Lucidity Challenge 43: Winner - drd!

[b]The Transformation Team has claimed mer-creatures (mermaids, mermen, mer-whatevers).[/b]

I had a long LD! Everything I did in it has already been done the previous week.

Had a short LD tonight (DILD), I’d say a couple of minutes max, changed the weather and scenery a few times by pressing the palm of my hand with my finger, had problem keeping my eyes open, they were extremely tired.

I was pretty focused however since I instantly remembered to work on the tasks, but I realized I hadn’t read them through correctly yesterday so I guess I kinda failed a bit.

Tried to spawn a “Topicat” but don’t really know what it is so it turned into a speaker of some sort, then I spawned a werewolf but it became a naked lion cub that meowed, froze it a few times then I woke up.

Had a long LD after trying MILD. The dream started in the afternoon and ended at sunset. My pets were in it, I talked to my pet a bit, and it had pyramids, though I’m not sure if it counts for the monthly quest. :happy:

I had a short LD last night.

It was a strange dream. It started with me running around naked on a roof with a shrunken head. I don’t really remember when I became lucid, but it was at some point when I entered the party going on inside.

I found Goku from DBZ, who really wanted to help me for some reason, and I grabbed his shoulders. I pressed down and transformed him into a frog (I didn’t know what animal, but the dream decided for me. I was originally thinking a wolf or a monkey.). He wasn’t very happy with me for that. Then, I began to talk with him as a frog, but at the end I realized that my own thoughts were being played out loud acting like it was him talking. Nonetheless, I believe that he was talking as a frog at some point to me.

I then went into a bedroom and found a man lying on a bed. I think he was sleeping, but then he started to transform into a woman. I asked her to sing for me, and she did in a sort of whisper like voice, which was cool. Looking over the task, though, I’m not sure if that counts because it says to ask for the DCs favorite song. If it doesn’t, let me know.

Soooo! A lot of things done this morning. :happy: I have no clue what to pick for personal task number two, but I’ll think on it. You’ll hear about probably tomorrow. That being said… wow. :happy:

Chit-Chat with Baron ~ Long Lucid Dream ~ Task 2 Parts I & V LUCID
Chit-Chat with Cardia ~ Long Lucid Dream ~ Personal Task CHAIN

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 2
Medium LDs: 4
Long LDs: 2
Chains: 5

Task 1:-E Parts I & VII | Parts III & IV | Part II
Task 2:-E Part II | Parts I & V

Personal Task: Spoke with Cardia.

I don’t particularly feel like doing stuff, so I quit for now. :v I just can’t be bothered to pick up LDing for the time being, nor have any potential motivations to work from.

Had a short lucid dream yesterday. Didn’t complete any tasks because of my vision problems. How I became lucid was pretty funny though. :razz:

[spoiler]In the morning I woke up from loud noises coming from my open window. I lay there really tired but wanted to get up and shut the darn thing. Eventually I do get up and shut it with my eyelids still glued together. Back in bed I fall asleep and have some lengthy NDs. I wake up eventually, still in bed with my eyes shut. I noticed loud noises still coming from my window! It wasn’t shut. I laughed at myself, I only dreamt that!

I lay still in bed, thinking I might just still be dreaming. I begin to see HH of some women in green talking about a commercial she made. I start to feel my dream body. At that point, I try to open my dream eyes. Took a while, but eventually they do open up.

I stumbled out of my bed with my fuzzy vision and out my room towards my staircase somehow. The dream begins to feel unstable. I held onto the staircase really tightly to stay within the dream. While tightly grasping the rails I also tightly squeezed my eyelids together in hopes that it would fix my vision. Squeezing my eyes shut did somewhat help my vision. The left eye was perfectly clear, while vision in my right eye kept blacking out. I walked down my stairs and tried the glasses method. Didn’t work. Next, I tried to imagine having hair obstructing my vision on the right, then I would sweep it away. This seemed to help somewhat. In the end I simply placed my palm on my right eye and concentrated on healing it, that did the trick! I take a peek inside my house and quickly left my house. (I get bad feelings being alone in buildings). It was snowing outside! Really strange. I take a moment to wonder how I will do my group task in this. How to find the park… I flew up into the air and woke up. My window was still open.[/spoiler]

Just posting to say the Creation team has decided on sea serpents for the team task. If you consider that a dragon, our next choice would be Titan.

