t used any techniques.

I am now 21 years of age and have lucid dreams every night effortlessly. I have had well over a thousand lucid dreams and can do pretty much anything in them. Anywayz, sorry for the long post… I look forward to meeting and chatting with you all.

G’day mate! :smile:

hello eonnn :welcome:
since you are a natural lucid dreamer you should try and take an active part in our dream lab. you may be able to think up an interesting experiment to do in LDs or take part in a future experiment :smile:
we have a sticky “my first LD collection” in the dream journal forum, if you wish to post the very first LD that you remember there :grin:

I’ve had a look at the dream lab but it looks too complicated :confused: but nonetheless I will keep my eye on the lab discussions incase something really interesting pops up.

Eonnn it just went more strictly regulated because some experiments weren’t very well thought out.

A big Hello From I


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:wave: a big WELCOME to you dreamboy :content:

Nice Forum you got here, ill be posting on a regular from now on, Lucid Dreams are too exciting too keep quiet about, Its nice to wake up in the morning knowing you have been on an amazing adventure. Lucid or not.

And a big hello to u too

:welcome: hello dreamboy, welcome to LD4all
I got sidetracked for a bit and visited the BBC’s learn welsh website :tongue:
Hope you enjoy your time at LD4all :boogie:

Hello Moogle, Its lovely wales is. Go to the Big Country Wales.
The Countryside should give you some awesome Dream material, when its not rain-ing

you’re talking to the converted - I love Wales. :smile:

Cool - another fan for the welsh community

Welcome !

Hi everybody, i’m new, in fact, i just joined about 5 minutes ago. I decided to join after a mod mentioned this place on a different website forum. I am using the same username as i did on there. MOOP!

:welcome: hello Hebrew2 :happy:
:cheer: another member from the UK :cheer:
/me wonders who the mod was :eh:
there is a Sticky: [ Poll ] “How did you get here?” in lounge :wink:

:lol: I think even I took longer than 5 minutes to make my first post :content: , I look forward to reading all your future ones :wiske: