Lucidity Challenge 50—obfusc8 wins!

^ 10 points more than 0 points, so it’s something. The scores are updated.

I shrunk down in a normal dream. Yep.

^ The scores are updated. Yep.

[color=orange]Chiming in.
-Had a false lucid where I’ve taken the form of my avatar

-Chained an extremely long lucid. :peek: Among the entertaining yet irrelevant things I…
-Saw myself in my avatar form triggering lucidity
-Encountered and interacted with hostile anthropomorphic creatures, a shark and lion, while lucid

-Had another extremely long lucid that may possibly be my longest, more agro than the previous
-Had a near miss with the library task due to being on the run like always :cool:
-Accomplished 2/3 of my goal of death/reality defying stunts. The first time I tackle a goon off a balcony, breaking through the railing, drive my knees into his chest upon landing a 10+ story fall, and survive (He didn’t get pancaked like a cartoon character and it wasn’t as messy as it could’ve been). The second time I suplex the guy off a balcony 10+ stories like before, breaking the railing once again, and turn the suplex into a Primary Lotus minus the wraps.

I should be updated tomorrow/later today[/color]

No points scored for the last couple of nights. I can recall my dreams, but nothing was on-topic.

Decided my part of the score-sheet looked a bit barren for week 3, so picked a couple…

Medium LD with the inflating myself and inflating another DC tasks.

Koharo, “may possibly be my longest”? I’ve marked it as your longest, but you don’t seem too sure. Congratulations on the long LDs, of course.

obfusc8, what you experienced with AB was my biggest fear when you were hoping to find a specific DC earlier in the year; I’m just glad it worked out back then. The LC participant/host tasks are of course meant to give others funny dreams to read, but it’s also meant to give participants DCs that should naturally understand the dream state simply by way of your subconscious associating them with LDs. Hopefully you have better luck with DCs in the future. :sad:

The scores are updated.

Alright agro overload/previous dreams updated
Yeah so far this appears to be the longest, I’ll keep you posted if I find out otherwise.

Yeah… I’ve taken this advice and ditched the persistence goals in favour of just doing fun stuff. Probably won’t bother with the character stuff other than trying to get other LC participants’ characters to show up. Like last night…

Short LD with flying over a mountain. (Also think my lucid points total is incorrect/ missing yesterday… finally caught up with En’enra - 12 short, 4 medium, 2 long = 440)

I attempted to get an LC participant snowboarding race going, (just thinking about seeing a Predator on a snowboard makes me smile :content: ) Letaali showed up, and DinoThorn. Sadly the dream ended before the race started. :meh:

^ I do hope that getting a persistent world works for you at some point. I think we all want something like that in the long run. Not that there’s anything wrong with snowboarding dinosaurs in the meantime, of course! Sounds like you had a very near brush with “Interact with a participant’s/host’s character” from Week 1 by seeing Letaali but not getting to do anything with him, unless my character’s been a secret dinosaur the entire time (which I wouldn’t mind :tongue:).

The scores are updated.

EDIT: omg obfusc8, that avatar…

The other day, I shrank and explored the carpet world in an ND.

Well… I woke up and thought I had only a short LD to claim… but then I recalled a certain Task 1 task and realized I actually managed more than I thought! So here’s a 105 point claim. :razz:

Japanese Lucid ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Interact with an Anthropomorphic Character [C] Who was An LC Participant

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 2
Short LDs: 9
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 1
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-C Become your Character & Drive a Motor Vehicle [C] | Wander Around a Bustling City [C] & Fly Through a City [C] | Eat in a Nice Restaurant | Interact with an Anthropomorphic Character [C] Who was An LC Participant
Task 2:-E Walk on a Beach | Fly over a Mountain | Walk through Snow
Task 3:-C Pull an Object out of Hammerspace [C]
Task 4:-E Used Selected HoverGear [C], Sported a Grind [C] for 10 Seconds, Did a Non-Grind Trick [C], and Raced the Host [C]
Task 5:-E Shrink to 6" or Less

drd, noted. Do we get to hear what made it a “world”?

Scipio, you’re getting quite comfortable in fourth place, it seems. You need to pull off something big to move up!

The scores are updated.

Had 2 LDs here this morning which at least five minutes a piece makes them medium ones for me. In #1, I shrank to around 1 inch tall and as per week 3s task, I got flattened by what amounted to being a giants foot. Think this is the first time in a LC where I have been able to complete multiple tasks. Really happy with the LDs this morning. :smile:

^ Yikes, what a painful combination of tasks to choose! At least it was harmless in the dream. You moved up a few places with those dreams, so congrats! Now keep it up!

The scores are updated.

I have completed more tasks!
Two nights ago I “Entered a 2D image as if it were 3D”. It was pretty amazing. I thought I was staring at a 2D image of ice, but when I jumped through it, it kind of felt like I went through shattered glass and I ended up in this 3D ice realm…cool! I also questioned if I was dreaming and did a RC but it didn’t go anywhere substantial
Last night I had a dream where I flew over a large body of water. I was flung over the body of water as some sort of ritual. while I was in mid air, I started to glide and eventually I flew on my own. I remember feeling vibrations that were similar to wild, but It definitely wasn’t a lucid dream.

  • Enter 2D image as if it were 3D (40 points)
  • Questioned lucidity (5 points)
  • Fly over large body of water (Snow team= 20 points)

Okay, here are the scores as we enter Week 6. This includes Jer’s preceding post but not the post after this one.1. obfusc8 (1530)

  1. En’enra (1250)
  2. Jer (1200)
  3. Scipio Xaos (970)
  4. Eilatan (600)
  5. Koharo (515)
  6. Susan_Y (500)
  7. Mew151, drd (470)
  8. James_UK2008 (410)
  9. Siiw (340)
  10. Lumessence (280)
  11. Letaali (240)
  12. Coasty (160)
  13. Zaibatsu (70)
  14. Yanshuf (60)
    Week 6’s tasks are in the next post!