We’ve also decided on “Create a new dinosaur” for the Creation Advantage.

Also… since I’ve done my personal goal, my new goal will be to play “Splatoon
… because it looks super fun to play in a dream. :happy:

Task 2 Team Dreams

I’ll just post this here to make it nice and clean. The team tasks start now.

The creation team is going to be hunting sea serpents. Are you brave enough to go out on the water with just your team mates? As this is a creation team task, you could just summon the creature if you wish, or you could bring one to life from the pages of a book. However you find it, you and your team mate will definitely have a bit of work to bring the leviathans down.

Team Advantage

In this week’s team advantage, the creation team has decided to create a new dinosaur. There’s several ways to do this, though I like the idea of jumbling up some fossils and then animating them to see what you get :razz:. However, the only two requirements are that you make a completely new type of dinosaur (it’s ok if you mix features from existing ones) and you bring it to life.

The investigation team will be interviewing a dragon. This encompasses all types of dragons. Bummed out that you can’t turn into one yourself? Well, no one said you had to do the interview in human form. After all, you might just need to be a dragon to understand what it’s saying :wink:

The transformation team will be turning in to mer-creatures. The Little Mermaid not your thing? Then maybe you should consider a mer-dragon. Ok, that’d actually be pretty friggin sweet. You and your team mate don’t need to turn into the same thing, as long as you’re both mer-creatures (i.e. lower half of body is that of a sea creature).

@ian1: yay first animal points!

@Hodge_Podge: you’re on the score sheet now! Get in there and help your team!

@Siiw: I added the lucid bonus for Task 1. Also, to answer your question about the animal task, since you did not incubate nor were you even aware of the task to have it in the back of your mind, I cannot take those points. Don’t worry, though, I did get your lucid moment, and the task is still young :content:. Btw, if your long LD did include the things from the animal task, please let me know.

@HeHu: on the bright side you did actually summon something from a movie, even if it did turn into a naked lion. Also, I wouldn’t take the topicat thing too seriously, that was a joke between Thorn and me :razz:

@En’enra: the monthly Quest is a bit more subjective and personal than the LC. If you feel like you completed it, then you did :content:. Congratulations, as that also means you get your wings!

@HeadInTheClouds: O.o I’m not sure what I read in that second dream of yours, but I think I liked it. I just realized I did not respond in the first dream with the werewolf. Yes, it counts as a movie animal. However, a werewolf in moonlight is not an animal in its natural habitat. If I had to stretch, I might say a foggy forest at night, but even then a werewolf is a fictional creature, not an exotic animal. Try again!

@Scipio: wow. much lucid. so chain. wow.

@Oleg: sorry to hear that :sad:. Your name has been removed from the score board.

@Starry: 20pts headin’ your way.

@Wyven: new task locked and loaded. Now, a real Clevern would combine this with the TF team’s challenge. MER-SQUIDS!!!

Scores are updated.

And with 5 days left in Task 2, Scipio Xaos is maintaining his lead with his continued LDs and strong task performance. drd is still going strong, but En’enra’s Quest-winning dream allowed her to slip past him into second place with a healthy lead. This means Wyvern’s been knocked out of the top three.

Will Wyvern come back for revenge? Will En’enra make a run for first? Will drd blow them out of the water? Will someone else come in with the LD to end all LDs and skip over all of them? Will Batman and Robin escape the Joker’s dastardly-designed death trap?! Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Team Participation*
Transformation: 8.3% participation (1 task per member)
Investigation: 3.6% participation (.4 tasks per member)
Creation: 0 participation (0 tasks per member)

*Participation rates calculated by the number of tasks completed by a team divided by the number of members on the team. Average number of tasks is then divided by total number of tasks. 100% participation is 12 tasks per member in Tasks 2-4

Another lucid moment last night, unfortunately, the only animals involved were bugs and maggots. There were no animals in the long LD.

Does that count as hearing music and playing an instrument?

Two extremely short lucid moments last night. Link. Nothing task related.

I found my pet in a ND last night.

Here’s an ND in which I become an animal (Sonic), have a conversation with an animal (Tails), and summon an animal from a TV show (Daggett from The Angry Beavers), as well as a short LD with no tasks accomplished.

Rhewin: Hopefully many more to come. :wink:

That being said, in a chat with Koharo last night I realized something I’d really like to do for my second personal goal. I’d like to fly into space and gaze back at the planet (maybe Earth, maybe not) that I came from. I know I went to “space” in that LD I submitted recently, but that’s not really what I’m going for.

So… new Personal Task: fly straight up into space and gaze back at the planet below.

I had an ND of taming a gigantic dog. Not sure it counts for anything? I came across two enormous dogs that looked like golden retrievers. They were almost as tall as me! I placed my hand out to one of the dogs and walked slowly towards it. I gently pet him and eventually he warms up to me. It was very vivid. Stroking his fur seemed so real. I sat down and he curled up by my legs and fell asleep to me running my fingers through his fur. :content:

Had a pretty vivid ND here where I effectively became a Minotaur by possessing it’s body.

Another night of strange dreams for me. I had a long LD. I’ve got a lot to write, so I put the LD in the spoiler tag.

[spoiler]My mind kept playing tricks on me, making me think I’d already completed some tasks. Plus, I had a dream earlier in the night that all of Task 2 had been changed.I looked around for a transformation team member, but only found my cat and my mother in some weird yoga meditating pose.

After that strangeness, I went back to my room and tried to transform into a merman, but it wasn’t working. I couldn’t remember any tasks, but then my Native American Flute appeared and I remembered task 1. I took the flute out and played it, trying to also cause some kind of physical phenomenon for the other part of task 1. In the dream, I thought everything was normal, but looking back on it, I think I succeeded. First off, when I played towards something, like the wind chimes or Chinese lanterns hanging in my bedroom :rc: , they would blow around like they were in the wind. Second, I was able to cause a little shadow-like ball to pop out of the shadow of me playing my flute. Third, I was able to see some kind of wavy distortion right around my nose area, where according to dream logic, was my breath being displaced from playing the flute. By the way, at first the flute wasn’t playing right, but sometime around the shadow ball shooting out of the shadow flute, it started to sound good.

I also conquered an issue I have with windows. Normally the screen gets in my way, but this time I slid it across like I do with the normal part of the window and was able to go through my window outside to the pool. I saw a geese, but I don’t think that counts for anything. Then, an odd looking bird came flying through the sky,as did a blue, green, and golden fish with a large mouth. It landed in the pool and started to try and eat me while I was attempting the merman transformation again. I grabbed it and flung it around. The bird flew by and started telling me “that this fish is crazy. I mean, have you ever seen a fish try to eat a bird before?” I swung the fish towards the bird and it bit down on it, almost snapping it in half. Then I threw it over the fence where there was no more water. However, the fish jumped back over the fence and was trying to eat me again. Apparently it was a super jumper fish.[/spoiler]

I just remembered as I was typing this post up that I had a ND, where I was on a camping/hiking trail and my cat decided to run up to a large pack of a bear/wolf pack. I think it was bears at one point, and then changed to wolves. Does this count for meeting an exotic animal in its habitat?

So, yeah, a lot of strangeness from last night. I honestly didn’t even realize how odd a bird talking to me was until I wrote it down here. I also didn’t mean to kill the bird, but it happened.

Also, no tasks, but just wanted to share. There was a treasure hunt going on in one of my NDs, which led to a hotel where Abed from Community was dressed in white robes and singing some odd song that was supposed to be a hint. I had this dream I think twice last night and the second time I ganged up with him, Shirley, and possibly someone else to screw everyone else out of the competition.