Only two more weeks to go! Let’s all dream hard!

[spoiler]Another week, another time to follow Thorn to some location or another for new tasks. This week, you’re all in a forest. You could’ve sworn it was midday just a few minutes ago, though, yet it’s suddenly the dark of night with a full moon overhead. You weren’t told horror would be part of this LC, and you hope it stays that way. Nightmares really aren’t your cup of tea.

“So, as far as I know,” says Thorn, “this form I’m in is half-dragon and half-unicorn… and if obfusc8’s dreaming of me, half-dinosaur… and sometimes half-wolf if Wyvern’s dreaming of me… and…”

“That’s more than two halves,” says the same participant who has been an annoyance since the first day.

“Yes, and this is a dream. Math doesn’t work properly anyway,” retorts Thorn. “That’s why I keep making scoring mistakes. Clearly. No other reason. That’s all.”

“Anyway,” Thorn begins again, "this week we’ll be finishing up a theme that went unfinished back in LC 48. Your goal will be to turn into vampires, werewolves, or other monsters, just as we did two LCs ago. There’ll be no murdering each other this time around, though. Instead, your teams will be based on what you become: a werecreature or a less animalistic monster. I won’t take average points per member for results this week; the team with the most points will win. That means your best bet for winning is to get cursed twice before week’s end, as you’ll be on two teams!

The group is completely quiet. The creepiness of the surrounding forest seems to have silenced everybody.

“Becoming these monsters is the tricky part. For that, well… catch me if you can!” Thorn darts off into the forest, leaving the group alone in the thick of night. The group is still for a moment, possibly confused. A sudden rumbling from the ground startles the group and wildlife, awakening a group of bats that whizzes right past the group. After a small freak out, the group darts off in the general direction Thorn went.[/spoiler]
Week 6: Aaahh!!! Dream Monsters

What a wonderful week to have a curse! Teams this week are based on which type of monster you become during the tasks: a werecreature or a less animalistic monster. You can do both tasks (in separate dreams) to get onto both teams. Since everybody can get onto any team at any time, there will be no averaging to adjust for team size; the team with the most points will win. If you don’t get either task done, then you’re not considered to be on a team. If you do tasks before getting onto a team, your points will transfer to your new team.

I was originally going to require half-animals for character choices, but I relented when people began requesting people and aliens. Consider this a second chance to have a half-animal character, as once you become a werecreature or other monster for this week, you can become the same thing to earn any character bonuses for tasks (except for “Become your character” from Week 1). For werecreatures, you don’t need to be something traditional such as a werewolf. Be whatever you like; for example, I rather enjoy becoming a dragon-man in my dreams (it’s an LD4all custom, after all), and if a werehamster strikes your fancy, go for it.

There’s also an interesting gimmick in some of the subtasks for this week. Initially, if you want the maximum amount of points, you’ll need to get a curse from me. However, as people acquire the curses themselves, they’ll become resources as well. More people doing the tasks means more options for the next participants! You needn’t become the exact same thing as the werecreature or other monster that bit you, e.g., I can bite you with my half-dragon self and you can become part squirrel or something if you like. That said, you can only receive each curse once, so once you get points for the main task, you can no longer go back to get subtask points you missed. Will you claim points only when you’ve done the task and subtasks perfectly, or will you take what you can get immediately? Choose wisely!

Explore a forest: Whether you’re on the ground or flying in and out of the canopy, checking out woods in your dream will get you these points. 20 points

Explore a castle: No, not a sandcastle as before. Explore an actual castle this time. 20 points

Explore a graveyard/cemetery: Here’s one more setting-based task for those of you who don’t want to become werewolves or vampires or the like for whatever reason… but why wouldn’t you? 20 points

Witness a full moon: The full moon may be more associated with werecreatures than other monsters, but somehow there always seems to be one in the sky even if werecreatures aren’t involved. Who knows; maybe it’ll make your monstrous self feel stronger! 20 points
Available after gaining a curse:* Draw power from the moon for a visible or tangible change in yourself: 30 points
Become a werecreature: You can force the transformation by willpower, but you’ll get more points (as noted below) for being bitten. You cannot earn points for being turned into a werecreature and other monster for the first time within the same dream, and you can only earn points for this task ONCE, so think carefully about if you want to claim the task without earning the points below. After all, once you have the curse, it doesn’t just disappear! 40 points* Get bitten by a werecreature to initiate the transformation: 30 points[list][]Get bitten by an LC member/host who already has the curse: 30 points
:m][/list:u]Become a vampire/zombie/mummy/etc.: The exact same rules apply as for the werecreature task. 40 points* Get bitten by such a monster to initiate the transformation: 30 points[list][]Get bitten by an LC member/host who already has the curse: 30 points
:m][/list:u]Available after gaining a curse:
Spread the curse to another DC: Sink your fangs into a victim and see the change happen before your eyes! If you don’t see the change, then you get no points. 40 points* Assist a cursed LC member/host with cursing the masses: 40 points
Okay, go nuts! This is your last chance to win a leg and get onto the cooler team for the final week!

Haha, I have no idea why my post repeated like that… oh well, weird timing? :tongue:
Aside from that, the Week 6 tasks look great! I’m looking forward to my dreams this week.

:grin: :grin: :grin:

Can’t wait for more vampire dreams. nom nom nom